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Even campus killers have their groupies:

This is an interesting article about a reporter’s first encounter with mutantdom.

As a matter of fact, it’s such a good article I can’t pick what to quote. So I’ll give you just a brief taste.

“You wanna know why there has only been three school shootings in Quebec? It’s because the people here don’t have the balls to do it, as much as they want to … as much as they plan it all … make `hit lists’ and just wish they had the guts that Eric and Dylan had … you know … the real victims of Columbine! They are looked up to by many bullied high school students … and many believe that the bullies got what they deserved on April 20th, 1999.

“Kimveer will be greatly missed by the people who actually understood him … the people who don’t have their heads up their asses.”

Welcome to my world. I get e-mails like this all the time.

Hopefully, this article will be read by parents and others to let them know that these kinds of murderer worshipping people exist and one of them may be a family member. And if it is please get them the help they need.

9 thoughts on “Murder groupies

  1. Jessica says:

    Damn right! Klebold and Harris are awsome!! They had guts they planned they plotted and they did that shit!!! Sure they may have killed some innocent people they may have injured some innocent people but they got a message out!!! Those guys are heroes no matter what people say. I give props to all those like them. LONG LIVE KLEBOLD AND HARRIS


  2. megan says:

    Honestly..? you guy’s are fucking goofs. Just because you’re a social outcast and probably a mutt people don’t deserve to die. suck it the fuck up. people that didn’t do shit died cause a few people were ignorant? you really think that’s going to stop people from bullying you? that’s just stupid. grow some balls. alot of people get picked on they don’t go shooting random people.You’re low, you’re worthless, go die. Seriously, you’re cutting the wrong way.
    Peace, you cumguzzling fagget.


  3. Jessica Coates says:

    I can certainly understand how you feel, my younger sister and now my son have been bullied. I used to enjoy getting the better of bullies, but for the most part was more the one the powers that be wanted to see in like peer group and things. Killing someone else is never the way out, but unless people start acknowledging, and accepting their power, they aren’t going to change either. Remember that you are an equal to everyone else aroun you, and if they violate your equality, this is an offense that is punishable by law. Look at the far outrageous cases of little kids being sued for kissing each other. Start playing hard ball with the purpose of levelling the playing field, start pushing teachers and others to get confidence and skillbuilding programs and longer group or collective field trips together to learn to respect and appreciate not for the ability to be like the richie riches of the world, but simply to appreciate your differences for what they are – your own unique presence – individuality in it’s truest form. Start using that cell phone to press charges of harassment, coercion, get restraining orders, and lets start changing things, let’s start learning and showing that even the lowest of the low and the weakest of the weak, still have a place here, and it is as equals. We each have been promised that, now let’s remind people what that looks like, what it means.


  4. Jessica Coates says:

    I understand that you are upset, but using abusive language and behaving in such an abusive manner can only get you into trouble. You realize that it is treating others as you have just treated this Jessica is part of the reason and motivastion for things like this happening. You are contributing to the problem, and unless you wish to guarantee that you will someday be staring down the frightening end of a barrel you had better learn to build others up when you disagree with them, rather than causing them more pain. I can tell that you are not someone who takes the loss of life lightly, and probably not for any reason, and this is a very good thing, we need more people like you who value their right to live and be who they are regardless of their shortcomings, or strengths. I encourage you to keep reaching out, and putting yourself out there. It is as an equal and for equality that we should be acting, and not reacting out of our gut instincts, it is in doing so that we create harm to others that is unintentional, which inspires harmful thoughts and actions towards another. Secondly, none of us wants to wind up with someone pressing charges against us for doing what we believe to be right, I remind myself often that I need to consider whether or not what I am about to say is going to treat the listeners as equals, and if not, then I need to adjust what I am thinking or about to say so that I don’t treat someone else as a lesser, or give another my power. Good to see you being out there though. It is a bit of a shame that our society is about power over others rather than power with – I think the First Nations and Diggers of England had something, it’s too bad others wanted to be selfish and play power games. People like us can help to change it all though. It’s all about personal power, what you know about you, and how you choose to apply it. Catch you later.


  5. ur a fucking dumb, ignorant, whore, who thinks that murder can and is the right way to settle small childhood problems like bullying. i hope u die and go to hell. and when u get to hell i hope harris and klebold greet u there with their sawed off shot guns and pistols and then lets see what u have to say. i honestly wish death upon anyone who believes that the right way to deal with a small problem like bullying is by murdering other innocent teenagers who have only lived 15-16-17 years of their life. YOU SICK FUCKS! DIE!
    ~ sincerely the guy who wants to shove his cock so far up your throats u gag to death.


  6. Zina says:

    Mrs Coates, you are the kind of human who can change something with all this corruption. Continue to be opened, the world will go from there only better! And you, all the closed ones, do like her !!!!!!!


  7. Jessica Coates says:

    Thank you Zina – It was very uplifting to know that someone has read, understood, and is willing to back me up. Reading these comments I was beginning to feel that I was maybe the only one. You have made a difference. Thank you. 😀


  8. nightshade says:

    ….don’t forget the death wish of ms Julliet and how it grew in the hands of the Capulets….


  9. N.A. Pacione says:

    Man it’s that hive mentality– they see something they can clammer around like some jackhole. Think those bastards I would unleash hell upon because they would freely promote plagiarism and the fight I picked with one of your enemies. I linked up an article that you can use for your series on cyber-stalkers and such.


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