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Roberts eyed in sex attack on Amish woman in 2005:

Charles Carl Roberts IV, the gunman in the Amish school shooting, is being looked at as a possible suspect in the 2005 attempted rape of an Amish woman in her home.

The victim’s father, who interrupted the assault, said that neither he nor his daughter got a good look at the attacker because it was dark at the time. And they have no definitive proof it was Roberts.

Police are investigating by comparing fingerprints from both crime scenes.

Roberts lived less than one-quarter mile from the victim.

One thought on “Roberts may be attempted rape suspect

  1. Becky Wise says:

    creepy.But keeps with history.After following this story for a bit I have (going on out a limb here and moo) theorized in my mind that Roberts most likely told his wife SOME truth (he has sexually assaulted or tried to in the past), but also sprinkled a few lies in there a well (in lieu of LE not being able to prove that he did in fact molest his own family members 20 years ago). Perhaps the truth in ’20 years ago’ could mean that was when he first noticed the urges in himself. I truly think that in his messed-up way he was trying to take the heat off of his wife who still has to live in that community with their three small children. What other reason would there be to tell such a lie…..and further deduction along those lines would have me wonder what he ACTUALLY DID DO in his past. The relatives he pointed to were, I believe ages 3 and 5 and Roberts 12 as of 20 years ago. Perhaps he fantasized about it. Perhaps he pointed to them because of their ages and banking that they would not necessarily be able to remember that far back.There is a point to that statement made by him.And I do not think the dismissal by the relatives should end a search of what he COULD have done in the local area OVER the past 20 years. (and obviously it hasn’t due to what you reported on above).


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