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Werribee DVD assault offered for sale for $60:

Some unscrupulous scumbag has decided to capitalize on the Werribee sex assault DVD…

COPIES of the Werribee sex crimes DVD are being offered for sale at prices up to $60.

The DVD – which shows teenagers engaging in sexual activity with a teenage girl before urinating on her and setting her hair on fire – was offered for sale at the weekend on the Melbourne Gumtree classifieds website.

The vendor claims his daughter bought a copy of the video, dubbed C— The Movie, and has made copies which he is offering for sale.

The DVD was first offered for sale on Saturday for $50, under the title Genuine C The Movie. The vendor asks would-be buyers to email their details if they want a copy.

“I will be discreet and deliver even to PO Box if you like in plain wrapping and unlabelled DVD so nobody will know and we don’t get arrest (sic),” he writes.

The DVD was re-advertised yesterday with the price jacked up to $60 in response to “increased demand”.

The advertisement describes the DVD as a “Video of local sites and activities by local Melborne (sic) artists”.

Let’s stop right there for a second. Artists? Since when is rape an art? Not to mention the fact that allegedly a parent of a student is selling this video.

When the Herald Sun emailed the vendor anonymously yesterday, he said that when the DVD was sent the would-be buyer would get only a 10-minute preview.

When payment arrived, he would give the buyer a password that gave them access to the entire movie.

By 3pm (AEDT) yesterday the ad had been removed from the Melbourne Gumtree site.

But the would-be salesman has also posted promotions on the personal websites belonging to some of the teenagers who feature in the DVD.

“Movie now $60 only a few left email me … all profits to a good cos (sic),” he wrote.

The DVD had been selling for just $5 at Werribee schools.

But police last week said they were prepared to charge anyone who bought or downloaded the DVD with possession of child pornography.

I hope the police find you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law with extreme prejudice.

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