Metal Molester

Randall S. Shesto II

Randall S. Shesto II

Band singer charged for sex with girl, 15, he met on

The green haired gentleman pictured above is not the Joker. His name is Randall Shesto II, aka RJ Nailwounds. He’s the 20-year-old lead singer for the heavy metal band Nailwounds from Wisconsin. He was arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old girl he met on MySpace. The girl snuck out of the house to meet Shesto and it only went downhill from there…

Shortly after 1 a.m. Jan. 12, Shesto picked up the girl and drove to a remote area in the Town of Scott, where he pulled off the road into a field entrance and the two had consensual sex in the back seat of his car.

The two were then driving on Mapletree Road north of Brazelton Drive about 1:40 a.m. when Shesto veered off the road and crashed the car, according to the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department. Both suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Shesto is charged with sexual assault of a child which has a 25 year max. Shesto is out on bond.

Here is Shesto’s MySpace. It’s ben set to private but thanks to Mr. A we have the Google cache of Shesto’s MySpace. And here is the MySpace for Nailwounds.

And remember kids. Coloring your hair is so not metal. \m/

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  1. amy t

    this man needs the death penalty could you amagen being so youngand raped by some older dude this man deserves anything he gets!!!!!

  2. David

    I’m sure there are plenty of 15 year old girls who have “imagined” having sex with the lead singer of a rock band. Usually, when they sneak out of the house to do it, they don’t consider themselves raped, or victims.

    So I think calling for a man’s death on the internet may be a bit premature and rather…whats the word…insane.

    The justice system is in place for a reason. We can’t kill people for having consentual sex with eachother (Personally, I don’t think we should even put them in prison)…financial restitution, eduction, and community service are far better sentences for these types of consentual incidents.)

    Surely though, he is accused of breaking the law, and should therefore be tried. No one disagrees with that. He should receive a fair trial and be presumed innocent until PROVEN otherwise. Until then, shall we maybe resist for calling for his death? Afterall, I’m sure his family and friends have googled him at this point and come across this blog. Is it right for them to have to see their loved on threatened in this very public way? They’re having a hard enough time dealing with this. I suggest you try to put yourself in another person’s shoes when posting such provocative comments.

  3. amanda


  4. amanda

    FUCK ALL OF YOU!!! i knew rj, he was a great guy, and that little hussie told him that she was 18, ITS NOT HIS FAULT, when they met she said that she was 18 and then two days later she told him seh was 15 and called the cops, how dare you judge rj before you even know the real story, you are all gay and should be ashamed, i hope a cop looks at this site casue then they can see the real storie without judgeing rj

    what did the dlut expect being out after 1 with a boy??

  5. Ashley

    WOW! That’s all I can say is wow. Dearest Amanda all trench Posted was what was in YOUR local news. Maybe if your “boy” knew how to keep it in his pants and not “screw” on the first date he wouldn’t be in this mess now would he? “scuse me while I get off my soap box.

  6. Trench Reynolds

    What she said. :mrgreen:

  7. David

    I’m with our less-than-articulate friend on this one. All too often, these guys are doing what would be perfectly legal if not for deceptive horny girls.

    Look at what Ashley said…she’s suggesting that because this boy acts like MOST boys his age, he is at fault. He got unlucky thats all. He didn’t go out of his way to find an underage girl to exploit/rape. If anything, he had consentual sex with a girl he believed to be 18. Is this really the crime we want to be throwing young men into jail for? Aren’t there higher priorities? Aren’t there REAL child molesters sitting outside soccer practice, playgrounds, and churches? People that pray on children? These are the people to throw in jail. Not unsuspecting incredulous twenty year olds who end up with permiscuous, deceptive teen girls.

  8. Trench Reynolds

    Actually I think we should be locking them all up but that’s just me.

