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All Crime Is Personal

Gun control won’t protect us from the losers:

This is actually an article about Canadian gun control but I couldn’t resist these quotes…

Here he is again, the loser with a grudge and a gun slithering up from the basement of a middle-class home where he fermented his immaturity, anger and resentments to full and deadly potency “interacting” with like creatures on the Internet.

His mom says he was “a good son.”

The neighbours’ comments — the banality of this would be screamingly funny were it not for the horror of the event — amount to this: He was quiet and kept to himself.

Aren’t they always.

His resentment and anger are perfectly understandable.

He’s a loser and losers spend their lives being angry and resentful.

It’s one of the reasons they’re losers. Life is something that happens to them. They aren’t something that happens to life.

They aren’t achievers.

Worst of all, he knows he’s a loser, but failing the courage or will to do something about it and actually change, he decides to write his name in the pages of our times with gunfire, and paint a final statement with the innocent blood of students — young people working toward successful futures.

His victims are everything he is not.

The ultimate proof he’s a loser: His final statement, his final moments in life are desperately unoriginal. Just another loser in a long list of losers. The perpetrators of Columbine and Taber and all the others.

He was 25 years old.

Who among us is still so much an angry adolescent at 25?

He’s a loser baby, and somebody killed him.

Don’t be a loser.

4 thoughts on “Forces of evil in a bozo nightmare

  1. Harding says:

    Looser is as looser does…


  2. casual says:

    I must agree with certain facts of gill.. But Society is or shall i say what makes us who we are! I was reading a comment of a writer who could’nt get enough about how all he was is a loser! dont get me wrong in any way that i condone the actions of what he did. But you must realize that If we as a person all of our life keep being told that we are no good, Nothing but a loser. These words have a major roll in our life , Of how we react to society. Instead of us bashing a certain induvidual, Dont you think we should learn the signs before a tragady occurs. Its so easy to say that ..this person is this or that and this is why he or she is. But it seems there is a lot of talk and grave interest about this case. So maybe as a concerned Party we should be focusing on The sites that our children go on. And for me i went on vf for the first And i was extremly shocked at what i seen on there. It was sad to see how young most of these kids were . And most of them seemed to me, Like they were calling out for help. And that is very sad, That it has to go that far were most of these kids have to go to be accepted. Can we blame Society? To a degree yes we can, We can also lay blame on some parents. Not all but some We should be role models for our kids. So come on now I no from what i have been reading on most of the post here, Most of you are educated, So how about we educate ourselfs and look at the real problem of how maybe we can all come together and at least reach out to at least one person who might have the same simularities of kimveer gill , And just maybe, that could be a start. Cause nobody is perfect including myself, But fortunatly for me i had great role models in my life. So we ask ourself , Is this what it takes before we take notice. Well it should’nt


  3. D.P. says:

    I don’t believe Society makes a loser. We all live in the same society…why aren’t we ALL murderous losers? Because most of us have what is known as courage. Courage to take chances in life…courage to become a productive citizen. It’s easy to be a loser…just sit around feeling sorry for yourself and thinking that everybody else who works their tail off to BE somebody is worthy of your envy and scorn. No way. Don’t blame society…blame the weak minded LOSER.


  4. nightshade says:

    …. have you sat with a person .. Before .. they committed murder,bro?


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