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Kimveer Gill

Montreal gunman identified:

The Dawson College gunman, Kimveer Gill, seems to fit a familiar profile…

Late last night, Montreal police searched the Laval family home of Gill, whose black Pontiac Sunfire was found parked near the school.

The Star found a website last night for a 25-year-old Goth freak who identified by the single name “Kimveer” in which he muses — shadows of the Columbine high school shootings — with banal disaffectedness.

“Work sucks … school sucks … life sucks … what else can I say?

“Metal and Goth kick ass. Life is a video game, you’ve got to die sometime.”

Let’s stop there for a second. Before everyone starts jumping to conclusions metal, goth, and video games did not cause this shooting. I listen to metal, I’ve dated some goth girls in my life and I play video games. These are not triggers to a shooting no matter how many people try to tell you it is. I’m not some kid either. I’ve been listening to metal and playing video games for over 20 years and I lead a nice little boring suburban life with the wife and 2.5 kids and a decent job. Mr. Gill obviously had mental issues that go well beyond metal, goth, and video games.

Bystanders, over and over, described seeing a man wearing a Goth-style overcoat, combat boots, with a Mohawk haircut, studded with body-piercings — walking purposefully toward the school as students milled about outside, carrying what seemed to be an automatic rifle, and abruptly opening fire before continuing, barely breaking stride, into the second-floor atrium cafeteria, ordering those inside to get down on the floor, and then shooting upon them without mercy.

He had, La Presse reports, parked his car close to the college, opened the trunk and removed: a 9-mm semi-automatic rifle, a .45 pistol and a bag containing a 12-calibre gun that can shoot four bullets per shot.


What happened next was so eerily reminiscent of that shocking episode in Montreal 17 years ago when 14 women were slaughtered at L’École Polytechnique by Marc Lépine, who then turned the gun on himself. If this assailant intended the same thing, to take his own life after the horrific deed, it seems he never got the chance — brought down, witnesses say, even as he wielded his weapon and shouted at cops with guns drawn to stay back, stay away.

Yelling at them, according to student witness Nikola Guidi, as reported by the Montreal Gazette: “Get the fuck away from here!”

It is not definitive, and won’t be until an autopsy and forensic tests are conducted, that an officer’s gun extinguished the murderer’s life. But it was this body that was later dragged from the building, leaving a trail of blood. From across the road, office workers reported a limp man, dressed in black, being pulled across the pavement. Police slapped handcuffs on him, but the man never moved. A yellow tarp was later thrown over the body and it remained there for a long time.

There does not appear to be any connecting thread, any common denominator among those shot, save for their fateful presence at a sprawling downtown post-secondary school when a man — purportedly young and cold-faced — with motives as yet unknown, decided to embark on a rampage. There is no evidence, authorities were quick to emphasize, that the shootings were racially or ethnically inspired. The act bore no terrorist imprint.

One man with an undetermined rage and three lethal weapons. He never reloaded.

“Based on current information, the suspect was killed by the police,” said Delorme, who would provide no further details, including whether the shooter was a student at the school, although it was palpably obvious police knew precious little themselves.

“I can confirm that there are no other suspects,” another police spokesperson told reporters in late afternoon. “We don’t know anything about the motive of the suspect.”

I’m not quite ready to throw the “M” word out yet but it’s getting pretty close.

I’m at work so I can’t post any links to his Vampirefreaks profile or anything like that so if anyone has the links feel free to post them in the comments.

Thanks to Harding for his assistance.

89 thoughts on “Kimveer Gill

  1. Killer’s website notes that he’d like to die:

    Like Romeo and Juliet -or- In a hail of gunfire

    photo: F*ck The Mainstream Catalog
    I like Goth culture, music, and fashion but have to admit that it looks a little bad for the vampire c…


  2. FUKER says:



  3. Hamamd says:

    he was sick,


  4. Tobias says:

    Here is his Vampirefreaks profile

    And yup.. The man was a mutant.


  5. . says:

    What he did was wrong however he was hurting and no one gave a shit…
    When people give up on you and judge you constantly things like this can happen.
    It is very unfortunate. Its sad to brand him as a monster. He isnt the monster. Whatever caused him to crack is the monster. The bullies, people who think they are good and think they have the right to put other people down.

