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Gunman, hostage die:

Some additional details have emerged about the siege at Platte Canyon High School in Colorado that left the gunman and a hostage dead…

Authorities did not release the name of the victim, but friends of the family said she was 16-year-old Emily Keyes. Lynn Bigham, a friend of the victim’s, described Emily as “sweet and affectionate.”

The man, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and carrying a backpack, entered the school at 11:40 a.m., apparently looking for someone specific, according to witnesses, although police would not confirm that.

He entered Sandra Smith’s honors English class and fired a shot in the air, then told all the students to stand facing the chalkboard, said Tom Grigg, whose son, Cassidy, was in the classroom.

Then, the gunman approached each boy in the class and told them to get out.

“A guy came up and pointed a gun at (Cassidy) and told him to leave,” Grigg said. “He said, ‘No, I want to stay with the girls,’ and the guy put the gun in his face and said, ‘You. Out of here.”‘

Police would not say whether the gunman sexually assaulted any of the girls. But Grigg said his son told him, “There were some really bad things that happened in that classroom.” He did not elaborate.

The gunman had shielded himself with one of the two girls, the sheriff said. He declined to say whether deputies fired any shots in the classroom.

As usual, the guy with the gun is a coward.

9 thoughts on “More from Platte Canyon

  1. Florida Bill says:

    A nameless, faceless coward at the moment. Fucktard.


  2. ZappaCrappa says:

    And as the story emerges…he was a pervert coward.

    If I believed in hell…I would hope he was roasting there as we speak….unfortunately…I believe he is just dead after taking an innocent someone with his sorry excuse for a life.


  3. GunHEadManSoN says:

    Trigger happy cops probadly got that poor girl, and she was so pretty, what kind of retard was this guy, hes 50, he should have done this in a retiretment home.


  4. morpheus says:

    Coward. May he burn in hell for eternity.


  5. A few more details:

    The kid mentioned on the second page ticks me off a bit. This is not the appropriate time to be seeking attention. Not to mention that a lie can hamper investigations. Of course, the attacker is dead, so there’s not much to really investigate now.

    Did the cops do the right thing? I can’t answer that. If they waited longer and all the hostages survived but they were all sexually assaulted, someone would complain about not going in sooner. As it is, they are “trigger happy”. It’s not exactly an unfair assessment, but in a situation like this, the victims’ situations have to take precedence over public opinion. In the case of public opinion, it’s a no win scenario. I can’t condemn them for their decision. But rest assured, they will live with the results of their decision for the rest of their lives.

    I have another big concern. People are always talking about school shootings and copycats. This was clearly a sexual predator that decided to go the limit because he had nothing to loose. There was no hiding the event. No shadows hidden in. He, in effect, stormed a school, grabbed some girls he wanted, sexually assaulted them, then took his life (whether the police stormed in or not, he most likely would have killed himself anyway). I’m worried that a fraction of the sexual predator population will take a page from his book, say they have nothing to loose, and do the same thing.



  6. The article I mention in number 5 has been updated slightly at the beginning:

    While one might think that it silly to look for motive considering his acts might suggest the motive, the fact he was questioning students earlier about particular people makes one wonder.

    Worse yet is the fact that no one questioned HIM while he was questioning them. All that time spent out there and no one’s red flag went up to even suggest that someone go out and politely ask him for an ID and a nice gentle question as to why he was questioning students? I mean, when I go to my son’s school, my ID is in my hand. No arguments about “it’s my business” or “privacy rights” from me.

    I wonder if this is a problem with the overall school system there. I know other individual schools may have a lack of concern or security, but this seems to be growing in that area.



  7. Ninsi says:

    Sick that he may have trolled myspace looking for his victims…

    From CNN-
    …Investigators were also checking rumors that Morrison may have researched his victims by looking at, an online community that allows users to post personal pages and network with friends, Wegener said….


  8. And now, that same article I mentioned above, has bee further updated stating that a suicide note was left.

    As I said, “nothing to loose”. He went in with dying on his mind.

    Please let there be no copycats.



  9. Some new, rather graphic, details about the letter and about the events in the classroom.



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