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Principal shot at Cazenovia school:

This is all I can do right now. Feel free to post updates in the comments. If your link doesn’t show up that means it’s been modded. Please be patient.

12 thoughts on “Principal Shot in Wisc.

  1. This is the MSNBC story so far:
    The CNN story:

    Originally, the MSNBC story said the killer was a “former” student. But the update now meets close to the CNN report, which only says “the student”. So he may be a current student.

    More to be seen later, I’m sure.



  2. PAH! MSNBC updated again to mention “former student”:
    “Local TV station WKOW-TV said the suspect was a former student armed with multiple weapons.”

    But the rest of the story says “the student”.

    Wish they would make up their minds.



  3. Ok, more details, same story page as above.

    Kid was 15.
    WAS a student, but had been expelled recently.

    At least one other student said:
    “”He was a little weird. He always used to kid around about bringing things to school and hurting kids,”
    And said the kid was a freshman and had few friends.

    It doesn’t say why he was expelled yet.

    Apparently, a lot of folks reacted, though the principal was hit and is in critical condition.

    Sounds like it could have been a lot worse, considering he was carrying a shotgun too.



  4. gunhead manson says:

    come on. This guy was a principal, who gives a s**t. EVERYONE hates their principles, so dont go all out preachin love and peace on this one.


  5. magnolia says:

    And another unsung hero has just passed on 😦


  6. magnolia says:

    Listen up you heartless twit: You are wrong. “EVERYONE ” does not hate the principal. Some imbeciles disguised as children “HATE” rule,law and order, because ,after all, they have all the answers…to questions never asked. Meanwhile, someone has lost a son,brother,father,husband,uncle,friend and mentor. Children that value education are traumatized, and you want to to come in here thinkin’ you’re Joe Cool/macho guy? You are pathetic, and a coward. Go away.



    “First Degree Intentional Homicide”

    What the bloody heck is that???
    I’ve heard of Murder, manslaughter, and one other (drawing a blank right now, will remember right after I submit this message). But “intentional homicide”? Uh, isn’t that murder?

    Or is that a classification for a minor?

    (On a less important note, there’s an ad right in the article for a movie called “The Departed”. Bad placing there MSNBC. Bad placing. I don’t know if anyone else will see that ad when they pull up the article or not.)

    The article also says the kid was a “special-education student”. Doesn’t say just how so.

    They still don’t know if the principal was the intended target or not.

    I could do some couch potato psychoanalysis or make assumptions about motive, but I think I’ll wait for more info.

    Yeah, there are a lot of kids who hate their teachers and/or principals. There are a good deal with a reason to hate the authority figures. Whether it’s a good reason or not. There’s no evidence yet whether one might argue “justifiable homicide” or not.

    So I’ll hold back on that.



  8. Trench says:

    Don’t worry. We will get people commenting here that it is justifiable.


  9. eric hainstock is god says:

    awesome four shootings on one month my dick hasnt been this hard since 9/11


  10. Jim says:

    wow !! I have missed a lot… huh ?

    So which of your common faggot trolls is posting as “eric hainstock is god”


  11. Trench says:

    That would be Calence. You can check a few other threads for all the festivities.


  12. Jim says:

    Calence ? thats a new one to me… guess I HAVE been gone a while.

    I think it is sad that poor lil Calence cant get his dick up except when he hears about death on the news. Poor fella aint gettin any lovin that way… less he, you know… likes catchin for the gentlemen folk. 😛


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