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Kin Say School Gunman Didn’t Molest Them:

NICKEL MINES, Pa. — Two relatives of the man who attacked an Amish school said they were not molested by him 20 years ago as he had claimed, investigators said Wednesday.

Charles Carl Roberts IV, 32, revealed to his family in notes he left behind and in a cell phone call to his wife from inside the West Nickel Mines Amish School that he was tormented by memories of molesting his two young relatives 20 years ago. He also spoke of having dreams about doing it again.

Investigators spoke to the two women, who would have been 4 or 5 at the time, and they said there was no such abuse.

“Both of them have no recollection of being sexually assaulted by Roberts,” state police Trooper Linette Quinn said.”They were absolutely sure they had no contact with Roberts.”

Which makes his victims’ deaths even more pointless.

5 thoughts on “Roberts did not molest relatives

  1. Calence says:

    It’s very possible they don’t remember it. It actually happens often. Victims do not always remember when they are that young.I was stabbed in the leg as a kid and the only thing that tells me it happened is the 12″ scar down my leg and people who witnessed it. I don’t remember it. I was 8 years old. Have a photographic memory, always have.Sometimes it just gets blocked out when you’re abused at such a young age. It’s hard for people to remember being 4 years old period.I’m not saying they did get molested for certain, and I’m not saying they didn’t. What I am saying is that we don’t know, and the alleged victims stating they don’t remember it happening is not proof that it did not occur.


  2. Jim says:

    I have a scar under my left eye… tiny little thing that my mother has told me was from a babysitter who hit me with something. (1980 or so… so I was around 6)I have very clear memories of things when I was 3, 1980 is a very clear year in my mind. But I do not recall anything of a babysitter hitting me at all, never mind with objects.I DO recall my mother being one to throw things at me and my sister. I think my mother chucked an ashtray at us and got me in the face (accidentaly of course) and still doesnt have the courage to admit she fucked up.I guess I can understand why.


  3. Possible, but I’d be afraid of the “false memory syndrome” also. They say they’re sure it didn’t happen to them. We’d have to accept that til there was proof otherwise.The only person who knew for sure was him. And unless there is unreleased info, that knowledge died with him.It’s one of the crappiest parts of suicide of any nature. Reasons die with the person. Speculation is all that’s ever left.Andrew


  4. Cal says:

    You’re right that he could have been relying on false memories that he created based on his own fantasies. We don’t know either way and I refuse to take a stance on either side of the fence.On one hand this guy may have created the memories based on his fantasies. On the other hand, the kids may just not even remember.There is no proof for either, and both are a possibility. Judgment on this situation isn’t even possible.


  5. Actually, I was referring to the possibility of the women developing “false memories” from everyone trying to find someone who he may have molested. But at the same time, you do bring up a point that he, himself, may have developed “false memories”.False memories were a big issue in the late 80’s and 90’s. Therapists who thought they were doing good ended up implanting false memories of abuse into their patients. It came back to haunt a great many folks.We could really speculate a lot about what happened. For example, it may have been him who was molested, he blocked it out, something happened in his later life (the death of his child for example) that dreadged up memories as dreams but instead of him thinking he was the victim, he ended up thinking he was the molestor.Like I said, I hate suicides because the only one with the answers is now dead.Andrew


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