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Roberts to Amish: You’ll pay for my baby:

It appears that Charles Carl Roberts’ motive was more about the loss of his daughter than about the alleged molestation of relatives 20 years ago…

Charles Carl Roberts IV, after barricading the doors and dismissing all but the 10 Amish girls, pointed his gun at the children.

“I’m going to make you pay for my daughter,’’ state police said Roberts told them.

Police believe Roberts intended to sexually assault the girls, based on lubricating jelly they found in his belongings that morning, but never got the chance.

If you’ll remember Roberts lost his first daughter, Elise when she died shortly after being born. In my opinion, it sounds like he wanted to torture them more than sexually assault them.

Roberts is buried next to his daughter.

And as mentioned yesterday the school-house where the shootings took place has been demolished.

4 thoughts on “Roberts’ Revenge?

  1. D.P. says:

    So, he inflicts the same searing pain of losing a daughter on innocent Amish families? Nice. Oh, wait, one family lost TWO girls. 👿


  2. That still doesn’t make the act sound… “right” isn’t a good word, but I don’t see why he would need to take revenge on the Amish for the loss of his daughter, whether it would be rational or not to do so.This one is still screwy.Andrew


  3. Becky Wise says:

    (andrew)….I AGREE…SCREWY INDEED!This guy, I bet (a pack of twinkies), has already committed crimes. Sorry…but do you just break out of the mold…step out of the serial killer closet, and assasinate 5 Amish girls (thinking you actually hit all 10 but than you swallow the butt and blow yourself up too….before knowing how ‘successful’ you were???)I DON’T BUY IT.This guy has a history somewhere and somehow.Amish, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, etc…..Makes NO are kids. people are people.Crossing that line demonstrates a degree of psychotic behavior (at the least).


  4. Gary says:

    I drive the Amish in this area and I know a 39 year old Amish woman that was attacked in her home (just around the corner from this nut’s home) a year ago. It happened about 3 am when Roberts usually gets off work. He WAS tormented by his more recent past.


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