Heather Ann Tucci pleads guilty

Teen Who Admitted To Crash On MySpace: Guilty Plea:

Heather Ann Tucci, the 18-year-old who basically confessed to vehicular homicde on her MySpace, has pleaded guilty to the charges.

On the night of Aug. 19, Tucci was driving around Bald Eagle Lake with three friends when she failed to negotiate a turn and struck a tree. Two male passengers in the rear seat died — Joseph Renner, 19, of White Bear Lake and Joseph Shafer, 18, of White Bear Township.

According to a criminal complaint, Tucci had been drinking vodka shortly before the crash. Tests showed that her blood-alcohol level was 0.12 percent, above the legal limit for driving of 0.08 percent.

She will be sentenced in March and is looking at a minimum of eight years.

Tucci’s MySpace is still available.

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  1. lee

    Heather did not write a confeession on myspace. She wrote that so her FRIENDS would be able to see what she was feeling. This whole myspace confession thing just makes it seem like she wouldn’t have taken responsibility for what happened and she accidentally “confessed” on myspace. She would have plead guilty to the charges no matter what and i think that it is ridiculous to make it seem like she was so stupid for “confessing” on myspace. She knows what she did wrong and she would have never tried to get out of the consequences.

    1. SnotNoseRapist

       @ Lee  court records show Heather Tucci initially pleaded “NOT GUILTY” to vehicular manslaughter

      1. Lawyer

        That’s normal.  It gives the state and the defense time to negotiate a plea, trade discovery, or otherwise get their ducks in a row. It would have been stupid for her not to plead guilty at that hearing no matter how she would eventually proceed with the case.

  2. koko

    i agree

  3. dead teenager

    Lee and koko are stupid.

  4. dead teenager 2

    i agree with my brother

  5. Kate miller

    She’s nothing but a worthless killer. 


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