Another Werribee suspect?

This comment on The Whole Story brings us the MySpace of this guy (goatse alert-NSFW) who left the following comments on another MySpace…

10/24/2006 6:33 AM
cheers m8 but u gotta understand i burnt her hair a little bit apoligised then wen she got pissed on gave her my shirt and im getting in fucking shit. evericunt thinks im a tite ass cause of the fucking media its bs.

10/24/2006 6:25 AM
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So basically he admits his participation in the “CTM” DVD but acts like he’s the victim. Prison couldn’t come fast enough for these assclowns.

Push for Taber shooter to be sent to adult prison

Crown wants Taber school shooter sent to adult jail:

Todd Cameron Smith, the gunman in the Taber school shooting in Alberta Canada, is back in the news today as the Ontario Crown is trying to get Smith sent to an adult jail…

Paula Teeter, a worker with the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, testified Thursday in a Peterborough court that the man is the oldest “young offender” in the province and is still at a high risk to reoffend.

The man had finished serving his original sentence of three years in November 2003, but a judge had ruled he was still dangerous and should be held indefinitely.

Thanks to Jessie for the link.

Judge recuses himself from Bartley case

Judge recuses himself in school shooting case:

This is a strange development. The judge that was overseeing the case of Kenneth Bartley, the Campbell County, Tennessee ten who shot and Campbell County High Assistant Principal Ken Bruce and wounded Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Jim Pierce, has bowed out of the case. Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton did not give a reason why. Retired Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood will take over.

CTM still up for sale

Werribee DVD assault offered for sale for $60:

Some unscrupulous scumbag has decided to capitalize on the Werribee sex assault DVD…

COPIES of the Werribee sex crimes DVD are being offered for sale at prices up to $60.

The DVD – which shows teenagers engaging in sexual activity with a teenage girl before urinating on her and setting her hair on fire – was offered for sale at the weekend on the Melbourne Gumtree classifieds website.

The vendor claims his daughter bought a copy of the video, dubbed C— The Movie, and has made copies which he is offering for sale.

The DVD was first offered for sale on Saturday for $50, under the title Genuine C The Movie. The vendor asks would-be buyers to email their details if they want a copy.

“I will be discreet and deliver even to PO Box if you like in plain wrapping and unlabelled DVD so nobody will know and we don’t get arrest (sic),” he writes.

The DVD was re-advertised yesterday with the price jacked up to $60 in response to “increased demand”.

The advertisement describes the DVD as a “Video of local sites and activities by local Melborne (sic) artists”.

Let’s stop right there for a second. Artists? Since when is rape an art? Not to mention the fact that allegedly a parent of a student is selling this video.

When the Herald Sun emailed the vendor anonymously yesterday, he said that when the DVD was sent the would-be buyer would get only a 10-minute preview.

When payment arrived, he would give the buyer a password that gave them access to the entire movie.

By 3pm (AEDT) yesterday the ad had been removed from the Melbourne Gumtree site.

But the would-be salesman has also posted promotions on the personal websites belonging to some of the teenagers who feature in the DVD.

“Movie now $60 only a few left email me … all profits to a good cos (sic),” he wrote.

The DVD had been selling for just $5 at Werribee schools.

But police last week said they were prepared to charge anyone who bought or downloaded the DVD with possession of child pornography.

I hope the police find you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law with extreme prejudice.


DVD thugs ‘made break-in sequel’:

Well, well, well. It seems that our favorite Australian teenage thugs from Werribee had a sequel in the works. It seems that vandalism, assault, and rape weren’t enough and they went on to B & E…

A SEQUEL to the Werribee sex crimes DVD is believed to show the thugs involved in a break-and-enter spree.

Teenagers who claim to have seen footage say the mob rampages through homes, urinating in kettles and trashing private property.

They claim several boys filmed feature in the original DVD, which shocked the nation with its portrayal of a pack of delinquents sexually abusing a mentally impaired girl.

Students in Werribee know the gang as the “CTM Boys”.

They say the group has promoted the sequel “CTM2” online.

A boy, who gave his name as Ronnie, said the film shows some members of the group forcing their way into homes.

“They were breaking into people’s houses and going through s—t and just trashing the places,” he said.

“It was disgusting,

“Like they were leaving s—t — I mean real s—t — in some places and they were pissing in things like cups and kettles.

“These guys are seriously sick,

“They’re bad, they’re giving us Werribee kids a bad name. We’re not all like that.”

I wonder how long it would have been before they decided to make an honest to God snuff film. These kids need jail not ‘help’. They’re beyond help.

Name and Shame

‘Avengers’ shame DVD suspects:

YOUNG Australians are taking cyber revenge by “naming and shaming” the Werribee teenagers who filmed a young girl being sexually degraded and then sold DVDs of the attack.

A MySpace website dubbed “CTM — name and shame” has been set up to publicly humiliate those involved in the filming and sale of the DVD.

The site reveals pictures and names of the teens allegedly involved.

“It’s time to name and shame those involved in the making of C— the Movie — watch this space!” the website says.

“This MySpace is not affiliated with CTM. It was created for the purpose of naming and shaming those involved in making the movie.

“Another thing: any comments attacking the girl involved will not be tolerated.”

If you’re looking for the name & shame MySpace it’s here. NSFW language on that MySpace.

Another victim of Shefelbine comes forward

Another teen girl comes forward in MySpace assault case:

Another victim of scumbag rapist Scott Shefelbine has come forward…

The latest girl to come forward about her relationship with Scott D. Shefelbine claims the last time they were together, the 31-year-old Tolland man and former Ellington High School teacher’s aide physically forced her to have sexual relations with him, according to an affidavit supporting his arrest.

