Another Werribee suspect?

This comment on The Whole Story brings us the MySpace of this guy (goatse alert-NSFW) who left the following comments on another MySpace…

10/24/2006 6:33 AM
cheers m8 but u gotta understand i burnt her hair a little bit apoligised then wen she got pissed on gave her my shirt and im getting in fucking shit. evericunt thinks im a tite ass cause of the fucking media its bs.

10/24/2006 6:25 AM
m8 im not in the mood for ppl like u who have fucking no idea wats goin on puttin ur fucking $2 worth in. shes not fucking retarted she a normal girl. dont try and judge us m8 because none of us r in the mood for ppl like u tryin to be a sick cunt.

So basically he admits his participation in the “CTM” DVD but acts like he’s the victim. Prison couldn’t come fast enough for these assclowns.


  1. Erm, why didnt you make a post with all the myspaces i sent you?.. Im pretty sure most people would be interested in seeing the myspaces of all the other Werribee suspects.


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