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Family, friends shocked by killing, reasons:

Victoria Castillo, the mother of Alvaro Castillo, denies the abuse claims made by her son as the reason he killed his father…

The mother of Alvaro Castillo says her husband was not abusive, as her son claims in the video on which he confesses to killing his father.

Victoria Castillo spoke through a neighbor who is helping the family amid weekend funeral arrangements for Rafael Huezo Castillo.

“I asked Vicki, `Did he abuse y’all?’ ” said Tim Fluet, who lives on a four-home gravel road near the Castillo family in Hillsborough.

“She said no.”

But Victoria Castillo did say her husband, who was a night janitor at Oak Grove Elementary School in Durham, was “very demanding verbally” and spanked the children “sometimes,” Fluet said.

Now I know some of you Nancy types think spanking is abuse. It’s not. It was probably namby-pamby people like you who put your kids into “time out” who put that idea into his head.

Fluet said he never detected abuse in the family.

“Honestly, knowing Mr. Castillo and just being with him, I don’t believe it,” he said. “I came from an abusive home. I know what abuse is.”

A former employer also spoke highly of Rafael Castillo, who Fluet said was from El Salvador.

Southwest Elementary School Principal Ari Cohen said Rafael Castillo was hardworking and friendly during the three years he cleaned his Durham school before transferring this summer to Oak Grove.

“He was an evening custodian so he didn’t have a lot of interaction with staff, but when he did he had friendly conversations,” Cohen said. “He was outgoing and enjoyed talking with staff.”

And he worked three jobs. Sounds like a real bastard doesn’t he?

5 thoughts on “Castillo’s mom denies abuse

  1. cmarie says:

    I had a feeling there was no abuse! Spanking is not abuse. I wonder if this kid will ever realize the gravity of what he has done. Probably not, he seems to think this is all a game. It is really sad.


  2. Actually, we don’t really know one way or the other for certain. How often have you heard from others “He seemed quiet, nice”, “I can’t believe he could have done such a thing”, “I never saw any/missed all the signs of abuse”. I’m not saying it DID happen. I’m saying we can’t dismiss it either. Even executives abuse their families, so being a “hard worker” doesn’t mean they are absolutely innocent. The shooter obviously suffered a number of problems. Depression was merely one. While the family friends seem to have one view, it’s very easy to see it another way. Long term abuse can cause depression as well. Time will tell I suppose. I’m not exactly giving him the benefit of the doubt. However, one should consider all probabilities.



  3. cmarie says:

    I agree, there could have been abuse, and nobody really knew it. That happens all the time and of course the family is going to deny it. My problem is, every time someone does something like this everyone seems so quick to believe this person must have been abused, as if that is the reason for the act. As a person who grew up in a very abusive home I can say being abused does not necessarily lead to violent acts, depression yes, but criminal behavior? Of course, this is my opinion! People do the strangest things and who ever knows what is really going on in another persons head?


  4. If it was merely the claim of abuse, I’d be more skeptical. But in association with the attempted suicide and leaving, willingly or not, the Guard on medical reasons, I’m more suspicious.

    Of course, it doesn’t even take the accused to try to blame something for their acts. Someone else is already claiming violent video games were to blame. None of the articles I’ve read indicate that. And besides, there’s clearly far worse issues in this guy’s life than violent media.

    I just hope the community and the family aren’t turned upside down just so someone can push their own agenda. There’s been enough of that in other cases.



  5. cmarie says:

    You are so right!
    I also hope more pain is not inflicted on those already suffering to push agendas. People and their bandwagons, will use things like this to prove a point or make pronouncements, ie. Violent Video Games lead to violent crime or whatever. I think we spend so much time trying to figure out why as if we can figure it out. Noone can really know why anyone does anything, except ourselves. I am definitely interested in the whys of many things, but I do not think we are even close to figuring it out. If anyone does figure out the whys, please let me know! ha ha. :mrgreen:


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