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School ‘security’ is wrong response:

This is a letter to the editor of a Wisconsin newspaper about new security measures being put in place after the killing of Weston Schools principal John Klang…

Dear Editor: I have great sympathy for those affected by the Weston school shooting last week, particularly the family of John Klang.

That said, the new “security measures” in place as students return to school seem to be a prime example of the wrong sort of response, the kind Americans are so good at these days, of putting good people on lockdown in the wake of a singular act by a single person. One very troubled youth commits a horrific act, and now the rest of the school is subject to armed surveillance and the registration of outsiders?

What sort of message is that intended to send we are trying to prevent further armed attacks by bringing in more arms and suspecting everyone?

I urge the School Board to consider intelligently and rationally addressing root causes here, even in the wake of a very irrational and heartbreaking incident, before initializing knee-jerk measures that can only result in more fear and anguish.

Not to mention the fact that the steps they seem to be taking are like closing the barn door after the horses are already out.

2 thoughts on “Day late, Dollar short

  1. gina says:

    As a person who homeschools I find this ridiculous. Although, security is on my list of reasons to homeschool, it is not a prime reason. I would be foolish to think that these sorts of things couldn’t happen in any of our daily tasks from going to the bank, library, museums, grocery store, playdates at parks …..ANYWHERE.What really sucks though is this is yet again another thing that will take away from poorly funded education. Not that overall education is underfunded, because it is not. But after all these “upgrades” the administration will still have their hands in the pot for their handout and they will still get theirs. What will suffer from the over spending is the kids….again.As far as security goes though. There is one major difference between me being with my children vs. a teacher being with my children and that is I would NEVER leave my children without the person killing me or use of sheer brutal force.


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