    It is a vicious cycle that causes a person to crack.. and when they do.. they get branded.

    What he did was wrong. I am just upset that it was too late to save him and help him.


  6. Corbum Filstrate says:

    “he was hurting and no one gave a shit”
    People tend not to want to hang around with you when you start becoming preoccupied with guns and death. Many people find that a bit of a turnoff.

    “I am just upset that it was too late to save him”

    Save *him*? It’s not saving him I would’ve been real concerned about. Maybe saving the kids who ducked outside for a smoke and took a bullet in the head for their trouble. I’m a little more concerned about them than the prick who shot them all. How about you?


  7. Butterfly says:

    Society has to stop breeding sick individuals like that. Want to die in a hail of bullets?

    Why don’t you offer yourself to a bikers gang as a decoy for hit men?


  8. Rose says:

    May I say that this shoot thing is giving goths a bad name. I know many goths, some my cousins, some my best friends. They are the nicest people I know. I know a few people on Vampire Freaks aswell, they are also really nice, but then again they are emo//goth. God help the emo’s before you know it they’ll be saying all people with hair a weird hair cut cut them selfs…


  9. jd says:



  10. Eddy says:

    This can be a long debate so ill keep it simple!

    what he did was wrong in every sense period!

    but society has a way to create this kind of individuals all the time…as someone who spent half the time in elementary and high school defending kids against bullies i can tell you what would have happened if these kids had to suffer alone! you figure it out…


  11. deena says:

    he shouldnt of hurt innocent people. if he wanted to kill someone.
    he should of flown to iraq and get the terrorists and osama bin ladin…
    im disgusted..


  12. raman says:

    Wah kimveer did was totally SICK, buh people have got to understand its b/c of society ppl become this way. I think those who teased him in skool shud realize they played a role in wah he did and shud be ashamed. Kimveer lived in the world alone as a no one.. buh he went out as a some one.. interestin? think bout it.


  13. Jared says:

    To me there is ABSOLUTELY no difference between what happened in montreal and someone straight from high school joining the army and going to some foreign country and dropping a bomb on hundreds of innocent civilians. or wait the army one is worse its nooones fault that this kid was fuct up. there are fuct up ppl everywhere maybe if we stopped going to other places and destroying everyone that our country doesnt like we can have a little bit of peace at home as well…..


  14. Trench says:


    Grow up. And get back to me once you’re out in the real world.

    Nobody is to blame except Gill himself.

    It is different than war because no one was shooting back at Gill until the police got there.


  15. . says:

    No doubt about it…what he did was wrong. but what really has me thinking is why? He apparently didnt like people.. sure, thats understandable, sometimes i dont even like people, but that doesnt mean i would kill anyone. he killed an 18 year old girl, a girl my age, i couldve been that girl. Media says he was suicidal, that is also understand, but why hurt all those people? I think if society, maybe his parents, his school or people he knew adressed problems he was having.. maybe all this wouldnt have happend. I’m quiet upset about what happend, but I think he was a normal kid that went down the wrong path. and because of that so many other people are suffering right now. The young girl that passed away, everyone that was there, His family… He didnt have to turn out like this. I think he just need to let out his feelings.


  16. JASMIN says:

    u guyz im just sayin this, im no goth, first of all, nd afta u guyz read his profile u guyz will unda stand dat dis guy was da biggest softie eva nd he seemed reli nice. if some1 (through high skool) bullied u wht r u ganna do?
    wouldnt u get pissed cuz some stupid bitches recked ur life through high skool n u neva got a chance to tell da grl of ur lyf dat u love her


  17. Trench says:

    By the time I reached Gill’s age I didn’t even think about high school. I was too busy living my life.


  18. jeff says:

    People get bullied then react by becoming a bully. If you push anyone to far they will snap, I don’t care who you are.


  19. Rohan says:

    Kimveer is a shame to the Indian community all over the world. Fools that think he’s a “star” cause he did that, are only saying it, cause they didn’t get shot at.