  9. M.L.

    First of all- the first comment on this page is absolutely one hundred percent not called for- and agree with David’s first post–Family and friends can easily come across this. I did. I’ve known Rj for almost 5 years-I’m one of the ones who knew him as Randall before any of this crap happened. And YES, I’m ‘not-legal’ yet. But does that make me a “victim” too? And isn’t what this is about? Someone not legal being a “victim.” Almost no one in the media standpoint takes into consideration the fact that this girl came to HIM. Yes, Rj wasn’t using the correct head when everything became said and done. But that doesn’t make him a “baby-raper” as I’ve seen said on so many other sites.
    At the age of FOURTEEN, teens are able to be questioned without an adult present, they can participate in other events that TEACH THEM how to be an adult. Passive parents leads to children learning what they need to know elsewhere. The media (and common person) that is trashing him to no end should all be ashamed.
    You can’t turn on a TV or a web-browser without something screaming sex and here you tear him apart when you don’t–and CAN’T know the full story. As long as one party is under-age large portions of the story have to be eliminated for any sort of media purposes–and it only serves to make it so much easier for people to paint him as a monster. You read a story about him and assume the worst. But if you don’t fucking know him- you have no right to make assumptions. And I don’t mean through seeing one or two shows. KNOW HIM.
    You look at myspace and see the pictures these young girls posing suggestively. I can’t walk past a single store that sells children’s clothing that doesn’t just scream adult or hoochie. It has to come to the parents to make the decisions. That’s how children LEARN. They learn RESPECT. They learn HUMILITY–and they need to learn about sex from them too–if you can’t talk about it- you shouldn’t have done it yourself— that doesn’t even begin to touch the iceberg. But if parents are letting their little girls go out in hoochie clothing- what do you EXPECT them to learn when they’re old enough to buy their own clothing?
    Everything said, but not quite done- There ARE people out there who PREY on children, the younger the better–but if this girl who is old enough to decide about her temps or get a job says yes–deceiving him or not–he carries the brunt of the force. How often do you actually hear about WOMEN getting statutory against a younger boy? Not that often–the media likes to play on the fears that the “big bad man will rape little girls because he can” But does the media really ever listen when the little boys ask for help?

  10. M.L.

    People hear the word rape and assume the worst. I’m sorry- but actually being able to speak from BOTH sides of that—It’s completely different without consent. There isn’t the feelings of violation and self loating when you have the choice to say yes or no. Consent doesn’t –pardon the language–fuck you up like “real” rape does. You don’t need years or therapy after having consenual sex—underage or not.

  11. Jessica

    Gosh…there should be a law of music that is so horrid. Simon Cowell’s ears are bleeding that’s for sure!

  12. S.H.

    Everyone in here is just so angry.. and it’s not at all fair. M.L. and Amanda, I’m right there with you guys. I know Rj and I know she lied to him. He would not have done such a thing if he thought or knew he was underage. He is simply not that kindof guy. He is a really sweet guy and once everyone realizes she was just a dumb, lying, little ho, the better.

    Rj does not deserve this.

  13. M.L.

    Thanks for the post but at the same time S.H (and amanda), it isn’t helpful to be calling her names either. I’m sure the most common threads are being monitored for public opinion, and I know it isn’t helpful to Rj’s defense to belittle the girl. You’re entirely welcome to your opinions–I just know how the law works on some levels–try and keep it a bit lower-key.

  14. Sophie

    RJ Shesto is a good friend of mine. Wendy the girl that gave consent has tattoos and peircings, it makes her apear to be at least 19. her age on hermyspace was a lie. RJ had no idea her real age. he is a good man, he dose not desirve any of this that is being handed to him. anyone who thinks differently does not know this kind man!!! RJ! you have so many supporters out there!

  15. K

    Question, if she lied and R.J. was ignorant of her true age, why was he picking her up at 1 AM?

  16. David

    because thats what time teenagers (legal or otherwise) sneak out of their houses.

  17. Sophie

    why he picked her up was becuase she wanted to party and just hang out. most of the people above me would not be saying what they are if they knew RJ. This man i can honestly say is the nicest person i know. I admit when i first saw him a a show i was alittle scared, and made my own judgements. than we began to talk. He is so down to earth, calm, and funny! Over the last few years hes became a good friend of me and many of my friends. If he knew her real age, i know for a fact he would have never done this. HE IS A GOOD PERSON!!!!!

  18. ricky vallencourt


  19. Kayla

    I have know Randall (Rj) for at least 4 years. He is one of my best friends and the only one that I can trust. He has helped me through a lot of stuff in my life and I know for a fact that Rj is not a “baby-raper” or even a criminal. He has never once laid a hand on a girl for any reason without her permission. He thought she was 18… that’s not a crime. No one in this world can call him a monster, baby-raper, molestor, or even a predator if you really knew him. He is the best guy I have ever met in my life and he would do anything for anyone. Who ever said he needs the death penalty is insane, who says that. It was’t even his fault to begin with. Who ever judges him for what the MEDIA says, isn’t a good friend and doesn’t care about inoccent people.

