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I-TEAM: Police search for suspect in Craigslist prostitution ring:

BOULDER – Jeffrey Bagnall had a plan, detectives say: to run the most successful prostitution ring in the country.

It’s always nice to have goals.

Toward that end, the 35-year-old Bagnall carefully logged expenses such as cell phones and room rentals, brainstormed marketing ideas on how to lure older male clients and consulted industry advice from books, such as, “Pimp Game, The Instructional Guide.”

For more than a year, Bagnall was on his way, police said, advertising for free on Craigslist and pocketing about $2,000 a month from his 30 percent cut from the prostitutes who worked for him.

According to police, that’s when Bagnall moved his base of operations into a quiet, close-knit East Boulder cul-de-sac – and his plan collapsed.

Now, Boulder police have issued a warrant for Bagnall’s arrest on charges that include pimping and keeping a place of prostitution.

While authorities search for Bagnall, who has apparently skipped town, they are quick to credit the townhome’s residents for their part in bringing down his business.

On Aug. 24, undercover detectives obtained a search warrant for Bagnall’s home, finding cash, empty condom boxes, child pornography,, notes documenting his business plan and ledgers of his clients’ names and phone numbers, police said.

This week, a judge issued a warrant for Bagnall’s arrest. His former neighbors said they couldn’t be happier.

Anyone with information on Jeffrey Bagnall is encouraged to call the Boulder Police Department at 303-441-3333.

Don’t ever try bringing that stuff into suburbia. Short of pitchforks and torches, the neighbors will run you out.


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