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Living in The States we don’t hear or see a lot of news from Australia. I happen to come across this story on Digg. The details and the language are pretty brutal so it’s going behind the cut. It is not intended for younger readers. You have been warned.

DVD just a bit of fun, say students:

POLICE who viewed the gang degradation of a teenage girl whose sexual abuse was sold on DVDs for $5 apiece were in no doubt they were watching the filming of a rape.

Though the vision showed the mentally impaired 16-year-old smiling, the images of her being urinated upon, having her hair torched, and being forced to expose her breasts after giving oral sex to one boy in front of at least nine others told a different story.

But a day after the girl plucked up the courage to make a statement to police – who warned yesterday that anyone caught with the DVD would be in possession of child pornography – in the schoolyards of the western Melbourne suburb of Werribee, scepticism reigned.

“You can’t make someone get down on their knees,” teenager Alissa said.

“You seriously can’t do that … no one is going to admit giving a guy head in front of people.”

And 16-year-old Daniel said other scenes in the DVD – where the boys rampaged in the streets making chlorine bombs, beating up a “loser”, harassing a homeless man and throwing eggs at taxis – was just like the movies.

“It’s like one of those Rambo movies where they just fight,” he said.

The fact that one, and possibly two, of the boys may be charged with rape did not puncture the general sense in the western Melbourne suburb that the DVD was just a bit of fun.

But it is at least three months since the DVD first began to do the rounds of state high schools in Melbourne’s west. With parts of it – excluding the sexual assault scene filmed by the Werribee River – available on the internet site YouTube under the lurid title “C… the Movie: Pimp My Wife”, there are few teenagers in the area who are unaware of its existence.

A girl is depicted on the YouTube footage laughing along with the group of boys as they discuss “pimping” her: “we have got to make this bitch look like a slut,” one boy says, as he urges the other boys to “get with this whole deforestation thing” and give the girl a Brazilian wax.

I am actually surprised that due to the brutality of the crime and the total lack of humanity shown by the girl’s attackers that this story hasn’t been heard much outside of Australia.

Anyway as far as I’ve been able to discern none of the suspects have been named in the Australian media. However a blog named The Whole Story, which happens to be based in Werribee the site of the attack, has posted the MySpace’s of what they believe to be three of the suspects. Their profile names are Boofa, Angelini, and Retro Paku. Much like myself the author of the blog entry at The Whole Story is sickened by some of the comments left by the suspects’ friends…

Just reading through some of the comments left on these pages is absolutely sickening. How can a group of people this young commit such violent crimes with no respect or remorse.

I hope they get what’s coming to them. The full force of the law should be dealt to them swiftly to remove these idiots from society.

I agree.

Since this story is not receiving the attention it should I’m sending a plea to my fellow crime bloggers to please blog about this most heinous of crimes.

That poor girl deserves justice. Let’s all keep a watchful eye on the situation to make sure she gets it.

UPDATE: Two more suspects. magnawoo, hanaph, and their names are
Ross Tullio, Brent Tullio, Daniel Porto, Stefan Angellini, “Dezzy” and “Boofa”.

Here’s a YouTube Video of the Australian newscast of the story.

New links and info via

If you’re a member if Digg please digg the original story.

19 thoughts on “DVD of teenage girl’s rape sold to school children in Australia

  1. liepar says:

    “i had a smile on my face thought it was funni prob shouldnt ov but aww well.. ”

    people suck


  2. magz says:

    I think I screwed up the trackback Trench…any idea what I did wrong?


  3. Right click where it says Trackback specific URI for this entry and use that. 🙂


  4. magz says:

    That worked ! Thanx 🙂


  5. Brad says:

    I really wish I hadn’t read your blog on this.


  6. Brad, I only linked to the one article because I felt it was the best. I have actually read several articles about the situation since finding out about it. I’ve known Magz for a while now and I’m sure she didn’t mean any slight towards the entire population of Melbourne and it’s surrounding suburbs but as she states she’s angry at the parents of these kids who are supporting the suspects. It was also not my intention to slight anyone in Australia except for the suspects and their friends. My intention was to get this story more attention than just in Australia. Magz was doing me a favor by posting this story so more people could see it. If you should be angry at anyone it should be me. I apologize if you felt slighted in any way as that was not my intention.


  7. Brad says:

    I don’t think you did anything wrong at all, Tench. In fact I was quite pleased when I was notified that the story was on here because I knew it would increase international exposure for the story. You went about it the right way, only commenting on those involved and not making stupid generalisations, but Magz did not.

    I want this story to be heard everywhere around the world, but when the story-teller is making stupid comments it just makes things worse for everyone.


  8. magz says:

    I apologise for any over reaction on my part. Being female,having daughters and granddaughters, I tend to get carried away. When I read that, I had yet to find an article NOT mocking the situation.
    I did not mean to offend all Australians..I just wanted people to see out of hand abuse has gotten. Everywhere.
    Thank you again for sharing your comments with me.


  9. Justin says:

    Thanks for the credit on the myspace profiles, its really appreciated. If I hear any new news in the coming days i’ll make sure I let you know either via another comment here on your blog or via email.

    Thanks again, your support is greately appreciated.


  10. Thank you Justin for bringing this story to everyone’s attention.

    And don’t worry I got your site on my RSS reader so I’ll be keeping an eye on it as well.


  11. bargal20 says:

    Magz is such a hypocrite. She claims she never intended to slander the entire population of Australia, admits she had insufficient information to make the bigoted, outrageous comments she made in her post, but does she update with an apology, or ammend her post? No! She lets it stand as is! Magz is filth.


  12. Brad says:

    I wouldn’t go that far. She made a stupid comment, explained and apologized for it… not worthy of the term “filth”.


  13. Luv2Travel says:

    “Filth” are the dimwits(and that’s to put it lightly) who ruined the girl’s life!


  14. bargal20 says:


    The freaks who committed these vile acts and Magz can both be “filth”. Their filthiness need not cancel out her filthiness. She STILL hasn’t “clarified” her outrageous comments in the post at her blog. Pure cowardice and filth, in my opinion.


  15. Sorry bargal but you’re taking the topic ina direction it should not be going plus you’re insulting a very good friend of mine who has already apologized. You are banned.


  16. Justin says:

    The victim in this crime has recently spoken out to police giving a statement into the crime.

    More information can be read about it which i posted on my blog Werribee DVD sex assault victim speaks out. It finally looks like things are being done to bring these boys to justice.


  17. Justin says:

    sorry, doesn’t look like hyperlinks work here. visit:

    For the complete article.





  19. Religionism exposed says:

    This just shows how hypocritical and racist a country Australia has become. You never hear the end about Lebanese and in general muslim rape stories but something like this gets almost no media coverage in Australia. Had the perpetrators of this been muslim we would be pounded day after day on the brutality and depravity of the act of raping, torturing and taunting a mentally disabled victim on video and selling the dvd. I think they just hit an all time low in depravity. Had they been muslims, we would have heard endless rhetoric on what is wrong with the Islamic culture, how Islam is to blame for their attitude toward women, how they should be sent back to their ‘countries’, how muslims shouldn’t be allowed to immigrate to Australia, how they should pass tests on Australian culture in order to enter the country etc. ad nauseum. They would have been given sentences of up to 50 years behind bars, even though they were minors at the time. They would have had their photos printed in newspapers. Instead little Johnny Howard rationalized it as “lack of parental guidance and peer pressure”.

    For the sake of that poor girl I hope she gets justice.


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