    He would not have done such a thing if he thought or knew he was underage. I know him a lot better than a lot of people, in fact I know him more than he thinks I do. Rj is NOT and NEVER will be the kind of person to do such a thing. So how about everyone leave him alone and move on with your life. For the ones that accually care about him keep sending him the support and fight for him like the rest of his friends (fans too). He is a truely amazing friend and I am so glad I know him!

  20. Kyle

    Dear Jessica,

    You suck. Nailwounds fucking owns.

  21. David

    “He thought she was 18… that’s not a crime.”

    …unfortunately, in most states it is. This case, to me, clearly underlines the need for age of consent reform in this country. Several states have mistake-of-age clauses in their laws regarding age of consent. Ones that don’t are wasting valuable time, money, and resources prosecuting these ridiculous cases.

    It is good that RJ seems to have very close friends who care about him a great deal, and hopefully the DA and judge who handle the case will take that into careful consideration, but unfortunately the way most laws are written, they are under no obligation to do so.

    For every REAL dirty predator that shows up in the news, there are 10 RJs out there. This is something we need to wake up to and address as a nation soon.

  22. Emily

    I forgot one REALLY improtant thing,
    the “victim” made him turn his headlights off!!!!
    Just so that she didn’t get caught.
    She made that situation happen JUST like she made her choice to NOT say “no,I’m only 15.”
    Honesly, you are VERY blind to the TRUE story!!!

  23. Emily

    First of all, Rj is a REALLY good person. He helped me through tuff times, I never got to thank him. If it wasn’t for him I might not be here today. And now I can’t even talk to him ever again until I’m 18, or wait that’t right, you bastards sent him to jail!!!
    There is no way that he forced her to do anything. People do talk, maybe you should hear some things people have said about her. In all honesty, she looks like a fricken hooker.
    The only reason I say that, is because if you’re going to look at the “ciminal” and judge his personality on it, then do the same with the “victim”!!!
    Just because he’s in a band doesn’t mean he’s a bad person either. That’s stereotyping!!! It’s just like being RACIST! And that’s NOT right, so why should your damn stereotyping be any better?! And making jokes, like “this green haired gentleman is not the joker.” Is disrespectful! I mean yea what he did was bad, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to say stuff like that. Especially cause he was thrown off by this so called “victim”.
    They met on myspace you say, well did you ever check her myspace, you should. It says she is 19, and I’m sure she has some messages to him saying that she wants to do sexual things with him. She’s not some innocent little angel deary. I’ve known her since 6th grade, I think I know just a little more about her than this article talks about.
    You need to see both sides of the story, about how she lied about her age!!! That just goes to show that it’s not all Rj’s fault!!!!
    And by the way, Nailwounds is a GREAT band, just because you have different taste in music doesn’t mean that this band is terrible, and blah blah blah!!!

  24. Jordan

    Half of that story is a load of shit and twisted truth that you can not go by and throw around comments like “he deserves a death sentence” or make irrelevant comments like “his band sucks simon cowells ears are bleeding”

    so dont fucking judge what happened just from reading a load of shit on a website that will write anything and bend the truth in any way to get visitors.

    “Metal-Molester” there fucking stereotyping and making it look like the poor little helpless inocent girl who only wanted a friendly chat but ended up getting raped by the big bad headbanger well if you think thats true then you can fuck off because you cant go by what it says on here.

  25. Chuck

    Doesn’t matter if the victim lied about her age and RJ didn’t know, etc…unless this girl has a history of seducing older men just to entrap them (which I doubt), they still had sex, and with or w/out consent, it’s still statutory.

    And Jordan, if you read this site w/any regularity, you’d see that Trench continually strives for objective reporting in any online crime story he covers…he doesn’t need to lie to get visitors, his only “crime” here was not reporting this story the way you wanted it.

  26. Chuck

    Oh, and if I had a nickel for everytime someone’s tried to defend someone accused of crimes like this w/the old “she was being a slut and asking for it”, etc…

  27. K

    So RJ thought he was picking up, what he thought, was a 18 or 19 up at 1 AM to party with her?