    Anybody stopped to wonder the impact on his mum? What a disgrace


  20. Rapper says:

    Hedidnt get killed by the cops, he shot himself in the head.


  21. arjan (winnipeg) says:

    Disgraceful to indian culture and canadian-indian communties, straight up you deserved what you got bro


  22. ryan says:

    WHAT? as if it has anything to do with him being part jewish/part indian. no one looks at indians any different. hes judged as an individual for his actions


  23. sean says:

    If you feel sorry for this idiot your all sniffing far too much glue. He is one more reason why we should close the borders to these countries who do not appreciate the Western society. What he did may be normal in India, China, Afganistan and all of the other uneducated and low self image countries, but it’s not in Canada. Everyone related to this pathetic loser should be shipped out of here immediately.


  24. ..|.. says:

    I know sooooo many ppl who say stuff he had said before he snaped. Sadly its people who have just gone crazy from crap that pours out of people who conform and also are judgmental, make people feel left out etc etc.
    There are so many factors..
    At the end of the day.. is anyone who commented here a psychologist?
    Then shut up
    I shall shut up too
    coz I also am not a psychologist.. or even a psychiatrist.
    I just hope no one else “snaps”

    I dont even know if I am making sense. I am tired and grumpy. go away. shut up
    leave me alone.
    humans are weird. i wish i was a cat.



  25. meanderin says:

    The thing I take from this is to befriend a loner. Probably this guy was just tweaked, but you never know. I grew up pretty angry at having been isolated, bullied, etc… What helped me get over it? Friendship! Others made the effort first, I was not self-assured enough to make friends, and they got the ball rolling. I can’t say I was a great friend to everyone at first, angry and hurt people can be a handful at the best of times, I sure was. But there was an accumulation of these events that had a transformative effect over a span of many years. I overcame my shyness and value my friends so much now, and have a sense of gratitude at kindnesses that have been shown to me.

    Now, I could bitch and point the finger at society, play the blame game, and navel gaze and philosophize. I’d rather put all that BS aside and actually go help someone that is hurting. Invite them to a movie, go out for a coffee, take the time to connect with someone. A hot cup of tea and some cookies with a friend might have prevented this. Maybe not, but I don’t know if it might have been me in the papers if it wasn’t for kind and patient people. Productive solutions are more important than being right.


  26. p says:

    This just shows how ignorant you are, the only reason he shot up the place is cause he was brought up in this “western society” I dont think they listen to marilyn and dress up as goths in those other countries you were mentioning.


  27. You are sick in your fucken head of yours. You are a beast of crazy animals. I hope you are in hell where you belong.


  28. Dman says:

    He was crazy, I was bullied in highschool and I resent those pricks for how they treated me, but I never even thought for a second about KILLING anyone because of it. He does not deserve to be remembered, he does not DESERVE a second thought. Out thoughts and comments should be with the poor victoms not the prick that did this.

    Sorry Kimveer, I hope you Rot in HELL!


  29. CC says:

    It appears he had a normal high school experience and that he was never the victim of bullying. From _The National Post_ Friday September 15, 2006:

    Former high school classmates described him as normal — “nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular high school kid,” said Anthony Proce, who, like Gill, graduated from Rosemere High School in 1998.
    Friends said he never dated in high school.
    Mr. Proce and others said, far from the impression the six-foot tall Gill left on his Web site, he wasn’t the victim of bullying.
    “He wasn’t a guy that got picked on, not at all — who picks on a tall, big guy who could kick your ass if you picked on him?” said Dennis Pavia, another classmate who now plays drums for heavy metal band Diecast.
    “He didn’t dress like a rapper or a Goth or anything like that, more like jeans, T-shirts and sneakers,” said Mr. Pavia, who said he usually saw Gill every day at school but wasn’t close to him. “I remember Kimveer just being a friendly guy, always smiling. However he came to do something like [the shootings at Dawson] I wouldn’t say is because of high school.”
    Alex Hullar, another former classmate, said he was shocked when he heard Gill’s name on the radio yesterday.
    “He was a pretty calm, relaxed guy,” he remembered. “He had at least eight close friends and they always hung around together in high school. They were all very good students, very good grades.”
    He said Gill dressed normally, “never a trench coat and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know where that came about.”


