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Teen Gets 6 Years For Winslow Township Shooting Plot:

Edwin DeLeon, the accused ringleader of the plot to attack Winslow Township High School in South Jersey, was sentenced to six years in prison. DeLeon had previously pleaded guilty and six years was the maximum he could receive under the plea. DeLeon says he regrets the idea of the plot. I wonder if he really regrets it or regrets being caught.

One more suspect, James Whelan, remains to be sentenced. Whelan is looking at three years.

3 thoughts on “Edwin DeLeon gets six years

  1. Cal says:

    You’re passionate about school violence. You’ve dedicated your entire website to it when it used to be a personal site for expression back in the day. Now it’s purely school violence. You help keep track of all the incidents. Your site is a valuable resource for people who are trying to track incidents. You stay on top of the issue.Would you ever consider teaming up with some of the people I work with to move forward with the cause… ? I know you are passionate about getting parents to wake up, to be able to intervene with their children before it is too late. But would you consider teaming up with people to push the issue forward? Think about it. And don’t tell me there’s nothing you can do because that is bullshit. Don’t tell me you can’t do anything to stop bullying or stop school violence. That is hogwash. There is always something that can be done. Why not brainstorm with people who are already on the path toward raising the issue with people in power? Join a team of people who have gone to the ends of the earth to get laws passed that are already making a difference — and put an end to it.A website is great – it raises awareness – but the next step is action. Are you willing to take that step? Come on, Patrick… this is something you’re passionate about. You can’t expect me to believe you really think nothing can be done. I don’t buy that. I don’t buy your defeatest’s attitude. You’re enraged. You have children. This is on your mind every single day of your life and will be until the day you die.If you think there is no current solution, think of one. Anything is better than nothing. Driving the point home through action no matter what the outcome is better than nothing. Sometimes you have to be defeated 100 times before you succeed… but it can and does happen.Don’t take a back seat to the issue that controls your mind day in and day out.You know you want to do something, you just don’t know what you CAN do. So brainstorm with people who have made this their life’s work. Get more involved, raise holy hell until people are aware. Drag people out of their safety nets and caves and show them the truth. In real life.Time is running out. The next wave is coming. Our kids need us. Do it for your kids’ future.


  2. In some areas police give them out for free.


  3. kay says:

    its done and over. edwins my best friend. drugs really mess with a person, he wouldnt do this in a state of mind and me of ALL people would know.


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