  28. shannon

    i dont know rj and i dont want to.
    nailwounds is a fucking joke. this shit
    is hilarious.

  29. Jessica

    Kyle…if the music was that good the band would be known by more folks than beyond this idiot’s tale. I don’t see them charting up Billboard Charts any time soon…

    Ain’t it so funny that folks don’t say anything about ANY other topic on this website, but when it comes to someone’s mistake, gosh we see the “friends” coming out of the woodwork!

    Trench does a fantastic job reporting to all things related to myspace crime. Don’t blame him for publishing something that you can find with a simple google search. Gosh, are you going to start posting comments on Google boards and send letters to all of those radio/tv/newspaper outlets who reported this?

  30. Trench Reynolds

    And it was reported in a lot of places.

  31. Jessica

    I got to add that thanks to this website, we are aware of those criminals in our own backyards. It just shows how unsafe and dark the internet can be sometimes and people can learn from mistakes of others. Trench reports accurately on items that are in our news throughout the US. Not only does he report it, he provides valid comments on how to prevent individual issues from happening again. I don’t think you will find that on CNN or any other newstation will you?

  32. Kyle

    lol, i dont care about the crime in the back yard, nailwounds is still a good band

  33. Jessika

    Rj isnt some pedophile that lurks the internet in search of some underage girls. Everyone makes it seem like hes some huge monster that should be locked up forever. Take into consideration that she not only appears to be of age, also says shes of age , the website where they met says shes of age. One shouldnt have to ask for a birth certificate inorder to have sex. Yes, the two had sex, everyone that has a one night stand or just casual sex isnt punished. Why should he?

    Some might think hes scary, or deserves a huge sentence just because hes in a metal band, a lot of people in society now dont approve of being an individual but thats no reason to hate on him more, or disregaurd the facts. Im not saying what he did was right at all, but in all honesty, he did not know she was 15. Knowing Rj, like i do, he would never even consider to have sex with a minor, he knew what the consequences could be, therefore he would not put himself in that situation.

    He has a lot of stuff going on in his life right now.
    He doesnt need all these people hating on him when they 1. dont know him. and 2. dont know the situation. Its dumb.

  34. ...

    this is not the truth! rj is not bad or mean, this fag just made him look bad beacuse he is in a metal band. and he diddent molest the girl, she agreed to have sex with him, and she is a little slut, not a nice little girl, why the hell would a 15 year old agree to having sex with a 20 year old if she is no slut huh? exactly. He isnt a bad person, just because someone sings in a metal band dosent mean they are a bad person! it just means they have talent in singing they use! I know him and he isnt a bad person at all! so stop lieing! Sure he did have sex with a minor, but you know, she agree’d and she snuck out of the house to do it! and she told the cop what they did as far as i know. Dont make him look bad because he is in a metal band. Grow up liars

    -Yours truely Jeremy

  35. Stephanie

    This is so fucking stupid. Rj is a great guy. I’ve known him for 2 years now. He is the sweetest guy you could ever meet. OMG. This makes me so mad, because now i can’t even talk to him anymore, because yes, i am 15 years old! Oh boy! Does that make me a fucking victim now? Jesus Christ this stupid fucking “Wendy” girl or whatever the hell her name is should be the one that is put in jail. For being a stupid fucking whore. I said it once, and i’ll say it again, Rj is a great guy, he DOES NOT deserve any of this. Rj, you still have people that care about you out here, and i’m one of them. Stay strong.

  36. Chuck

    Jeremy, I’ve noticed that people who make assumptions about others’ sexual orientation are usually covering up their own latent homosexuality…is there something you’re not telling us?? LOL…and Trench isn’t making RJ look bad b/c he’s in a metal band, he could be a Rhodes scholar and it still wouldn’t change the fact that he had sex w/an underage girl.

    In the meantime, quit blaming the victim…RJ could’ve done his homework and found out how old this girl really was before making a costly decision…do you know how many kids lie about their age on MS, and then post “I’m really 15” or w/e somewhere else on their profiles? It’s something that should be taken into consideration.

