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All Crime Is Personal

Gunman possibly seen earlier:

Police seem to think that Platte Canyon High gunman, Duane Morrison, staked out the school prior to his attack…

BAILEY – The gunman who terrorized Platte Canyon High School on Wednesday, killing a 16-year-old hostage, may have been trolling the school parking lot as many as 24 hours before the rampage began, two law enforcement officials said Sunday.

Investigators have a “strong suspicion” Duane Morrison was in the parking lot Tuesday, one of the sources said. Both spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

As usual in these situations, people are trying to lay blame. Is the school safe? How did this happen? I think people are over-analyzing the situation. This was a freak occurrence by an insane man. The people of Bailey should not be beating themselves up over this.

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