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Grave of Amish schoolhouse gunman desecrated:

Desecrated is a pretty harsh word. I’d say vandalized. But any way you put it the grave of Charles Roberts, the gunman who killed 5 girls in the Amish school shooting, has been defiled…

Someone trashed the freshly dug grave of the man who shot 10 Amish girls last week, killing five of them before he reloaded his pistol and killed himself.

Tuesday morning “was the first incident where the grave site was damaged,” said state police Trooper David Fedorshak. “The caretaker’s wife was walking through the cemetery about 7 a.m. when she noticed the grave was kicked about. Flowers and a stuffed animal stomped on and kicked around there, the flowers ripped out and thrown around.”

I get the feeling it won’t be the last time either.

In other news from Dutch Pennsylvania Roberts is not a suspect in any other crimes.

The schoolhouse where the shooting took place is scheduled for demolition tomorrow.

Area hospitals that treated the victims of the shooting are waiving the costs to treat them.

3 thoughts on “Roberts’ grave vandalized

  1. I think we have a lot to learn about the way the Amish people have handled this. And whoever vandalized the grave is in dire need of those lessons.


    1. Mark A. says:

      Wow, you are a self-righteous jackass.


  2. Silent Victims says:

    We the normal people of the world feel that YOU are in dire need of instruction on how to have compassion for the victims and their families instead of taking sides of a piece of shit like Roberts. As far as I’m concerned, his grave should be shit and pissed on, on a *DAILY* basis until further notice. Go post somewhere else, where your soft moronic left-wing views won’t inflame the rest of the normal world (nor even read, probably).


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