Hostage situation in Colorado high school

Bailey School Hostage Situation Prompts Evacuation:

(CBS4) BAILEY, Colo. Platte Canyon High School in Bailey was evacuated early Wednesday afternoon because of a hostage situation with a gunman, Park County emergency dispatchers said.

Dispatchers said there was at least one hostage.

Jefferson County authorities said deputies, including the SWAT team and bomb squad, from their sheriff’s office were on stand-by to assist if called by Park County authorities.

More as details are released.

Thanks to Soobs for the tip.


  1. And now they are saying it’s an adult gunman. Of course, so was that psycho in Canada a few weeks ago.


  2. The latest I can find out is that he now has released all but 2 of the hostages, he has 2 girls with him, but police are negotiating.

    Snipers are in position though.

    No reports of any casualties as yet.

    I hope that stays the same.


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