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Spree-planning teen gets 5 years:

Peter Cunningham, one of the four South Jersey teens arrested for plotting an attack against Winslow Township High School, has been sentenced…

Former Winslow Township High School student Peter Cunningham, 16, was sentenced this morning to five years in New Jersey state prison for his role in a conspiracy to shoot students and faculty at the high school last spring.

Cunningham copped a plea in July to five years in adult prison. He could have gotten 25 years if he faced a jury.

3 thoughts on “Peter Cunningham sentenced

  1. rogue says:

    omg all they did wuz plan to kill ppl itz not like they were doing anything bad they were just having alittle fun


  2. Chimera says:

    Peters deal enables him to be eligible for parole as early as 13 months from now. In return he has to supply all information he has on the Goth culture. Given what was planned the defendants have all received sweet deals. He will be going to an adult prison.
    Basically they all got a slap on the wrist and one even had a get out of jail card. Seems to me around here crime does pay.


  3. stacy says:

    I want you who every is in charge of this kind of website to take the Peter off this website
    yous need to leave this been it done its over with move the fuck on
    Peter is my friend & he is suffering right now he didnt do anything wrong he got caught in with edwin you all should be talking about edwin but nooooo you fucks talk about peter
    ether take peter off this site or i’ll have you sued or shut down


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