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Armed to the Teeth and Crying for Help:

This is a very comprehensive article from Spiegel Online about Sebastian Bosse and the shooting at Geschwister School in Emsdetten, Germany. Again the similarities between Bosse and Kimveer Gill continue even though I’m sure the two incidents are mostly unrelated. The article goes into detail about how Bosse was an outcast when he attended Geschwister. He also obsessed with his school years even after he left the school. And also like Kimveer Gill, Bosse had a fascination with guns and taking pictures of himself posing with guns he owned. As a matter of fact on the day of the shooting Bosse was due in court on charges of possessing an illegal firearm. Of course, he played so-called violent video games and listened to metal but I personally think that had nothing to do with his rampage but I’ll get into that a little bit later. And of course, the German government is having the knee-jerk reaction to ban these so-called violent games.

And like most of his cowardly predecessors, Sebastian Bosse took the coward’s way out by killing himself rather than facing charges.

There are two mirrors of his farewell letter which are here and here but both are in German and are frequently exceeding bandwidth. If they ever come back up I will try to make a copy and post it here.

Here are some excerpts from his farewell letter…

‘This revenge will be carried out so brutally… that the blood will freeze in your veins. I hate these people and their kind. They must all die.’


“If you realize you’ll never find happiness in your life and the reasons for this pile up day by day, the only option you have is to disappear from this life,” he wrote in a farewell message he posted on the Internet. “The only thing I learned intensively at school was that I’m a loser,” he wrote.

Peer pressure seems to have plagued him throughout his adolescence. He said he realized he lived in a “world in which money rules everything, even in school it was only about that. You had to have the latest cell phone, the latest clothes and the right ‘friends.’ If you didn’t, you weren’t worth any attention. I loathe these people, no, I loathe people,” wrote Sebastian. “What’s it all for? Why should I work? To break myself and retire at 65 and kick the bucket five years later?”


A reader named Toby sent me Bosse’s LiveJournal. It’s in German and the posts are over a year old. However, I did notice in his profile that he was a member of a known Columbine “fan” community. That’s right kids, Sebastian Bosse was a mutant. In my opinion that was the real reason behind the shooting. He was nothing more than a Klebold and Harris worshipping copycat scumbag. But I’d be very surprised if that makes it to the mainstream media. They’ll be too concerned with the ridiculous notions that video games and metal music had something to do with this.

One thought on “More on Sebastian Bosse and the Geschwister School Shooting

  1. Liepar says:

    I translated some of those livejournal entries from a year ago, and even then you could tell something was up. One of his favorite movies is Bowling for Columbine, go figure.


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