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Federal charge against father of boy in middle school shooting:

It seems that father of Memorial Middle School shooter Thomas White is in a little bit of trouble over the whole incident. Is it because he basically allowed his son to take a rifle to school? That would make sense but no. It turns out that Gregory Lynn White, 44, was charged with being a felon in possession of a gun. Mr. White has two felony convictions of burglary in Florida and drug possession in California. The elder White is looking at a year in prison.

One thought on “Missouri middle school shooter’s father faces charges

  1. Becky Wise says:

    Trench…what a great story to drive home the point about FREAKING GUN LOCKS (not that you mentioned them here…but it cuts open the issue in my mind at least). You can pass em out but you can’t put em on (kinda like condoms).The money would be better spent with interventions for at- risk kids. Don’t ask me how…I haven’t thought that far… But I KNOW IN MY BONES that this gun issue needs to be attacked about five or six steps BEFORE free gun locks are passed out. Didn’t we learn this from HIV and passing out free syringes?You gotta get those people BEFORE their way of thinking shoos them off the path of normalcy into the high-speed lane of debauchery. If not…..sorry, but most will circle the drain.’circling the drain’ comes from my over 15 years exp. in ICU and trauma nursing. It is when you have done all you could and you can literally see the patient circling down until you cannot see them anymore. You try to grab them out and intervene…but once that whirlpool starts a suckin’….just hold fast and be prepared for the worst.If you get a save….you are lucky. The rest get to go to the freezer.~Becky in freaking Germanyps, sorry for the graphic visuals but it is so freaking true. As a society we need to WAKE THE F&ampCK UP AND PREVENT THESE THINGS BEFORE THEY ARE ONE SECOND FROM HAPPENING…


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