  37. Me

    Ok… first off, Rj is a great guy, a lot kinder, and more educated than you are. So excuse me Trench, you can eat shit. Do you even know who Rj is, and not based off of what is on the news? I doubt you do so why even talk shit, oh wait thats right, its because your so full of shit its all that can come out of your mouth and mind. And who are you to talk shit and make fun when your the ass sitting behind the computer screen saying crap? Hmm? Exactly so hold your tongue before someone removes it.

    And Trench, that last comment you made about coloring your hair… It was unneeded, and made you look even more fuckin lame than you already are.

  38. Trench Reynolds

    Colored hair=Poseur. Have a nice day. :mrgreen:

  39. Stephanie

    Trench, you are an asshole. End of discussion.

  40. Kyle

    Trench, you wouldn’t know metal even if someone shoved a solid bar of steel up your asshole.

  41. Kayli

    Yeah maybe you know rj..but hes still discusting and ugly as all fuck.

  42. anonymous

    you all have no lives. if you believe so much in this so called, “unfair law system” then why dont get off your ass’ and stop sitting at your computers arguing with people you dont even know and do something about it. i couldnt care less what happens to him, i didnt know him personaly, but as long as he gets a fair trial i guess thats all that matters.

    oh yeah and one more thing, if your so worried about him not knowing that she was 18 then maybe he shouldnt be trying to meet people on myspace.

  43. Chuck

    Kyle, do us all a favor and keep your sexual fantasies off this site…LOL…oh, and “Me”, why are you hiding behind a pseudonym, got something to hide?? At least RJ’s other defenders use their names when they attack Trench (even if it’s for no reason other than reporting this story the same as he would any other crime story on MCS).

    And if RJ’s so educated, he would’ve known better than to chat w/underage girls, or at least remembered what he learned in Driver’s Ed about keeping the car under control @ all times…LOL…what’s scary is that if not for the little accident, he might not have been caught.

  44. john

    this is a joke, have any of you seen rj’s myspace? its ridiculous and creepy full of pictures of him in thongs in front of a mirror definitely not going to help his case. dudes a weirdo. and back on nailwounds music owned vocals sucked

  45. Jessika

    Chuck. Take into consideration that the girl made him turn off his headlights just so she wouldnt get caught, hence him driving into a ditch on accident.

  46. Angela

    thats not fair to RJ, a girl with tattoos and piercings to me would appear to be older than 18, more or less the tattoos since kids tend to pierce themselves. If she lied, its not his fault, i mean honestly do you research the person you are with because you want to make sure they are the right age? no i dont think so, you put trust in people, and he put trust in this girl because he probably liked her. I highly doubt he intended to have this happen. she obviously had intentions to have sex with him, and by the age of 15 you know how to decide whether or not you want to do something or not, and lets be frank, shes guilty of lying about her age, and she probably got mad because he didnt want her when he discovered her real age, so she made it out to be assault, which that doesnt surprise me because thats what the world is like, if you arent satisfied, we go after people. I think hes guilty of having sex yes, but not of assault, she opened her legs too. No one ever mentions her scandelous actions. Well whatever i know RJ and hes a great guy, really sweet, and he doesnt deserve this at all! His mothers ill and this isnt going to help her at all.
    You are all really cruel to say hes a molester and you are obviously absent minded and ignorant.
    Stupid girls on myspace, just tell them your real age dude.

  47. K

    Unfortunatley Angela, for RJ, the laws are in place to protect minors no matter if she said yes. I still wonder why R.J. was picking her up in the dead of night to “party with” if he though she was 18 or 19.

  48. Angela

    well i think since she still lives at home her parents still enforce their rules, and he probably assumed her parents were anal about her staying out late regardless of her age because i know my parents are like that, their house their rules, so i wouldnt question why he would still assume shes 18 or 19.

  49. Chuck

    If this girl actually told him to drive w/his lights off to avoid getting caught, that should’ve been a tip-off right there…he could’ve kicked her out of the car and taken off like a bat outta hell, and no one would’ve been the wiser (not that I’m advocating this course of action, but RJ basically sealed his own fate). Of course, there’s a reason for Red’s frequent appearances on this site…LOL

  50. Ashley

    Last I heard there was NO talent in metal “singers” They scream not sing. Don’t take much talent.