  30. Trench says:

    Do you have a link to that article?


  31. Samedi says:

    Stop blaming the society, the guy is sick and evil.


  32. Samedi says:

    ALL Gun Fire Should and Must be prohibited for Normal citizen, only Policemen and Security guard can hold gun fire!

    Even soldiers should be outlaw holding a gun fire in a non combat / urban area.


  33. Justin. says:

    yea all motherfuker shyt da fuk upp.. stp sayin bullshytz abtt kimveer he didnt do ntin wrongg..i think wht ever he did was all if i was @his place i would hav done same thing..seeennn..soo stop with ya bullshyz


  34. Montreal says:

    Imagine the shame & pain the parents are going thru will they ever be able to step out of they house & continue there lives?


  35. kiran says:

    i agree kimveer is a disgrace to the indian community because of his actions, but he honestly must have had some mental illness. what he did was wrong but i hope where ever he is he still rests in peace.


  36. ur damn right….if i were him,i would bomb the whole place n my self.i respect this guy. in why thou shoult wilt the whole law!!!


  37. Anonymous says:

    Actually, there are plenty of goths the world over. I know at least three in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. The country does not depict the style.

    I am myself a goth girl. I’m 19, I dress in the standard gothic apparell to go clubbing, I listen to Dimmu Borgir and Manson and the like. I wear a pentacle. I have four piercings and two tattoos and my hair is purple.

    Regardless, I am a normal person otherwise. I have a husband in the Navy, a 6-month-old daughter and a happy life.

    So what does all this mean? It means the freaks and wierdos that you all fear for lack of understanding to not condone these violences. I know that if it had been my child, I would want that monster to burn, and I wouldn’t care who shot him. Frankly, I’m very perturbed this moment, so this blog may come out as nonsense, but the goth community is not to blame for what this man did.

    He was obviously sociopathic with delusions of some grandeur much akin to the idea that if a muslin dies killing an enemy, something like 40 virgins will be waiting for him in heaven. This kid thought that he’d become a hero, or at least a continuous topic of discussion.

    Do you really want to dishonor the families of the victims by letting his crime be glorified?


  38. Nick Z says:

    WOW. I mean really … wow, if there is something to say, I want to say that I have never seen a more disguasting act ever. I can’t find any other explanation apart from blaming the society and goths and all of those who worship Satan, evil and hell. I can’t yet see any religious or atheist premis here. The guy was not sane. It is sad for both – people who got shot and him. He is a senseless … thing. Sorry I can’t call that human. I also believe that everyone dies sometimes, but it surely doesn’t mean that you have to go around killing people like in Vice City or San Andreas. Life is given to people so they can give in return, not so people kill without explanation to it. Here is more for you, saddest thing is there are more freaks just like Gill out there, they are getting inspired by him, I bet some people would even worship the guy. I mean something has to be done. I would not concider killing those kinds of individuals but putting them away for good, like prisons, making them work for the rest of their lives would be very good. If police can’t do anything about that, then government has to do something. Society IS breeding things like Kimveer Gill, it is everywhere around you – TV, computer, music (very very powerful medium), I can go endlessly about things that enspire thouse freaks … and the worst thing – depression. Goddamn it! On what do they base their depression, why do they hate everyone? That guy had a nice car, but no life. I came from a poor country, I live in Australia now. I made it this far and I am proud of myself, because i PROGRESS. I enjoy studying doing what I like. People who rather regress, get into their depression are trapping themselves. They hate everything and everyone then. Worshiping Satan? How sick can you get? worship death, bad deeds. Who gave you right to kill? NOBODY. From the bottom of my heart I wish that this sort of act will never happen again. I know that my wish is strong inside of me, but comparing to others its almost nothing, we should all wish for that never to happen again. For our own good we must be careful of these acts and people who provoke them. I may be one who wishes this, but lets hope there are more people who can and will prevent this from happening as much as they can. And if there are any other who would agree with Kimveer Gill, I do not wish you death or burn in hell for eternity … I just wish for you to become happy, to enjoy life without ANARCHY in it. Satan is the one who burns in hell, people dont belong there, so please do not listen to your ego, when it is raging, listen to someone who can make your life better, infact, make other peoples’ lifes better by doing something good in your life. Write a book, sing a song, plant a tree, just be happy … life is meant to be that way. Its just people tend to forget that and people make it worse. We are not animals, we can control our emotions and deeds, so please do, otherwise we are no better then pigs who roll in mud …


