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Student, 13, fires AK-47 in Missouri school:

A masked Joplin, Missouri 13-year-old fired an AK-47 inside his middle school. Luckily no one was injured.

The student was wearing a mask and pointed the assault rifle at Principal Steve Gilbreth, Assistant Superintendent Steve Doerr and two students, saying, “not to make me do this,” Superintendent Jim Simpson said.

Simpson said the teen then fired a shot into the ceiling, breaking a water pipe, and said again, “Please don’t make me do this.”

Gilbreth and Doerr persuaded the student to leave the building where he was arrested by police.

Joplin police Officer Curt Farmer said officers found a note in the student’s backpack indicating that he had placed an explosive in the school, which has about 700 students. Students in the school were moved to nearby Joplin Memorial Hall, and the school was closed while officers searched the building.

The student was wearing a mask and apparently had been planning an attack for a “long time,” Simpson said. He didn’t elaborate and said authorities did not know whether others were involved.

No ID or motive was given yet.

Thanks to Magz for the tip.

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