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Kerns trial begins:

This is a much more detailed article that yesterday’s about the trial of Tobin Kerns. I’ll just recap the highlights.

Daniel Farley and Joseph Sullivan both testified that Joe Nee destroyed evidence about the plot and tried deflecting guilt on to Toby Kerns. Like I’ve been theorizing Farley stated that Nee was worried that Tobin Kerns would report Nee. Farley said that Kerns never talked about Columbine unless Nee was present.

Marshfield High School 2006 graduate Tim Courchene testified that Nee, Kerns, Farley, and Sullivan tried to recruit him as a shooter but he declined. Courchene also testified that after Kerns received psychological help at a mental health facility that Tobin no longer wanted any part of the plot.

Assistant District Attorney John McLaughlin in his opening argument that Sullivan and Farley’s testimony would prove that Kerns and Nee conspired to recruit others in their plan. The only thing that I’ve seen the testimony prove so far is that Tobin Kerns got help and tried to get out the plot.

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