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Judge Accepts Plea Deal In Armstrong Case:

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything about Patrick Armstrong. The news out of Maine hasn’t been exactly forthcoming. With this story, we get a year’s worth of news all at once.

For those of you who may have forgotten Patrick Armstrong was 14 at the time he was arrested for the murder of 14-year-old Marlee Johnston. During the investigation, police found a website made by Armstrong where he professed his admiration for serial killers and the Columbine killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Today Patrick Armstrong pleaded guilty to manslaughter. In return for his plea, he’ll serve 25 years with 9 years suspended.

Tell me if this sounds like manslaughter to you…

Armstrong is accused of brutally beating 14-year-old Marlee Johnston to death. In testimony Friday in Augusta, a state police detective testified Johnston was beaten repeatedly on the head with an aluminum baseball bat. The detective also said Armstrong told a fellow inmate that he “loved every minute of it.”

Detective Adam Kelley testified Johnston went to Armstrong’s house to see if she wanted him to join her in walking her dogs. They were neighbors in the town of Fayette.

So Marlee Johnston befriends Patrick Armstrong and in return, he bludgeoned her to death. And now he’ll be out when he’s 30, possibly sooner.

It could be that the Johnston family may just want to put it all behind them. If that’s true I respect them for that. However, in my opinion, not enough justice was served.

8 thoughts on “Patrick Armstrong pleads guilty to manslaughter

  1. Lonely says:

    This is so sad. I DO NOT feel bad for Patricks parents!!!… Did you know that PATRICK ejackulated on Marlee after he killed her????


  2. ar says:

    It is true that the Johnstons are ready to just end all of this and put it behind them, it has been a struggle each day to have the memory of Marlee tarnished with thoughts of lawyers and punishment. They deserve to think of their daughter with out thinking of Patrick. No matter what the sentence is in my mind it will never be enough. My heart is wounded forever and no matter what support love and energy I give to the Johnstons I can not fill the void and mend the hurt in their lives. Patrick is a sick evil pervert I’m sure he will make a good girlfriend in prison. His parents on the otherhand are walking away scott free they knew that their son was disturbed but did not seek help because they live a disfunctional life kept secret behind closed doors…they deserve to be punished as well….


  3. Steve says:

    Crimes of this nature be be dealth with the dealth penalty. No amount of money, time or effort can reform this type of sociopath. The sickness Patrick Armstrong has is a blight on normal, law adiding citizens and he should be put to death to stop the spread of that awful blight.No ohter person should ever have to risk an encounter with that monster. Maybe society will get lucky and Patrick Armstrong will hang himself with his dirty underwear in his cell.

    Gas Him and good riddence!!


  4. Steve says:

    I am 53 yrs old, and have been close friends with Patrick’s father since I was 19. I watched Patrick grow up, and the painful question for the many friends of the Armstrong family is at what point did this young boy become capable of this terrible crime? The parents are good and decent people. I am a parent, and my daughter spent time with Patrick. I am sickened by the idea, “What if he had killed my daughter?” I am equally sickened by thoughts of, “How did he ever get to the point of killing Marlee Johnston?”

    I can assure you, the parents are suffering deeply because they loved the Johnston family and Marlee Johnston, and they are at a loss to account for the horrible senselessness of their son’s murder of her. They would not want sympathy for their suffering. They would want that sympathy to go entirely to the Johnston family.



  5. Em says:

    First off all of my heart gose out the marlee’s faimly. I didn’t know her and I have only meet her mother once( a very lovely lady and i can see that marlee looked just like her). I do feel for patrick’s parents but i think he should be getting a lot of help and probly never released out of jail. That was an act that he thought about weather or not it was planed from the beging to do it to marlee or some one else.Where not looking at a kid that was stupid and picked up there fathers gun and shot there friend on accident . Or that was driving to fast and killed someone else.He planed it.He looked at her and hit over and over again.!!! I see some parts on here”have a heart he has a chance for a future”! NO!!! The only way possible for a good life i think he has is in a mental hospital where he is working every day in and out on his mental stublity. Even then i don’t think he should be released. I understand the thuoght of when did this CHILD begin to go the wronge way and what would make him so sick? I say sick only in the sence that something wasn’t right! If he gose to prisonI think he should not be released ever because there is no treatment in the prison and more than likely the part of him that is “sick” will only mature in there with all the other “sick” people. then in 10-25 years when he is realed he will still be a 14 year old boy that is still “sick” in a man’s world!!!! What’s he gonna do then???


  6. Annoyed says:

    Why did they just let him of with 25 years? They shouldve put the little bastard to death if you ask me, this isnt manslaughter….its murder. He meant to kill her, hence the reason why the justice system should do us all a favor and dispose of this creep.


  7. robert says:

    he didnt ejaculate in her after he killed her i was the inmate that he confessed to i know the true story things that make you want to throw up this kid is sick and frankly i am worried that when he gets out he will come after me my wife and kids cause he said if i ever told he would come after me… yeah i dont want to be anywhere near maine when he gets outa jail.


  8. jax says:

    I was the inmate he talked to. He didn’t say he loved every minute of it, he said he loved every swing. The kid had no remorse whats so ever.


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