  51. angela

    im pretty sure she made him turn the headlights off because her parents would flip since she lives at home, and you have to think, even if your kid is 18 or older, you can still say ” if you live in my house you live under my rules” keep that into consideration.
    shes a scandelous girl though, and thats shitty hes playing the toll for her being moronic, heck her getting what grounded for sneaking out compared to him going to jail? hmm what makes more logical sense. and at 15 you should have common sense, we’d hope so. or else no hope for you later in life.
    so he didnt determine his fate, he was mislead because she was ignorant about everything.
    End of story.

  52. Trench Reynolds

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

  53. M.L.

    First of all-angela I like your post for the most part–most people aren’t foruntate enough to move out as soon as they’re 18, and being that it’s the parents house, it’s the parents rules. If you can’t obey that, they can have no beans about kicking you out–there’s a bit more of a consideration when you’re not legal.

    Secondly. Ashley. Time and time again it has been stated, the fact that he’s in a metal band has NO IMPORTANCE on this event happening. It would be no different that the “Mailman Molester” or the “Cashier Molester” People have contact with others most of their lives, to make the assumption that because he’s in a metal band he’s an evil person is an outrageous line of thinking. IT HAS NO BEARING ON WHETHER OR NOT SOMEONE IS AT FAULT, it’s merely an easy storyline for the media to follow to prey on the fears of the average person. ALSO. You say screaming takes no talent, and I have to agree, but to put it into a form of expression does. Do you even happen to recall that Ax7 had a HELLUVA lot harder sound at one point in their career? To be able to scream for as long and as loud as you must to be an effective “screamo” takes a lot of talent–and stamina. So whether or not you believe Nailwounds is a bad band because they scream which you believe takes no talent- is your decision, but if Ax7 could be “big” doing it, it has to say something about it.

  54. K

    “…and at 15 you should have common sense, we&rsquod hope so….”

    15 year olds don’t have common sense and that is why the law protects them. If RJ was going to “party” with her that late, then that is something else that makes people wonder about his intentions.

  55. David

    Sorry, but I reject any notion that hanging out late at night indicates criminal intentions. Sorry, but most 18-20 year olds hang out with people after midnight. It is quite normal. Anyone who argues otherwise is either so old as to not understand the young, or so dillusional as to not ever have sex period.

    Also, I reject any notion that because the girl was sneaking around that RJ should have known she was trouble. There are plenty of girls above the age of consent that still sneak around behind their parents backs. This too, does not in any way indicate any sort of criminal intent.

    RJ acted in good faith that what this girl was telling him was the truth.

    Finally, I reject that meeting on myspace is an indication that someone is lying to you. If someone wants to mislead you they can just as easily do it in a bar as they can on Myspace. Please don’t tell me a 15 year old couldn’t get into a bar. I know plenty that can, and do.

    RJ seems like a good kid with some strong supportive (albeit inarticulate) friends. Hopefully he’ll get through this without any kind of life destroying conviction, but rather with a new understanding for the deceptive (and vindictive) nature of his fellow man.

  56. Angela

    he is a good kid.
    he trusted somneone too much, end of topic
    and now hes paying for it in a stupid way and i feel terrible for him. thats sad people feel like calling him a “metal molester” is appropriate because if you knew the case the girl wasnt molested, technically its satutory rape, but why dont girls ever get into trouble for that? I dont understand why them having sex in the first place had to do with him crashing his car.

  57. KaelynMarie

    RJ is a good person
    things just went to far
    I know RJ
    and he helped me through everything
    he is a great person

    I dont think its right when people call him “metal molestor…or GREEN HAIRED JOKER.” its rude…flat out!
    and for people to be posting on here about how his music “sucks” is rude as well
    its off topic too

    angela…i think your my favorite one on here…you make sense

    unlike many of you

    Rj is a good person
    and I miss him

  58. Chuck

    KM, as was previously explained, that’s what all news writers do…if RJ were in the service, they’d prolly give it a title like “Military Molester”, and the Joker comment’s no worse than some of the others I’ve seen in stories on here…is the issue here really the “rudeness” of such lines, or the fact that they were directed @ someone you know?

  59. Angela

    thanks kaelynmarie.
    i just know RJ personally as well, and i know he would never mean for this to happen. Some girls are just stupid cunts, i mean seriously why lie about your age?
    its so stupid.

  60. Jessika

    Obviously if she was going to lie about her age, she wanted to hang out with older people. Older people, most likley meaning, she had an older mentality than a 15 year old, which in turn would mean she is probably capable of knowing what she wanted from rj and what was going to happen. [excluding the car accident]

    And just because the car accident happened they got caught. If they didnt get into an accident she would not even be claiming the things she has been.

