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Blogs reveal a deteriorating mind, police say:

This article states that not only did Kimveer Gill keep a written journal but he also scouted Dawson College prior to the shooting. But first, let me get this out of the way…

But his online musings do not refer specifically to Dawson or his violent plans. However, he repeatedly emphasized that people planning a crime would be stupid to outline their agenda on the Internet.

The comments, made on a Livejournal site called The Trenchcoat over a number of months, included references to various school shootings in the United States and caused him to be banned from writing on the site.

In one, he defends the young people who were charged after a school shooting plot in Riverton, Kan.

“They wern’t [sic] going to do it for real,” Gill wrote. “They’re just kids having a little fun. If they were really going to do this, they would not be posting messages on MySpace and telling people in their school about it.”

You can see what they’re talking about here. I do crosspost at LiveJournal but all comments are only on this site. Now back to the matter at hand…

Kimveer Gill did not restrict his violent thoughts to the blog he kept on He posted disturbing comments on other Web sites and allegedly jotted them down in a diary, where the entries indicate his mind was deteriorating.

Police investigators found the journal either at the scene of the shooting at Dawson College on Wednesday or while executing a search warrant at his parent’s home in the Fabreville district of Laval.

“From what he wrote, you could tell that he basically hated humanity as a whole. He hated everybody. He hated black people, white people, rich people. He hated everybody,” a police source said.

“It was very obvious his state of mind was deteriorating greatly over the last three weeks.”

But the documents reportedly offer no indication as to why Gill chose to carry out a shooting rampage at Dawson College, killing 18-year-old student Anastasia DeSousa and wounding several other victims.

TVA reported last night that security cameras on the nearby Alexis Nihon Plaza captured Gill scouting out the scene of his attack on Aug. 10, a month before his rampage. Police are viewing the tapes.

So it seems that he did not “snap” like so many people are saying. When someone snaps the reaction is immediate. Gill was nothing more than a cold-blooded, calculating killer.

4 thoughts on “A view inside Gill’s mind

  1. jessejames says:

    sometimes people do things others wouldn’t understand, but
    in the end its tragic. as for kimveer i think he should be applaused for what he did, he had a goal, plaaned for it and in the end acted on it. Good for you KIM!!!! May you rest in hell 😈 😈


  2. Trench says:

    May he burn in hell is more like it.


  3. ZappaCrappa says:

    And this, Trench, is EXACTLY why I stopped coming here…I realize that we NEED to know that these idiots exist out there…but I know and I don’t need anymore proof. I gotta go before I read anymore drivel like the one above and it ruins my day. :huh:


  4. nightshade says:

    … i would like to see those security tapes …. i would like to see this “scouting out” … i would bet this interpitation is NOT correct …


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