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Wisconsin teen charged in deadly school shooting:

September 30, 2006 – A 15-year-old Wisconsin boy has been charged as an adult for murdering his principal. Police say Eric Hainstock went to his Cazenovia school armed with a pistol and a shotgun Friday morning where he shot the principal, John Klang, three times during a struggle. Klang later died at the hospital.

Remember kids, no matter how big and bad you think you are because you have a gun there is always going to be someone bigger and badder than you when you’re spending the rest of your life behind bars. It’s not worth it.

24 thoughts on “Hainstock charged as adult

  1. vampirelord says:

    this is absurd all he did was kill some stupid principle whats the big fucking deal i hope this kid is released because he did nothing wrong


  2. Calence says:

    Hey, Trench. Look, here’s another kid who is saying exactly what Kimveer said on your site before he went on his rampage, and what are you doing about it? Have you contacted the police yet?

    Let’s do the math. Angry kids come to your site and tell you they agree with the recent school shootings. Four of them, so far, have been charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and murder in the first degree. The most recent one being Kimveer. ALL of these children have told you that they think the shootings are good, the shootings weren’t a big deal, and Kimveer just recently told you he hopes they give back some kid’s guns when he got caught planning a shooting.

    Now, you have ‘vampirelord’ walking down the path that 4 other school shooters have. ‘vapirelord’, who may or may not be serious, is giving you red flags all over the place.

    You better do something about it, you wouldn’t want to be arrested or heaven forbid feel guilty for the rest of your life that you allowed a shooting to happen, would you? I’m serious, Trench, grow some motherfucking balls and call the cops when this shit happens or you might end up seeing arrest warrants flying your way.



  3. Trench says:

    Cal, you need help. That same kid is you, You’re not fooling anyone.

    You do realize I see every IP address that posts a comment right?


  4. Calence says:

    I do realize you see IP addresses, and ‘vampirelord’ is NOT me. If you were actually looking at the IP addresses you would see that it is not me. Are you really that dense, honestly? I’m not posting with that name, I don’t know who is posting with that name. I’m trying to give you a fair warning that you’ve got another possible school shooter on your website and you’re kicking back like nothing’s wrong.

    When they go on a rampage, are you going to post yet ANOTHER whiny rant about how the ‘idiot’ posted on your site once, and soak up that celebrity fame?

    You’re not even looking at the IP’s. That poster is not me. Nice try, though.


  5. Calence says:

    And besides, if they posted at 15:11 like it says, that’s more than 3 hours ago. I have not even been home for more than an hour, I was at work WITHOUT internet access until 16:00 (your website time) and then I had to get on a bus WITHOUT internet access and come to my house. I walked in the door at about 16:30.


  6. eric hainstock is god says:

    i hope they release a photo of the principals dead body so i have something to jack off to


  7. Calence,
    I’m going to say this with no sarcasm or condescension to you at all.

    Sitting there complaining about what Trench does or does not do is illogical.

    I don’t even need to condemn or condone Trench’s choice to act or not act. It’s irrelevant.

    You say you know for certain that at least 4 individuals have posted here before, supporting acts of violence then have commited violence in schools. You say another individual is doing the same thing and you believe they may be planning to do the same thing. My question is simply: Why don’t YOU report it? Whether you think Trench should or not doesn’t matter. You obviously feel it should be reported. You don’t know what city or state, so report it to the FBI.

    Show them the evidence you say is here about past acts and show them the current one. If they feel there is a reason, they will issue a Subpeona to obtain the information necessary from Trench. It doesn’t even have to seem like a malicious act against Trench to obtain the info. Merely a logical, legal step that would protect the chain of evidence.

    One could then say Trench protected his poster’s privacy while at the same time protecting the legal chain of evidence of a potential threat to other’s lives. Trench then can’t be seen as the bad guy one way or the other.

    If, however, the FBI doesn’t see a reason to obtain a subpeona, then nothing can be done. After all, if the FBI can’t get a subpeona, then local authorities can’t get a subpeona and Trench would have also cost himself some respect in some people’s eyes by violating poster’s privacy. Whether it’s rational for that loss of respect or not is irrelevant. Frankly, my respect for him wouldn’t drop. But others won’t see it that way.

    So don’t sit there complaining to Trench about something you, yourself, could do. Take that action yourself. Either something will come of it or it won’t.



  8. Trench says:

    Cal, I’m not even trying to be cute or funny ir condescending. You need help. I have more than enough proof that you’re pretending to be these kids. Seriously Cal, why do you care what I do?

    I’m banning you for your own good before you embarrass yourself any further.


  9. Doofus says:

    You’re being extremely immature about this, Trench. Take it from someone who works with these kinds of kids on a daily basis. I actually took a “head count” of all the kids I’ve worked with in the last 6 years and my total was over 7,000… so seriously, you need to stop this “I’m going to ban everyone who disagrees with me” bullcrap.

    That vampirelove person or whoever is not me, period. You have no proof, you’re saying that just because you want to complain. That’s all you do.


  10. Doofus says:

    Andrew, I will only say this once.

    You are a concerned parent. I’ve known this for a long time. You have your head in the right place. Unfortunately you don’t know who Trench is or what he has done and what he is doing right now.

    I’m not going to bother with this, though. But I will say this…

    I HAVE reported people on this site, but unfortunately the way things work with what I do is I need an email address for the cops to figure out what is going on with these kids before they can do anything. I cannot access the email addresses on this website, because the script doesn’t allow them to become publicly viewable. Therefore it is Trench’s responsibility to actually stand up and do something.

