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Report: German who attacked ex-school praised Columbine gunman

Well, I was wrong. Earlier today I said I would be very surprised if the fact that German gunman, Sebastian Bosse, was a Harris and Klebold worshiping mutant would make it to the mainstream press…

BERLIN: A German teen who stormed his former school with guns and bombs had venerated as “God” one of the gunmen in the 1999 Columbine shooting in the U.S, according to excerpts from his diary published Wednesday.

“It is terrible how similar Eric (Harris) was to me. I am the further development” of Harris, Bosse said. “I have learned from his mistakes, the bombs.”

On Friday, Bosse had written: “In three days, it will all be over! The people will lie dead on the school yard, the school will burn and my brains will be blown out!”

On the eve of the attack, he wrote that he was sad that what he was planning would distress his family, complained that he had never had a proper girlfriend — and hoped that other “outsiders” would “be like me: a Goddamn hero.”

The article also states that the guns were purchased legally. The article also draws the comparisons between the fact that both Bosse and Harris liked to play “violent” video games. I’m not going to make the argument about video games don’t cause people to kill because that’s just common sense.

However, I will comment on something else that’s pretty much common sense. Bosse considered himself and Eric Harris heroes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just like his so-called hero Bosse is just another cowardly scumbag who couldn’t face up to his own inadequacies. Luckily he failed to live up to his hero’s “standards” by not killing anyone. He was a failure in life and a failure in death just like his heroes.

The flames of hell burn a little more yellow today with the addition of one more cowardly soul.

5 thoughts on “Bosse’s Mutancy Confirmed

  1. jim says:

    as they should be


  2. Trench says:

    So is spelling and grammar apparently.


  3. jim says:

    No Michael, Eric was no god. for these few points1: a god would have set the charges on the bombs correctly instead of botching it up2: A god would have managed to kill more than 12 people.3: gods do not need lackeys (eg, Dylan Klebold) to perform fellatio on.Thats right, in their spare time, Eric sucked Dylan’s cock and swallowed.Why don’t you follow in his footsteps and eat a dick and a bullet ?


  4. Morpheus says:

    Shit, double post. Just my luck.


  5. jim says:

    No, I am not homophobic.I just know that for these losers, accusations of homosexuality is a huge insult. So I use it as an attack because I am that shallow.


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