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Police: School killer told wife he molested family members:

What’s a word for ‘more than horrified’?

(CNN) — Pennsylvania schoolhouse killer Charles Carl Roberts IV said he molested minor family members 20 years ago and was dreaming about molesting again, police said Tuesday.

Roberts’ assault Monday killed five girls and wounded five others, police said, before he killed himself. Police have been trying to determine the motive behind the attack by talking to family members and analyzing suicide notes.

Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Jeffrey Miller said Roberts may have targeted the school for its girl students and — given the various items found in the school — intended to molest the children.

He said KY Jelly lubricant was found in the schoolhouse where the assault occurred but there is no evidence that the victims were sexually assaulted in any way.

“It’s very possible, when he talks about doing the things and having dreams for the last two years about doing things that he did 20 years ago … he perhaps planned, with the kind of wood and eyebolts and flex cuffs and KY Jelly and other things, it’s very possible that he intended to victimize these children in many ways prior to executing them and killing himself,” Miller said.

Roberts also said he was mad at God for the death of his premature baby, Elise, born nine years ago, Miller said.

Miller said Roberts called his wife Monday morning and said, “‘I am not coming home. The police are here.'”

Then Miller said Roberts stated, “‘I molested some minor family members, family members that were 3 or 4 years old, 20 years ago.'”

“Roberts mentioned in his suicide note that he was having dreams of molesting again,” Miller said.

Miller said both sides of Roberts’ family were interviewed, including his parents, and his wife, and they said they had no knowledge of any molestation by Roberts affecting any family member or anyone else.

Could he have picked any more innocent victims to terrorize than Amish children?

There were a million things that Charles Roberts could have done to alleviate his guilt. Why did he have to choose this one?

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