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DVD thugs ‘made break-in sequel’:

Well, well, well. It seems that our favorite Australian teenage thugs from Werribee had a sequel in the works. It seems that vandalism, assault, and rape weren’t enough and they went on to B & E…

A SEQUEL to the Werribee sex crimes DVD is believed to show the thugs involved in a break-and-enter spree.

Teenagers who claim to have seen footage say the mob rampages through homes, urinating in kettles and trashing private property.

They claim several boys filmed feature in the original DVD, which shocked the nation with its portrayal of a pack of delinquents sexually abusing a mentally impaired girl.

Students in Werribee know the gang as the “CTM Boys”.

They say the group has promoted the sequel “CTM2” online.

A boy, who gave his name as Ronnie, said the film shows some members of the group forcing their way into homes.

“They were breaking into people’s houses and going through s—t and just trashing the places,” he said.

“It was disgusting,

“Like they were leaving s—t — I mean real s—t — in some places and they were pissing in things like cups and kettles.

“These guys are seriously sick,

“They’re bad, they’re giving us Werribee kids a bad name. We’re not all like that.”

I wonder how long it would have been before they decided to make an honest to God snuff film. These kids need jail not ‘help’. They’re beyond help.

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