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Twenty people wounded in shootings at Montreal’s Dawson College:

Now Montreal police are saying that there was only one gunman at the Dawson College shooting but are still being tight-lipped with other details…

MONTREAL (CP) – An armed man dressed in black and sporting a Mohawk haircut entered a Montreal college on Wednesday and went on a shooting rampage, wounding 20 people and causing widespread panic.

Montreal police Chief Yvan Delorme said the gunman died and that the 20 injured included three people in serious condition. Police said there was only one gunman. Earlier unconfirmed reports indicated there may have been several suspects.

“For now, I am limiting it to one suspect who died after a police intervention on site,” Delorme told a news conference.

He did not say whether the man killed himself or was shot by police.

Asked whether all the victims were female, Delorme said he did not know the gender of the victims.

He also dismissed suggestions that race or terrorism played a role.

“There’s no information that leads us to believe that it’s something other than what happened at the scene.”

I assume the Canadian reporters were asking about the gender of the victims because of what every article has mentioned so far, the shooting spree of Marc Lepine at École Polytechnique.

Shortly after 5 p.m., Lépine entered the École Polytechnique, an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal. He had applied for admission into the engineering school but was rejected. He blamed it on affirmative action which kept him out in place of a woman. He first went into a mechanical engineering class, separated the men from the women, forced out the men at gunpoint, began to scream about how he hated feminists, and then opened fire. Lépine continued his rampage in other parts of the building, opening fire on other women he encountered. He killed 14 women (13 students and one employee of the university) and injured thirteen others before committing suicide.

I don’t think this is a copycat of that. Just something deep in my soul tells me this is a Columbine copycat.

I hope I’m wrong.

4 thoughts on “Only one gunman?

  1. Harding says:

    I don’t think it’s a copycat, but I think you’re right to compare it to Columbine. We may never know for sure, but based on descriptions from the… well… hundreds of witnesses that I’ve listened to today, the shooter was of similar ilk… young, emotionally imbalanced, non-conformist, blaming the world for his problems.

    It’s much different from the Marc Lepine shootings, because as everyone keeps saying, this guy did not discriminate against who he shot at. Lepine, as you know, went after women and women only.

    Montreal has never really recovered from that shooting, so this is definitely going to bring all that madness back to the surface.

    I don’t think we’ll know how many are dead or wounded until morning. The problem is that, unlike a school in a private building, this school is in the heart of the city and is connected to several businesses, including an underground mall. So, when emergency workers gathered the wounded, they were never really sure they found everyone. Plus, people were taken to different hospitals, so it will take some time to co-ordinate all the information.

    Still, I’m pretty shocked at how disoriented the media coverage was today. Reports came in from left right and centre, and there was little accuracy. It does appear, though, that the police were much more organized and got control of the situation pretty quick.

    Much remains to be seen on this one!


  2. Trench says:

    Indeed. Thanks for the help by the way.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I dont think its a copycat of columbine, i just think the guy wanted to do what he did for his own reasons, and not just to copy someone else. Just because it may seem the guy has familiar interests .etc. dosnt mean he’s a copy cat


  4. Nettie says:

    It has similar elements. There seems to be a huge trend developing here and I am not liking where it is all heading. The last generation needs to get in touch with these kids QUICKLY or we will all be schooling, shopping, and even taking most of our recreation time from the internet…………


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