    Trench has posted about two of the other shooters on his site, and I refuse to acknowledge the others publicly because then he will try to grab up even more media attention.

    I work too hard with violence prevention to sit here and watch Trench complain for the next ten years of his life (as he has done for the last seven) and NOT make any attempt to solve the problem.

    Trench’s inaction with contacting the police is just as bad as the parents not being involved enough or teachers not noticing or kids not stopping their harassment or people cheering on fights or people turning a blind eye to abuse.

    How many red flags does someone have to put out until we actually pick up one of those flags and say, “THAT’S ENOUGH?”

    A lot of these shooters were stopped from being discovered n the internet.

    You bet your ass I’ve contacted police. I have police contacts in every state in the US and some in other countries, always handy in my address book. I learned long ago that it was a mistake not to. With the work I do, you bet your ass I don’t take things lightly. I’ve been down the road of regrets and mistaken signals… I’m not going there again. Not taking any chances. It’s just too bad that Trench can’t do the same. He’d be one hell of a player on our team.


  11. Trench says:

    Fine Cal. Your ban is lifted. If you want to keep embarrassing yourself that’s your problem. I tried.

    And if you’ve contacted law enforcement about people on my site how come they’ve never contacted me?


  12. cal says:

    They didn’t need to contact you because I knew who they were. This time, I don’t know who the kid is which is why you need to be the one to supply an email address to the cops with this vampirelord and eric hainstock rules person. Or an IP. It’s out of my hands, Pat.

    I’m not embarrassing myself, I’m trying to save lives. You should be embarrassed that all you are doing is laughing and treating it as though it’s a joke.

    It wasn’t a joke when Kimveer posted the same things on your website and now look, he’s dead and so is another girl and many more were injured.

    If you cared about school violence you’d have already gotten the authorities involved. You would have done it with Kim, too. But you didn’t. That’s the past though. Let the past go, move forward, start fresh and give up the IP and email to police.

    I do my part when issues arise. It’s what my life is dedicated to. I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t take any chances.


  13. Trench says:

    Ok, show me who on my site you’ve reported to police.


  14. Cal says:

    Besides Kimveer and the skinhead, whom you already know about, I am not going to live in the past and bring them to the surface. They’ve all been arrested, and have gone through the process. I still keep in contact with aone of them. He just got off probation 4 months ago, was on it for a year and before that spent some time in jail. He’s doing quite well now, has his own business and everything and is attending college.

    I understand your curiosity, and I know you are probably asking in an, “oh yeah? Prove it!” sort of way, but my reason for withholding names is purely in the interest of living in the present rather than in the past.

    You know what Kimveer posted, and their posts were all similar. That’s really all you need to know.


  15. Trench says:

    I don’t need names just show me their comments.

    If you reported Kimveer Gill to the police how come they didn’t do anything about it?

    You know Cal I honestly don’t believe a single word you say. Earlier today someone from one of the online communities you hang out at basically told me that you’re nothing more than a bullshit artist and the only reason you’re causing so much drama on my site is that no one ever goes to yours.


  16. magnolia says:

    This Cal thing is a great BS’r…but what a scary little person…one that appears to have a brain,but clueless as to what to use if for.


  17. Cal says:

    I dont post on any other communities, sorry. And I get 5,000+ hits a day on my site, and if you combine all of my sites together I get an average of a million hits a month. And no, I’m not kidding. I run/maintain/own close to 50 very popular websites. I don’t know what you’re talking about there, sorry.

    I never said I reported Kim. I knew the kid, but I didn’t know he was leaning toward violence. I wish I had, though. But I didn’t get the chance to really talk to him much after he contacted me. Se la vie.

    I mentioned him as being one of the people who have posted on your site that have ended up shooting others and themselves along with the skinhead dude with the WP record label shirt on in that one picture. I didn’t mean I reported Kim. Just meant he is one of the ones that has been here and is now gone.

    I’d have to go back through your site to find their comments, it was at least a year ago that the last comment (known to me) was made since that’s when I last went to your site (with the exception of this month) If you can find me all the comments people made of that same nature and copy and paste them, and the names people used I can tell you which ones are who. I just don’t have the time to go back through your site from that long ago.

    You know your site better than I do, so if you can find the similar comments from a year+ ago praising and the like, go for it. I’d be more than happy to sort them out for you. Like I said, I just don’t have the time myself.


  18. Cal says:

    I took off all the personal information and anything that would indicate personal anything and bandwidth for previous months for personal reasons… but hm. It’s October 2nd and already this website of mine has had 24,088 hits? In two days?

    5,524,260 hits in just TEN months? That’s over FIVE MILLION hits in just ten months.

    Whomever you are refering to must be the liar, not me.

    I may be concrete in my beliefs, I may stand strong and refuse to back down, but there’s one thing I am not… I am not a liar. My websites get more hits than Barry Bonds on Steiroids.


  19. Cal says:

    I just want to add that the stats are NOT for the stats are for my main website. I just uploaded it to


  20. Trench says:

    What’s your main site?


  21. Cal says:

    If you’re serious about wanting me to look over the comments, you know where to email me. My email address is on all of my comments. Feel free to send me any comments you find that are similar to Kimveer and I can tell you who they are (if I know their handle).


  22. abbie says:

    Ok Andrew is my Cousin so yeah!!! 😥 sorry what has happen


  23. anonymous says:

    some of u people seriously have no heart! u would understand if u actually knew the shooter & the principal!


  24. Pro-Klang says:

    vampirelord ur a fucking homo, just like eric was. i pray he gets fucking raped and stabbed, cause hes a sick freak


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