    She knew what was going to happen when the two met up. She wanted it, if she didnt she wouldnt have snuck out of the house to meet him. They got caught, she didnt want to seem like the bad person, so she blamed it on him.

    end of story.

  61. Chuck

    Doesn’t matter if she wanted it or not…statutory is statutory, and even when the victim supports her rapist (case in point: Long Island, NY music teacher Anthony Correnti’s 2002 arrest for having sexual relations w/his students, all of whom defended him[!]), it doesn’t change the situation or the law.

  62. Angela

    this is alittle bit different than that case, thats a teacher and a student, and im sure they had a large age difference. she is 15, he is only 20, its not like hes some 56 year old creepy man who likes tight little girl pussy. this case is different in many ways. and bullshit.
    the laws are such crap sometimes, in this case yes.

  63. Chuck

    Actually, Correnti wasn’t that old…he was only 26 @ the time, and since his victims were HS underclassmen, there’s just a few more yrs difference, compared to RJ and his victim.

  64. KaelynMarie

    Well I personally think Chuck that it is both…he matters to me…this whole thing bothers me really…i miss him…if it was not for RJ I would prolly not be here as someone previously had said…does ne one have any more information on him? like what ended up happening? If you know lemme know please…also…If anyone has that girls myspace that lied about her age or so called “RJS VICTIM” post a link of it? I would love to get a look at her. Thanks all…stay warm

  65. KaelynMarie

    o and Jessika…your absoulutely correct…she didnt wanna seem like a bad person and she knew RJ could get in a lot of trouble…so she did what she could and got him in jail…

  66. Angela

    this whole case is still bogus, he isnt a creepy child molestor.
    this is stupid.

  67. jeremy

    Ok…trench your are a fucking cuntface duesh bag…and all you fucks criticizing are a bunch of little fucking pricks, really…get to know rj alot more before you call him shit ok fucking dumbasses? rj is actually a lot nicer than all you little fucks that believe whatever the news tells you and then lives at a computer desk. seriously stop fucking talking shit and maybe you shit face dumb asses will make friends. i mean really…nothing better to do than to sit on the internet saying that someone is bad just because the news said…

    dont even say anything back to me because

    1)i will not read it
    2)i dont give a shit
    3)i fucking hate you dumbasses that try to prove me wrong when i am right

  68. Chuck

    Let’s take a little time out for some music, shall we?

    “There’s a place in the world for the angry young man
    With his working-class ties and his radical plans,
    He refuses to bend, he refuses to crawl
    And he’s always at home with his back to the wall,
    And he’s proud of the scars and the battles he’s fought
    And he struggles and bleeds as he hangs from his cross,
    And he likes to be known as the angry young man.”

    – Billy Joel, “Prelude (Angry Young Man)”

    (Although I wonder if a certain Pearl Jam song that shares its name w/our most recent poster would’ve been more appropriate as an “ode” to him…LOL)

  69. Angela

    people who believe everything the news say are pathetic, you know the news reporters butter it up to be much more dramatic and make RJ seem like a monster. If you were smart and realized how many people are saying hes a nice guy, you would understand the “metal molestor” or whatever else they may say is just a publicity stunt, they want people to react , they dont care if its negative or positive. I think its all bogus.

  70. KaelynMarie

    hey all
    jeremy…ur right…no one should criticize someone they dont even fucking know! its bullshit

    i happen to care whats up with RJ

    ne one know?

    did he get sentanced?


    its a tuff subject for me

    when i see his pic in the orange jumpsuit

    i tend to cry

    he was a great guy


    who ever says he is

    is really stupid cuz they prolly dont know him

    that would be all

  71. Chuck

    KM, take another look…no one here accused RJ of being “shallow”. As for criticizing him, Trench is merely reporting news, which is the job of any objective journalist. If trouble’s stirred up in the process, so be it…no one said journalism was a popularity contest, either.

