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A killer’s dark mind:

Kimveer Gill’s high school classmates paint a different picture of him than the one we know…

Former high school classmates described him as normal — “nothing out of the ordinary, just a regular high school kid,” said Anthony Proce, who, like Gill, graduated from Rosemere High School in 1998.

Friends said he never dated in high school.

Mr. Proce and others said, far from the impression the six-foot tall Gill left on his Web site, he wasn’t the victim of bullying.

“He wasn’t a guy that got picked on, not at all — who picks on a tall, big guy who could kick your ass if you picked on him?” said Dennis Pavia, another classmate who now plays drums for heavy metal band Diecast.

“He didn’t dress like a rapper or a Goth or anything like that, more like jeans, T-shirts and sneakers,” said Mr. Pavia, who said he usually saw Gill every day at school but wasn’t close to him. “I remember Kimveer just being a friendly guy, always smiling. However he came to do something like [the shootings at Dawson] I wouldn’t say is because of high school.”

Alex Hullar, another former classmate, said he was shocked when he heard Gill’s name on the radio yesterday.

“He was a pretty calm, relaxed guy,” he remembered. “He had at least eight close friends and they always hung around together in high school. They were all very good students, very good grades.”

He said Gill dressed normally, “never a trench coat and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know where that came about.”

He said he had not been in touch with Gill since graduation.”It’s going to be one hell of a high school reunion, I can imagine,” he added.

Gill left few other marks. His graduation yearbook had a blank entry beside his photo.

So he wasn’t bullied in high school. If he was bullied after that it’s because he allowed it to happen. How many more nails in the coffin does the bullying myth need?

Thanks to CC for the link.

10 thoughts on “Kimveer Gill’s former classmates speak

  1. borgtothebone says:

    I don’t think it was Kimveer that was bullied at all… I’m pretty sure it was one of his VampireFreaks friends, probably a girl, since that’s who the posts all seem to be directed toward.

    If you look at his friends list, check the ages of many of the girls, many of them were in high school.

    I’ve seen the paranoid posting about the cops watching him for 6 years and telling his fellow VF’ers to put anything incriminating in a “private message” I don’t think he’d be saying it outright, but then, what would he be doing posing with the gun and the knife?

    This guy was calculated about wanting to do a school shooting — and I think it’s quite possible he may even have chosen Dawson at random, based on a floorplan he saw online. I can’t say any of this with any certainty – but they’re my thoughts so far…

    Also, kudos to you for catching his IP on your site as well — I googled one of them and found he was playing at in March 2005, and have seen other ID’s that may be him playing games similar to “Super Columbine Massacre” since around 2003.

    Is it as simple as over-exposure to games like this that eventually leads them to doing something real? The columbine kids did the same thing, and I believe one even created levels for that game “Doom”

    I suppose there will be criticism about this, but I seriously think they eventually desensitized themselves somehow.



  2. Trench says:

    BTB, I disagree with your videogame opinion. However I think that’s a very good observation about the VF girls. Could have Gill been a fan of jailbait and that’s why he thinks the cops were watching him. Is that why he went goth? Great comment. :mrgreen:


  3. borgtothebone says:

    Thanks 🙂

    The legal age of consent here in Canada is 14, I don’t think I saw anyone younger than that in his friends list – Then again, the Alberta 12 year old who helped kill her own family had been lying about her age.

    He definitely was paranoid, and what other than spending all his time online and drinking did he actually do?

    I wonder if his VF girfriend that he mentioned was a girl his own age or a few years younger. Maybe she dumped him for someone at the college and her VF boyfriend felt he had to retaliate.

    He shot people right outside the school and then walked in and shot more people before getting shot in the arm and turning his gun on himself…

    So what if he knew to go there at lunchtime, maybe he knew where his intended target would be. I see him as being fairly rational, so I don’t know if I can believe he just walked up and killed a bunch of random people. I think he had an intended target.


  4. borgtothebone says:

    Not sure where else to post this, feel free to move or delete it

    “security cameras on the nearby Alexis Nihon Plaza captured Gill a month before his attack, on Aug. 10. Police are viewing the tapes.”


  5. Cal says:

    He wasn’t entirely paranoid. The thing you have to remember is that his blog entries were fleeting thought. Most people who post as many trivial short entries as he did with that much fleeting thought will post anything they want people to read.

    His first entry about the police watching him was an entry that was completely true. He mentions the police watching the board and pretending to be goth girls or something similar. The police were all over the board after that girl killed her family… they did make accounts and they did watch the members for a while.

    His second entry was more of a complete fleeting thought/wanting to talk shit that other people could read to make himself seem more important. Ask any (credible) psychologist, they will agree.

    If you want to refer to an individual who was TRULY paranoid, that would be Michael Carneal. He literally thought that there were people spying on him through vents so he covered himself in 5+ towels when he showered and ran straight to his room. Or Kip Kinkel, who thought that the Disney Company was controlled by the government and was spying on everyone… something like that. That’s paranoid and delusional. Kimveer was not paranoid nor delusional. His journal entries are being over analyzed. They don’t tell us much about him. They represent a few seconds of his entire day, a few thoughts, random at that. That’s it.

    He wasn’t talking about how HE was bullied. He refers to the girls on VF being harassed and treated like shit. He did hate the way people treat each other like shit, but nowhere does he mention anything happening to him. Just a general overview of society, that’s what he was ranting about.


    I still fail to see how it’s considered “normal” for people other than military personnel and law enforcement officers to pose for photos with guns. Knives I can understand. But a Beretta Cx4 Carbine?

    Just goes to show you that most people don’t take things seriously until it’s too late.


  6. Line says:

    I am not really sure if he had a girlfriend on that site…whoever…when I was somewhat trying to examine the site…found one girl constantly typing up some private messages to him. Hummm I was extrememly curious as to what was being said. Hopefully someone had the chance to investigate!!!


  7. Nettie says:

    I don’t think there was any huge plan with this one because 90 percent of these things are not carried out alone. There was no one told, no one involved, at least that we know of at this point. I simply think he lost his mind. Any history of heavy drug use in his background anyone? Specifically meth??


  8. Trench says:

    No mention of meth but lots of alcohol.

    There was some kind of a plan though because he did scout out the campus a month in advance.


  9. Florida Bill says:

    Look, the guy was a deranged fucktard, pure and simple. Anyone who defends him should seek counseling immediately.


  10. nightshade says:

    … just how much alcohol, … you were there … you drank with him …. you saw it,so tells us all,just how much He drank, Mr trench. to the very last drop


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