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Spring trial set for Sugar Land teen murder suspect:

You can read all my entries about the murder of Ashton Glover and the sick freaks that killed her here.

RICHMOND–Trial dates for Matthew R. McCombs and Sean H. Brown, charged with fatally shooting their 16-year-old friend Ashton Glover in July, has been tentatively scheduled for next spring.

McCombs and his next door neighbor Brown are charged with shooting Glover and burying her body at a muddy construction site off of Oil Field Road. Workers found her body July 10.

The three were seniors and classmates at Clements High School.

In a brief Fort Bend County court appearance today Monday before state District Judge Cliff Vacek, a status hearing was set for Jan. 8 with a trial set for April, May or June.

The hearing lasted only a few minutes and then both defendants, dressed in green jail uniforms, were taken back to the courthouse holding cell.

McCombs and Brown disappeared from their Sugar Land homes about two hours after Glover’s body was unearthed. The suspects were arrested July 12 when they tried to cross the St. Clair River and enter Canada from Port Huron.

Police said McCombs gave investigators a statement admitting he shot the Clements High School student out of “morbid curiosity.”

9 thoughts on “Trial set for Spring in murder of Ashton Glover

  1. Brenda Blackwell says:

    What you failed to mention in your update is that Matt McCombs attorney asked for him to be moved back to the Fort Bend County Jail from a private facility in Lufkin, Texas because it was a hardship for them to get a psychiatrist to see him. To damn bad. I didn’t hear him say anything about us family and friends that have to travel for hours to be there for the hearings, sleep on sofa’s or air mattresses, leave our children at home while we are their to attend their hearings so they have rights. Gee but Ashton didn’t, we don’t and frankly Mr. Ira Chenkin “I took the case so I could make myself a big name” I could vomit the next time I hear you say something so stupid so don’t stand near me so close in the elevator next time. Matt and Sean made their own hardship the day the chose wrong instead of right when they new better. We on the other hand had no choice nor did Ashton. At least they have a life, are able to make request because they didn’t even extend that courtesy to Ashton.


  2. anonymous says:

    what i want to know is why they moved this guy to lufkin in the first place. Some of you may not know, but that is where Ashton’s dad and his side of the family lives. As a family memeber, i was sickened to know that authorities would allow McCombs to be moved so close to the rest of ashton’s family…


  3. anonymous says:

    I have known both Matt and Sean since grade school. It never crossed my mind that either one of them could do such an awful thing. They have failed society but most of all there parents. Ashton was so sweet and after almost a year has passed I am still in utter shock over the tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ashton’s family. As for Matt and Sean may you rot in hell where you belong!!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    When are the trials going to take place?


  5. Trench says:

    I haven’t heard anything in a while.


  6. anonymous says:

    the trials were set for early summer but were moved to around october i believe


  7. Kim says:

    I didn’t know Ashton but it absolutely sickens me that she thought she was out with friends and they turned out to be anything but friends…..that is just so scarey to me. Ashton’s case has touched my heart sooo much……I still think about her. I hope that Mr. McCombs and Mr. Brown sit in prison for the rest of their lives and think about what they have done to Ashton’s life and her family and friends……I hope they rot in there! I wish they would make those inhuman’s post her picture right in their cell so they have to look at her beautiful face every day! ALONG with her families…..I think they both should have to face the families that they hurt….


  8. anonymous says:

    In regards to trials, Matthew McCombs plea bargained and got 50 years in prison with a possibility of parole after 25 years (I think 25 years is correct, however i may be mistaken). Personally I don’t think this sentence does justice at all. I believe he deserves to do much much much more time than what he has been sentenced to. There is a hearing for Sean Brown in January.


  9. carla says:

    How tragic. I am in shock and cant seem to get this off my mind. We owe it to our own children and to Ashton to be on alert of such freaks in the world. How sad for two hateful boys to take a innocent life. There is no price high enough for her precious life. Maybe just maybe we will see justice some how b/c the time they spend in the “resort” will only make these boys bigger losers than they were in the first place.


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