  39. ..|.. says:

    shut up
    get over yourself
    why are you blaming things on Satan.
    How do you even know if Satan exists.. and if so.. maybe you have only heard one side of the story.

    everyone should just shut up. someone kills people and dies and then everyone else turns into experts.
    hate to break it to you all.. your not experts. get over it. get over yourselfs.


  40. Nick Z says:

    You dont have to be an expert to see what is going on around you. I dont care if there is devil or not, people still worship him, and that is sad. I have nothing more to say


  41. raman says:

    Thas the stupidest comment EVER! Just b/c ur not white and born in Canada doesnt mean ur not CANADIAN. Him being Indian had nuthin to do with this PERIOD. In fact i am indian n i am the most Canadian person u will meet. So stop blaming this on his ethincity and look the WHOLE picture, maybe he did this b/c of ppl like urself.


  42. Joe says:



  43. leggs says:

    u asshole.. he is a KILLER and a fucked up dude…. maybe u should have joined him in his death FUCKTARD !!! he was WRONG in having all those firearms even if he got them LEGALLY… where the fuck were his parents ? not that they are to blame but indirectly they sure are


  44. Leggs says:

    his profile has been taken out by the Montreal authorities on the same day he shot himself so don’t bother trying to find it, it is not available anymore


  45. leggs says:



  46. Sunil says:

    Hey dude,
    Don’t forget you forefathers were immigrants to the new world (N. America…just making sure you know the New World=N. America since you do sound very ignorant). And yes! They pilaged through it. They wiped out a number of tribes. Their crimes were a lot more monstrous than this act. (So were the crimes of other crazy monarchies in the history of the East Asia and Central Asia). And I just can’t seem to stop laughing when you say people from India and China are uneducated. You are pretty inane. I think you should take a day off and visit the library. You will learn a lot about the world. You should also ask your parents to ensure that you mix with the right group of people who will contribute to your intelect in the right direction. You seemed to be filled with filth (comparable to the mentality of Hitler, Amin, Pot Pol, Mussolini, Aurangzeb etcetera). Frankly, you should (i) slap yourself a few times, and (ii) visit a psychologist thereafter.


  47. JR says:

    grow the fuck up you racist bastard!


  48. nightshade says:

    my LORD VEER shall rise again


  49. Rosemere High Student says:

    I think it’s fucked up what Kimveer did… I was shocked when I found out who the shooter was… we went to high school together (Rosemere high School).. granted he was a little bit of a loner, but who would of thought he would of SNAPPED like this… All I ask is may God bless his soul (as crazy as that seems) and May God be with his victims…

    It just goes to show… you never really know someone.. and we all need to watch out for Danger signs…


  50. K says:

    There has never been a school shooting in India. Guns are banned from civilians. It’s because of ignorance like this that misunderstandings keep piling up and people vent in the form of rampages, etc.


  51. Jaskiran says:

    all u fuckin bastards hu talking shyte bout kimveer go suck ur moms dick, wht kimveer did was right, it aint his fault, its fuckin other pllez fault for not carin, he wuz goin through alot , so fuck all u muthafuckas hu r againt him


  52. leggs says:



  53. person says:

    Fuck u gill, ur killed an innocent girl who enjoyed life while on the other hand u hated it.Why didnt u just commit suicide urself u suck muthafuka. I hope ur burning in hell were u belonged. and the police shoudnt hve shot u..on the other hand they should have tortured you u suck fkn idiot. FUCK OFF u dumb pesent 👿


  54. fuck u leggs says:

    yo leggs huever u r, the guy wuz bein bullied and wht wud u do if pple ruined high skool 4 u all u white r da same u tink ur all betta then every1 else, wht about all da white pple hu shot at collages, y da fuck dont u tlk shyt bout dem u fuckin mutha fucks,


