The Trench Reynolds Report

Without truth there is no justice pulls gunman’s profile:

The Vampirefreaks community has reacted to the fact that Kimveer Gill was among their membership…

Kimveer Gill, also known as Trench, pictured on the website. Administrators pulled his profile from the site this afternoon.

Users of the website are defending the site following the shooting rampage at a Montreal college by a frequent visitor to the site.

“Yeah, there’s been a couple incidents before with people on the site but the site itself did not make those people do the things they have done,” says a message board contributor identified as Michelley. “ This site does not condone murder or suicide. Blame the man at fault here. The shooter. Not the site. The site did not put the gun in his hand and say ‘go kill people at school.’”

“I offer my condolences to the victims and their families, it really is a tragic event,” writes Jet. “However, we do not condone or influence this type of behavior in any way. Just because someone goes around shooting people and happens to be a member of vampirefreaks, doesn’t mean that this website has influenced him to do such a horrible thing. The goth scene is a very friendly, nurturing, non-violent community and we are very supportive of our users and do not condone any illegal activities.”

An adherent of Goth culture, he had a profile on under the name Trench.

After his identity became known, his website was inundated with angry comments from other Goth followers, such as: “I hope you’re burning in hell, you sick f—.” Website administrators deleted his profile early this afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Vampirefreaks community reacts

  1. Craig says:

    **An adherent of Goth culture, he had a profile on under the name Trench.**

    That had to give you the willies, huh?


  2. Tony says:

    Looks like you can still find his website by searching the Google cache.


  3. Trench says:

    Not as much as the fact that he left comments here a few months ago.


  4. Craig says:

    Yeah, that was plenty creepy, too.


  5. anna says:

    can u tell me how to do that please ? Thanks


  6. Trench says:

    Go to There’s a link to it there.


  7. Tony says:

    Do a search for: +fatality666

    on Google and then click on the hyperlink for the cache


  8. prince says:

    I wan’t to pass good time in the web cam.


  9. Jet may not had realized that I was in touch with you as you first started doing the crime blog era; I wish my room mate did a report on this too as Wikipedia reported on this as they had two plagiarism incidents in 2010. One caught by Alex Severin and the other one I was trailing since the beginning when the plagiarist was active with SomethingAwful in 2008. I caught Jet trying to lump me in with this shooter when I pointed out, “Don’t lump me in with the Latin Kings as your ‘pest’ tag when someone is telling the truth.”


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