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Student who brought guns to school out on bail:

Robin Kittrell is the 17-year-old who brought an arsenal of weapons to the first day of school at Whitewater High School in Georgia. He claimed that the weapons were for preventing a Columbine-type attack.

Well, he got out of jail this past weekend on a $150K bond.

After his arrest Aug. 7 at Whitewater High School, Kittrell told authorities he was trying to defend himself in case a “Columbine kind of thing” took place at school. Police found at least six weapons, including a carbine rifle, a switchblade and a sword, in his car.

Authorities said they found no evidence he was planning an attack on the school.

School officials said Kittrell was a good student with no history of disciplinary problems. He will finish his senior year by homeschooling.

Requests for bond had been denied because District Attorney Scott Ballard said he was concerned about Kittrell’s mental health. Defense attorney Lee Sexton said the teenager has received “much-needed” counseling while in jail.

WHS student now out on house arrest in gun case:

And according to this article Kittrell is under house arrest and may only leave the house for medical or psychological treatment. He has also been barred from school grounds.

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