  55. leggs says:

    I was teased at school too ya know… but i had a fucking head on my shoulders and didnt go off with my life wanting to kill people.. LEARN HOW TO TYPE PROPER ENGLISH ASSHOLE :)) HE is responsible for his own actions… get a life :))


  56. person says:

    haha sucker you were teased at school


  57. leggs says:

    sure i was but i was smarter than that fuck KIMVEER…. but to get guns, become a freak, become an ass like him.. I WAS SMARTER and made my life way better than his ever was 🙂 :mrgreen:


  58. leggs says:

    sure i was but i was smarter than that fuck KIMVEER…. but to get guns, become a freak, become an ass like him.. I WAS SMARTER and made my life way better than his ever was 🙂 :mrgreen:


  59. fuck white shit says:

    all you white shit think you own the world, what about the white guys who shot at colorado high school, why are you guys blaming kimveer so much, what would you do if you were bullied through high school, thats 4 years he was bullied, i think if anyone else was in his placed they would have snapped too


  60. leggs says:

    yeah I understand but to snap and just kill people ? innocent ones ? no matter who you are, what friggen color you are… ITS STILL DOESNT MAKE IT RIGHT CUZ U WERE TEASED/BULLIED AT SCHOOL… ur responsible for your own actions


  61. person says:

    How about all those times white people went around shooting people. How come you guys don’t blame them as much. White people shot at high schools and collages and at universities before how come all you guys are fucking blaming kimveer so much. your all fuckin racist mutha fuckhas


  62. leggs says:

    as I said previously.. id feel the same way if it was a black or hispanic or a pakistani, etc… race has nothing to do with this… anyone could have done that.


  63. person says:

    i know this is strange, but why the fuck are we arguing about what someone we don’t even know did


  64. Trench says:

    Ok, listen up everyone. Gill was not bullied. His mother said so, his classmates said so, his teacher said so. So pick a new argument.


  65. leggs says:

    Alleluia LOL 😀


  66. Jesse says:

    u both r right

    all u fuckin bastards hu r talkin shyte bout kimveer go suck ur moms dick, wht kimveer did was right, it aint his fault, its fuckin other pllez fault for not carin, he wuz goin through alot , so fuck all u mutha fuckas hu r againt him


  67. Kristie says:

    Hey everyone I want to if people think kimveer is to blame or not.
    So if you could reply, and say yes (for he is to blame) and no (for he is not to blame).


  68. jennifer says:

    i read all of your comments leggs and I only have 1 word for you -chill- your overly obsessed with kimveer and what he did. have a life move on.


  69. zimbobway says:

    yo all u pple who say kimveer is a disgrace to the indian community, what about all the white people who shoot innocent people no one says its a disgrace to the white community, white people shoot and kill people everyday. THE WHITE COMMUNITY SHOULD HOLD THIER HEADS DOWN WITH SHAME WHEN THEY WALK ON THE STREETS. Y DOESNT ANY1 SAY ANYTHING TO THE… KIMVEER ISNT A DISGRACE TO THE INDIAN COMMUNITY


  70. leggs says:

    I live inthe same city he lived in, not obsessed with him at all trust me. I am simply responding to other’s comments about him.. as this is what its all about. Since he did in the city i live in, I am affected by it to a certain degree and its affected the entire city. This is a “free” board and we can put our imput on the subject.. which is why this thread was started 🙂

    p.s. i am very chilled hon. just came back from the gym 😀


  71. FUCK U says:



  72. leggs says:

    God some people have great taste for usernames in here *whistles* and the type of language they use ? hmmm shows the level of intelligence they have… that is if they have any 👿


  73. A.M says:

    nick yer SOOO right


  74. hunass says:

    RIP Gill


  75. Nightshade says:

    i dunno mr.trench, something is funny, strange,fishy and odd about all of this. i could write alot about vindicateing him. I,ve crossed paths with him,maybe i say in the very dark of the night. i did not get the murderer vibe,nor did i feel threatend and i was alone with him. But i did get a vibe from him, something that slipps you quickly into a deep darkness, i could still see the prevaling lights around me, and i did not feel fear nor want to run to God, I don’t know exactly what it was. it was almost as if something was showing something of him. if i were to die today, i could swear He wanted to say something to me. but what do i know about people and life? plus it was night & dark and a secluded place. in retrospect he was so iquisitive that he left inquisitivness behind. and even though our paths crossed a few times his death saddens me and i feel like i lost a bro, i also feel like i failed him. my path crossing with him is quite different than most of the bad press about him. just one or two articules make me realize that it was him that i crossed paths with, and just recently i’ve been enlightened to why i felt like,’flying away with him like a bird’, in the night or in the day. some times i visit this site and i feel like i’m visiting his grave and what i want to type in is like what i want to say to him? Go figure,especially since we are, in a civil sense, strangers.still something brings me to him and with me there is Vindication, there has to be. He could be something of ‘the begining of something or a portal to something, i’m not sure, nor am i knowlegable in where i step, and now it seems like i will never cross paths with ‘ My Lord Veer’ again. Well, we shall see what all this will bring me,maybe nothin maybe….? . i would not be surprised, if your hand had something to do with the Dawson connection but that is purely ‘just a thought’ en fin, i would like to red his script,how much of it was misunderstood with his daily life, and his hand written journal, i would not be surprised if there is an entry in there concerning me. good-bye Mr. Trench thank-you for your internet space .you may delete anytime you wish.


  76. fuckkimveer says:

    to: whomever thinks/says he was bullied

    even if he was bullied, which he was not, it dosent give him the right to go shoot up people in a random school or anyone for that matter, and assuming he did it for that reason hes just a fag who couldnt take the shit the world sends to people, cause even if you dont get bullied you get shit and sometimes you get shit way worse than some retard comments that you SHOULD ignore because some people are dumbasses and cant keep theyre mouths shut

    conclusion kimveer is a weak minded individual who was gay enough to go kill a poor girl and who thought hed go down in history for having done something stupid, ill bet he thought “his killing spree” was gonna last way more than 3 minutes though… cocksucker didnt even die the way he wanted cops shot twice at him and he was down, i definately dont call that a “hail of gunfire”


  77. fuckkimveer says:

    and he most definately had a small penis… or none at all and im gonna go shit and piss on his tomb when i get the chance


  78. Isha says:

    First of all the religon has nothin to do with this. second of all, if ur blaming he parents then think again. he is 25 years old, i don’t think hes a baby that has to be watched 24/7. im indian myself. im no goth. i won’t go killing ppl on the streets. i agree what kimveer did was WRONG !!! if he really hated his life, why didn’t he just shot himself at home or somthin … he took ppl along with him to heven or hell 4 no reason. HE HAD MENTAL PROBLEMS !!!

    p.s.- all u racest fukn basterds out there should join him in hell too!!!


  79. Alistair says:

    I think its all very well saying he got bullied at skool, but everyone has has problems of some kind in their life, i got picked on pretty badly a long time ago but life isnt fair, its a tough world out there u can’t be forever with a chip on your shoulder about some jerked off thing that happened, “he was goin thru a lot” is just some jerk off whiny emo/goth thing to say. u hav to deal with it and move on. And it shudnt work like this blah blah blah but if u dress strangely and act strange ppl will judge u like it or not. Also im a fan of some metal and extreme music (Meshhuggah, Slayer, Pantera) but i mix it up with more positive stuff (good stuff like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, U2 etc), and hard rock. basically i think if ur gonna listen to negative music all the time and surround urself with it its a cocktail for bad things. Basically a lot of metal is a joke, its a cartoonish horror movie that doesnt reflect real life, but for some people they get so caught up in it their life becomes like their music. And they also become a joke like some metal is, they think they’re on some holy quest for vengeance when they’re losers who are lazy and havent done fuck all with their life. life is more do whats required of you and enjoy it while u can, and enjoy the simple pleasures. Basically the whole metal/internet/tv/videogame thing can put ppl seriously out of touch with reality. Im not saying that was the main reason he did it necessarily but it wud have made his problems a lot worse. The whole emo/goth/black/death scene needs to get their pathetic arses out of their culture of whiny woe is me negativity.