    As for doing something more productive w/one’s time, I can’t argue there…perhaps the regular contributors could start a fund to get Jeremy some anger management, and possibly Hooked On Phonics…LOL

  72. KaelynMarie

    news guys

    rjs out i guess

    my good friend sheldon told me today

    i was so ecstaticly happy

    hope all is well

    p.s…chuck…some people do need hooked on phonics

  73. Amanda


    rj is amazing
    the girl said she was 19
    its not his fault
    she was a horney slut
    so she said she was 19
    and she was only 15
    rj is like a older brother to anyone that knows him
    he always has everyones back
    he always listens to waht you say
    and he never trys to make moves on little girls
    hes a shy guy
    which is why this story shocked me
    he went to the movies with my friend *****
    and he didnt even hold her hand
    he was to shy
    so what he fucked a girl
    he thought she was legal age
    and to all you guys
    if a girl flung herself at you
    would you just say “NO”
    yea thats waht i thought
    shes a whore
    hes a good guy
    shes a liar
    hes the innocent party

    what did she expect sneakng out at 1 am

    and by the way, his hair is blue and purple for anyone thats gay enough to belive the press, his hair is not green, its blue and purple

  74. Chuck

    So Trench goofed on his hair color, big deal…I thought it was green myself, judging by the coloring in the foreground on his pic. And what do you mean “gay enough to believe the press”? Are you saying the only people who believe the press are flamboyant homosexuals, like Jack on Will &amp Grace? LOL

    Oh, and even if a girl threw herself @ me, if she couldn’t provide sufficient proof that she was of age, I’d cry “Jailbait!” and run in the opposite direction. Besides, my GF would kill me if I ever slept around w/some radio groupie. 😀

  75. KaelynMarie

    I agree with Angela


  76. Ashley

    M.L. I never said his music had anything to do with what he was accused of. Learn how to read. I said I don’t like his kind of music. My brother listened to that crap and I just don’t like it. I’m a country girl so I can hear all the words that are in the songs I listen to.

    Jeremy obviously you care cuz you read everything that was said. Trench isn’t a bad guy. Grow up You’re the one that is calling names.

  77. Chuck

    Very well said, Ashley…about time you showed up, nice to hear from someone who isn’t contributing to this thread solely to defend RJ and/or attack Trench and the site! LOL

  78. Ashley

    Anytime Chuck. I just hate it when people put words into your mouth and act all upset cuz they talked themselves into beleiveing that is what you actually said. Kinda funny though. Gives me something to do in the morning lol.

  79. Sara

    The best blog which I saw

  80. Jessika

    Today is rj’s court date [3-21]

    just so you all know..

    i dont think hes going to be found guilty.. just my opinion

    at least i hope he isnt. this is rediculous.

  81. A

    such assholes on this site!! I only met rj a few times, but he is amazing. He should NOT be blamed because some stupid underaged girl lied to him. what a bitch!

  82. Dave

    well, RJ’s one of my best friends. no need to get violent, threaten people, or any of that shit. It just disgusts me the way people get joy out of posting things like this on the internet.. i met the girl, she told us she was 18..and basically, yeah, she lied. RJ’s not getting 25 years, thats for sure. Remember, we all share the same nailwounds haha..old band slogan..PS- GREEN HAIR IS METALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  83. Lauren

    In reguards to comment number 22 by Emily…
    I am gathering that you didn’t know that Rj was going to meet up with this chick, or that he was contacting her? (Pressuming you knew her age, since you knew her since 6Th Grade)

    Also, how did “WE” send him to jail? His actions unfortunatly sent him there.

  84. KaelynMarie

    so i miss rj terribly
    what happened with his court date?

  85. Trench

    And suddenly all was silent.

  86. Ashley

    He he he

  87. Chuck

    No, that’s not possible…Jeremy said that he was right about RJ and we were wrong, so this can’t be true! (snicker)

    Anyway, nice work, Trench…I guess those same groupies who once defended the perv so mindlessly will have better things to do w/their time now…LOL

  88. josh

    The 15 year old should be given counselling for lying her arse off – or some kind of punishment.
    She shouldn’t get away with this scott free. The man was duped.
    There was no rape. It was consensual.
    The loonies suggesting the death penalty for this sound like they’re feminazis.

  89. Chuck D.

    Considering how Shesto committed a 2nd offense not long after this one, that hollow cry of “she lied about her age” from supporters of him and others accused of similar wrongdoing becomes less believable every time I hear it…it doesn’t matter anyway, since statutory is statutory regardless of the circumstances.


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