Shefelbine already is facing charges he sexually assaulted several other girls he met on

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, the girl’s father called West Hartford police Oct. 10 to say he’d just seen a television news report about a sexual predator using MySpace to lure young girls, and recognized Shefelbine from his mug shot as the boy dating his 16-year-old daughter.

The father told police that Shefelbine had claimed to be 17 and had been to his house about 10 times, the affidavit says. He said he had asked Shefelbine to verify his age, but no identification ever was produced, according to the affidavit.

After the father’s report police interviewed the girl, who said she’d met Shefelbine in late August in an online chat room. Initially, she voluntarily performed a sex act on him whenever they were together, the affidavit says, but the last time they were together, she refused and Shefelbine forced her.

According to court documents, Shefelbine and the girl would communicate through instant messages on the computer, and he was able to obtain the girl’s cell phone number from her away message box.

He called her, they chatted for an hour, and a few days later, on Aug. 25, he picked her up and drove her to his Tolland home, the affidavit says.

While there they watched a movie and, according to the affidavit, Shefelbine gave the girl three bottles of raspberry-flavored vodka before suggesting “out of the blue” that she perform a sex act upon him.

At first she said no and went outside to smoke a cigarette, but when she came back she found Shefelbine on the couch waiting for her expectantly, the affidavit states.

The girl told police she complied then, and during each subsequent visit until their last meeting on Columbus Day.

Shefelbine called her from the car on his way to her house and asked her to have sexual relations with him, the affidavit states, but she repeatedly told him no. When he got to the house, however, he physically forced her, the document states.

The girl told police she didn’t want to comply, “but she did not know what else to do.”

Shefelbine first was arrested on Oct. 10 by the Vernon Police Department on charges that he sexually assaulted four teenage girls.

In those cases, police say Shefelbine used the Web site to meet teenage girls and their friends posing as a 17- to 19-year-old boy, using a hairpiece to hide his balding head.

More news out of Werribee

Abused DVD girl’s attackers get support on MySpace:

This is an article about how the scumbags that violated that poor girl in Werribee, Australia are getting support from their little stupid friends.

“brother… we chill n thats how we roll. media smedia they talk shit.. as long as we stick together no1 can stop us.. b-e-z
talk soon. xoxxx
ur boy dt ” says one comment and

“hey boofaa!
saw the video thingy..
you in alot of shit?
dw man..
i dont think it’s right..
but i all always be here for ya..
hope your alright and aint in to much shit
xoxoxo katie. “

And this is not just an Australia thing either. Kids in America too are supporting friends of theirs that have committed crimes almost as horrible as this one. Is murder and rape “not to much shit”? I pray to God that these kind of kids are in the minority.

Police chase copies of school sex DVD:

Local law enforcement in Australia are stating that anyone in possession of the DVD can surrender it without fear of repercussion. However they warn that having a copy of the DVD is considered being in possession of child pornography. Police say no charges will be filed until they have completed gathering evidence.

AFL hopeful linked to DVD:

It appears that one suspect appearing in the DVD could be a potential player in the Australian Football League as he is eligible for the 2007 draft. The club he plays for now is not handing down any discipline until the police finish their investigation.

In the same article Law Council of Australia President John North said those involved in making and selling the DVD should not be named…

Mr. North said minors involved with the DVD should not be named despite some names being printed on the DVD cover.

“If those facts are correct, it shows how immature, how easily led some of them might be, and that is the distinction the law makes for children and adolescents,” he said.

“It’s appalling behaviour, it’s outrageous behaviour, but we shouldn’t punish it with that feeling of retribution and revenge.

“We should try and make sure that people are punished properly if they commit a crime but that the rest of their lives aren’t ruined, and some of these people might be quite young and some of them might be quite easily led,” he said.

What about the rest of the victim’s life? She is going to have to deal with this trauma forever. You can confiscate as many of the DVD’s as you want but I’m sure it’s somewhere on someone’s hard drive and will probably be perpetuated through infinity. Not naming the suspects is a grave injustice. But if you really wanted their names you could go here.

myspace deletes sex DVD comments:

This article states that MySpace has deleted the profiles of some those involved with the DVD. However the last time I checked there were at least 3 that were still up. You can go to my last entry about this to see the profiles. The article states that MySpace has also contacted Australian law enforcement.

Knoxville insulted by link to boys’ assault film:

Of course the media have connected this situation to the Jackass movies. Well head Jackass himself Johnny Knoxville had this to say…

“I don’t understand, aside from lazy journalism, how they can make a connection between a bunch of f . . king evil little bastards assaulting a girl and us riding rockets and getting run over by a bull,” Johnny Knoxville said in Sydney.

“Some lady from a TV show yesterday, as I was walking into a radio interview, said ‘how do you feel about the Jackass-inspired stunt?’,” Knoxville said. “I’m like ‘what the f . . . are you talking about?’ When have we ever done anything like that?”

Knoxville said the Jackass team had never been linked to any incident like the Werribee DVD. “It’s completely insulting. We only do things to ourselves,” he said.

As much as I dislike the whole Jackass thing he is correct. This was nothing more than an exercise in rape and public humiliation.

Justice refuses to rule on Kerns charge

MASSACRE PLOT: Issue in Kerns case going to full top court

The Massachusetts supreme court justice that was expected to hand down a decision regarding the interpretation of the law regarding communicating a threat in the trial of Tobin Kerns has refused to the rule in the matter. Prosecutors are planning to argue the matter before the full Supreme Judicial Court. So again God only knows when Tobin will know if he’ll be exonerated or not.