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Judge Sets Bail For Accused Teen School Shooter:

(AP) BARABOO, Wis. A judge set bail at $750,000 Monday for a 15-year-old boy accused of killing his high school principal after prosecutors said the teen may have been looking for others to attack as well.

Sauk County District Attorney Pat Barrett told the judge there were other “persons of interest” for Eric Hainstock when he went to Weston Schools in Cazenovia Friday morning and shot Principal John Klang. She told reporters after the five-minute hearing that Hainstock may have had additional targets picked out.

“There were potentially other people that he had a beef with at the time,” she said, but did not elaborate.

Hainstock’s attorneys asked for $10,000 bail, saying the teen has lived in the Sauk County area his whole life and has no convictions.

But Circuit Judge Patrick Taggart agreed with Barrett.

“It goes without saying the public does need protection in this matter,” he said.

$10,000 bail for shooting a man at point-blank range in cold blood? Defense attorneys never fail to crack me up.

Search warrants show deputies found a note at Hainstock’s house from him to his father, along with boxes of ammunition, discipline reports from Weston Schools and a photo of a girl with her eyes poked out. Klang gave Hainstock a disciplinary notice for having tobacco in the school Thursday, the day before the shooting, according to the criminal complaint.

Court records also say Eric Hainstock had a medical condition that affected his behavior but he was not receiving treatment because the family could no longer afford drugs or counseling.

It seems like to me they just were too lazy to get him treatment or didn’t care. There are state agencies and programs designed to help people like this. Not that any of this is an excuse for killing.

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