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Without truth there is no justice

This is the farewell video of Sebastian Bosse, the gunman from the Geschwister School shooting in Emsdetten, Germany. His mastery of English is uncanny. My guess is to why he recorded the tape in English is that he wanted his video to be seen worldwide and not just in Germany and possibly he wanted to speak in the language of his cowardly heroes Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. It’s the usual whiny B.S. that he wasn’t accepted by the “cool kids” which leads me, even more, to believe that a lot of school shootings aren’t about being bullied but about the fact that they’re jealous that the so-called cool kids won’t accept them. When I was in school I wore it as a badge of honor that the cool kids didn’t accept me. Not only that but once I got out of high school I never looked back. He says that the other kids called him a loser. His recent actions proved them right.

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