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Vernon man charged again with MySpace sex assault:

David Leonard, our favorite Connecticut child molester, has been arrested AGAIN!!! You can check out just some of his earlier exploits here and here.

NEW BRITAIN – A Vernon man was served with an arrest warrant Monday morning for another sexual-assault charge stemming from his use of the profile Web site

The man, David Leonard, 22, was charged with second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor, employing a minor in an obscene gesture, promoting a minor in an obscene performance, and enticing a minor, according to the New Britain Herald.

The incident took place in 2004 in New Britain, and involved a 14-year-old girl, New Britain police Sgt. Gregory Wright said.

Leonard, a former Central Connecticut State University student, was first arrested on Jan. 30 on charges of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old Vernon girl he met through MySpace.

Leonard was arrested a second time and accused of fondling a 12-year-old Newington girl and her friend of the same age in a wooded area.

Leonard was arrested a third time on June 16, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in New Britain, and was arrested for the fourth time in early August and charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Wethersfield.

In October, a Superior Court judge signed a fifth arrest warrant against Leonard.

After the last arrest in October, Assistant State’s Attorney Louis Luba told the Herald that police are expecting to arrest Leonard again on allegations of sexual assault against minors in Torrington and Vernon.

Leonard also was arrested recently on a warrant out of Litchfield County, Luba told The Herald.

Luba added that this would bring the total number of suspected cases to around 10.

In addition to the sexual assault charges, Leonard has pending charges for carrying a weapon in a motor vehicle, failure to appear, and resisting arrest after police said he tried to run away from them when they came to his house in January.

How many times does a child molester have to be arrested before they stop arresting him and just put him in jail?

19 thoughts on “David Leonard arrested again, and again, and again

  1. Liepar says:

    His myspace is gone but you can still check out the cache of his account:

    Theres also quite a few references to his AIM screenname online where it appearshe was posing as a teenage girl


  2. BelchSpeak says:

    “How many times does a child molester have to be arrested before they stop arresting him and just put him in jail?”

    At least ten. What a scumbag!


  3. LieparDestin says:

    and his yahoo-groups postings are kinda…. eww


  4. doug says:

    Dexter from HBO would come in very handy in cases like this.


  5. Mom of Victim says:

    He is in jail since June and will remain there for MANY,MANY years. I’m working close with the prosocutors and he will NEVER harm another child again!!!


  6. B says:

    Hi Mom. Just wondering if you knew when Dave was getting sentenced and for how long? I went to college with dave


  7. Jody says:

    What are you so quick to judge?


  8. Jody says:

    I am sure your daughter was a saint in all of this?????


  9. Cathy says:

    And where were YOU and when this was happening to your daughter???


  10. BelchSpeak says:

    Why so quick to defend this scumbag? Why is he so special to you? This man has hurt a lot of people, and many of them are children.

    We judge because we can. We take available data and analyze it before we cast our aspersions. The evidence suggests that this guy is a bad bad person.


  11. BelchSpeak says:

    Cathy and Jody, you are wrong and twisted to dare attempt to blame the victim’s mother for the crimes of a criminal.

    The victim’s mom was leading a normal, crime free life when her daughter was victimized. And it is her absolute duty and right to put your sick criminal friend behind bars permanently where scumbags like him belong.


  12. Cathy says:

    “This scumbag” as you call him I have known since the day he was born. Yes he made horrible mistakes!!! But has anyone EVER thought about his poor parents (by the way his mother has been my best friend since we were 16.) I am now 51.
    They were wonderful parents. I watched all of their children grown up. They were envolved with school, sports and were very respectiful to all……Yes, David is a man now and has to take responbilities for his actions and he realizes that. To say put in in jail for 50 years is wrong!!!! Murderers go free. My husband is a attorney and he knows this case and from what I know most of these girls met him in various places, lied about there age etc. So should all the responsibility go on one person?
    Think of if this was your child, would your stop loving him??? his family is heartbroken over this. Stuff like “Connecticut’s favorited pedophile is un called for. My heart goes out to his parents, his brothers and his little sister.
    All these comments are there for them to read. I think it is unfair to the family who love him no matter what (That is what you do when you are a parent) to have to read this crap. They have lost everything so maybe that will make all you people out there feel better! Make the family suffer as well knowing that this is there child that they are losing. Maybe someone out there will think of being a good Christian and remember that because someone sins does not mean that everyone should suffer.


  13. BelchSpeak says:

    Dont for one more second try to defend this scumbag by attempting to blame the victims. I dont care if he met the underage girls on the beach, in a church, in a casino or on an airplane. In any situation, it is the adult that has the responsibility, and thus the crimes are his.

    You cry because the pedophile’s family is torn up. Boo freaking hoo. David has hurt many families besides his own. Think about the victims Cathy. Those women have a lifetime of therapy ahead of them to help them recover from these sex crimes.

    And if David wanted to keep his name off of the internet and didnt want his poor parents to see what other people say about him, he should avoid committing crimes that people find appalling enough to comment upon.

    And yes, you can google his name and find this page. I hope it haunts him and his whole family for as long as Google remembers how to find this thread. Its a price criminals pay in the 21st century. Get over it.


  14. Cathy says:

    By the way nice name Belchspeak…..I think it says alot about who you are. Apparently you have no life and have nothing to do but play on the computor….God will judge you for judging others especially since you don’t know the accuser…..the last laugh will be on you!
    Again, I am not saying what David did was right. There s alot of tall tales out there. Now I suggest to you get a life.


  15. All I’m going to say is he was arrested ten times for the same thing. Where there’s that much smoke there’s usually fire.


  16. Mom of Victim says:

    I am one of the victims mom’s. I will speak for myself. In my daughters case he knew her age. There is proof and because of the court case etc I can’t say how. Clearly he was nailed on her case with her age etc. She is now in therapy because of this, probably will be for awhile. She’s doing much better though. As a parent myself I feel for his parents. It’s something you never want to go through and no matter what they do they are still your child. As a mother of a victim, I want to see him have years of therapy and yes jail time as he was an adult that knew what he was doing. Mind you, this was before all the 20/20 reports etc about MySpace. Us parents knew nothing and our kids said we just talk to friends. The computer is in a main room and when we asked who are you talking too, we would hear, my friend. I do take blame for not knowing about MySpace. My daughter takes responsibility for her part of all of this mess. Unfortunatley when you have a child that sees an older teenage in there eyes a “college boy” they are not seeing a man. She was clearly wrong but I put the major responsiblility on him as she is a child and he is a grown man. As a mom, I have to say at the time I wanted him dead. Now that our life is going on, I’m content with him in prison.


  17. Dexter says:

    I’m gonna gut that little pedo-piggie and dump his remains off the shore of Biscayne Bay!


  18. Christina says:

    Currently doing a report about online dating and the mass appeal. I came across meet an inmate and did not know that such a website existed. After looking through many of the pictures, I came across David Leonard and thought that such a clean cut, boy next door type couldn’t have done anything to deserve 20 years in prison. However after doing some research, I am horrified that he is allowed to use a social networking type website. It amazes me that he is allowed to use a website to meet people, seeing that he has already abused several children.

    Honestly, why is he allowed near a computer?


  19. Trench says:

    Christina please e-mail that link to me using the contact link over on the right.


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