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Student charged with murder in fatal stabbing at suburban school:

The name of the suspect of the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School stabbing has been released. He is 16-year-old John Odgren of Princeton, Mass. He pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges yesterday in court. Which I find kind of strange considering that when police arrived Odgren had blood on his hands proclaiming to police “I did it. I did it”. Odgren also allegedly said “Is he OK? I don’t want him to die.” Odgren’s attorney, Jonathan Shapiro, is claiming that Odgren has Asperger’s Syndrome and is obviously going to use that as his defense.

“The defendant has a history of fairly serious psychological diagnoses and has also suffered from hyperactivity dysfunction for many years,” Shapiro said. “What is clear is John has a serious disability.”

Asperger’s is not an excuse for murder and to claim so does a great disservice to people with Asperger’s. If this kind of defense continues pretty soon people will think that all people with Asperger’s are potential killers. Not only that but you could also have people who don’t have Asperger’s claiming that they do just so they can use it as a defense.

In Massachusetts, anyone age 14 or older is automatically tried as an adult. Alenson was stabbed in the heart and the abdomen and had cuts on his neck. This was no accident.

Students say assailant talked about murder, bombs:

Classmates of Odgren sure aren’t painting him as some poor misunderstood kid…

Just hours after a classmate was stabbed to death in a school bathroom, two Lincoln-Sudbury High School juniors yesterday said the student now accused of the killing often wore a trench coat to school and talked about murder, forensics and how he wanted to make a bomb.

Brianna Hogge, also a junior at L-S, said “Jack” was “always asking how to get away with killing people and talking about how to make acid to make bombs. He was a really creepy kid.”

Hogge said the student “was always talking about murder, overly interested in forensics and not happy things.”

She said the young man had, in the past, talked to many students and some teachers about his unusual interests.

I wouldn’t be surprised that if his claims of Asperger’s and asking if the victim was ok was all part of a plan to try to get away with murder.

Speaking of the victim…

Kin: Slain boy was ‘all-around good kid’:

James Alenson, the studious, sweet-faced freshman brutally stabbed to death yesterday morning at Lincoln-Sudbury High School, was remembered yesterday as an excellent kid and straight-A student who never made trouble with anyone.

He was just a nice kid. He was just an excellent kid, an all-around good kid, said the murdered boy’s grandfather, James Grotton of New Hampshire.

Alenson, 15, had just moved with his family to Sudbury in September from Natick, where he completed eighth grade at Wilson Middle School. He has a brother and sister. “He’s a straight-A student,” said Eryn Hearn, 14, a Natick High freshman. “We’re all shocked.”

His former classmates remembered Alenson as always toting around his clarinet and keeping to himself. A copy of his 2005 middle school year book shows him smiling with social studies teacher Niall Carey for the annual geography bee.

“You’d see him with (the clarinet) all the time,” said former classmate Anton Wilson, 14, of Natick. “He’s a nice kid who’s quiet.”

Does that sound like a kid who deserved to be stabbed to death?

9 thoughts on “More out of Sudbury

  1. Endersdragon says:

    First off all aspie perservate over weird stuff and he never talks about how he wants to kill someone and this kid wasn’t killed with a bomb so that doesn’t seem to have much relevence whatsoever.

    Next the boy defentally didn’t deserve to die, at first I was really worried that he would be a bully because then it would be the aspie kid rising up (meaning there could be alot of copycats). But it certainly doesn’t seem that way which is as good as this sort of thing can be as there won’t be the copycats.

    Personally what I want to know is what medicines was he on. This could be another case of Prozac leading to murder (and don’t even try pretending that never happens.)

    Please I know this is hard for you but when the boy appears horrified by what he did please try to take some time to get all the facts before jumping to conclusion. Right now there is nothing to suggest it wasn’t even an accident or that he meant to kill (you can easily stab someone meaning to wound them) so please don’t make this boy out to be a cold blooded murderer already.


  2. Endersdragon says:

    Also please if you are going to take great detail in describing the murderie and how he didn’t deserve to be stabbed take some detail is describing the murderer and why he was just some cold hearted sociopath (which you seem to think.) Here is an acticle for you


  3. Trench says:

    That didn’t convince me he’s not a cold hearted sociopath. It just made me more convinced of it.


  4. Endersdragon says:

    Meh where you stand depends on where you sit I suppose. You want him to be a cold-hearted sociopath to farther your cause so you don’t bother to wait til you have facts backing that up. Though and the D.A. still has a little problem with motive seeing as how they say he premeditated the attack.


  5. Endersdragon says:

    Also alot of aspies can be described like that and worse, so if you think that article sounds like a cold hearted sociopath you think most aspies do too. Just though I should tell you that.


  6. Dana says:

    Posting what other people thought of James Alenson is useless. It’s only an opinion that people thought he was a sweet, smart kid.

    People also said that Eric Harris was very smart and polite also, so…


  7. Trench says:

    You’re new here aren’t you? The only people who said that about Eric Harris were his parents. Not only that but your point is irrelevant since James Aleson didn’t kill anyone.


  8. Dana says:

    No, his employer also had nice things to say about him and so did other kids at his school.

    And I know Alenson didn’t kill anybody, but it doesn’t mean he had a halo glued to his head. I don’t think he deserved to die, but of course his relatives and friends aren’t going to say anything bad about him.


  9. Endersdragon says:

    And also you (as in Trench) didn’t orginally say he didn’t shoot anyone you said he didn’t bully anyone. He could still be a bully with those kinds of reports. I can’t tell you the amount of kids that bullied me that could get that kind of support, especcially after they are dead.


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