  80. nightshade says:

    i see bullying in him,about him,look up the word in the dictionary.


  81. Principessa says:

    this happened almost a month ago, i was there. a minute earlier i woulda been trying to crawl out of the atrium with some of my friends who were still in the atrium when it happened. i was downstairs and saw the first 3 shots inside the school. i ran out of there as fast as i could with my best friend. the shock only hit me about 15 minutes later when i started shaking and crying in the middle of downtown. i didnt know where i was. when i spoke no one understood me anymore. finally i calmed down a few hours later. for a good 2 weeks i couldnt do anything. i was always tired, always had a headache, got mad at everything, cried randomly. i basically wasnt normal for 2 weeks. now i still freak out at any screaming and loud noises. i dont think anyone could really understand what my school is still going through. some of my friends were shot, theyre still not back in school. one of my friends isnt coming back at all this semester. it (the shooter wasnt human and i refuse to call it by its name) not only killed Stacey DeSousa but ruined so many other peoples lives too. and with all these other shootings, its clear its not the only freak in society. for those people who say it was a hero, i hope you live a full and torturous life, death seems like too much of an easy punishment. it didnt suffer, and now 10 000 students and teachers hafto suffer the traumatic effects of its actions. a teacher of mine was talking about the events of sept. 13 and she said that in all the 15 years that she has worked at dawson, there has never even been a verbal fight. i have never seen anyone get left out. i went to john abbott before and the first thing i said last semester when i switched cegeps was that people at dawson are so much nicer than at john abbott. so tell me, if it says the reason it did what it did was because people are ignorant and prejudice and hypocritical, whyd it pick the place that represents the total opposite of that? it says people dont accept the goth culture, why couldn’t it accept the preps or the jocks? it said people misunderstand and stereotype goths, didnt it stereotype all preps and all jocks and all country music and everything so many people stand for? to me, it was no different than the people it described. it was ignorant in picking the most peaceful school in montreal, it was prejudice against preps and jocks and all the other things it hated. and above all, it was hypocritical because it demonstrated exactly what it was against. it picked such a gorgeous girl to shoot at. why her? why’d she have to die? why dawson? why do it period? it got exactly what it wanted, attention. by saying it’s name, you are supporting that attention. so please, it doesnt deserve that kind of satisfaction, even if it is dead. it was a coward for killing itself. it got out too easy. it should be getting tortured in jail for doing what it did. and finally, for all those who said it is your hero, shame on you. no, you dont deserve to die, you deserve so much worse. you deserve to feel all the pain and fear felt by dawson students and staff. then after feeling all that suffering i dare you to say you could do it. sure, some kids are bullied at school, but did so many innocent students have to suffer for it? Stacey was young and had her whole life to look forward to, so why her? think about it, what if it was your school? i spoke to so many of my frds from abbott, they told me they would have jumped him and beat him down til he bled to death. how can they say that when they dont noe wut they would have done? in my opinion, the stronger guys are at dawson, and they ran and so many of them cried. so how can they say that? so many questions, so little of them answered.


  82. Anonymous says:

    your sick just like him


  83. nightshade says:

    … that was not Kimveer who walked down that street and into dawson … that was …. ‘ IT ‘ ….


  84. nightshade says:

    …. yeah f— …that’s me here, all messed up…. some thing/body led my friend to murder …. and my heads got everything in it all at once…. oh how dainty!


  85. a girl in NC says:

    this is all so confusing, I read these comments and then I think about my own life, and how that kid could’ve been the depressed kid in my chemistry class, and I feel as if there is no way to stop this. I understand and don’t understand it at the same time, I feel as if in life there are millions of tiny threads pulling in all different directions, and a mere sequence, a chance could have made this path. For me it’s both nature and nurture, but it’s more than that. I can’t give an opinion on this, just trying to understand it begins to pull at my mind, it makes me wonder if *I* could have done this. And that makes me wonder if I am the same as the killer, if that instinct is there. Human nature and intelligence play against each other. What is the outcome? Does all this amount to the understanding of the human race? This individual is a dead spark in the dying embers of existence. I am drawing closer.


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