Patrick Lee Kenney

Man arrested after MySpace exchanges with girl:

25-year-old Patrick Lee Kenney of Portland, Oregon was arrested for trying to meet a 12-year-old from Klamath Falls for sex. The girl’s mother found explicit messages and photos from Kenney. She then called police who posed as the girl and continued to talk to Kenney. Turns out Kenney has family in Klamath Falls and asked to meet the girl. You know what happens next. You know it. Police were waiting for him and arrested him. He tried the “she said she was 15” defense. Oregon age of consent is 18.

I found a couple of MySpaces that fit the bill one is set to private and one is by an obvious horndog. However without a pic or mugshot I can’t narrow them down. Hell, they both might be his but without a pic to compare with I can’t post either.

Thanks to Pilar for the link.

UPDATE: One of the commenters below says that this is Kenney’s MySpace.

Murder is never juvenile

Growing up in prison:

As most of you know I write about juvenile offenders on an almost daily basis. Not only have I written about school shootings but I’ve also written about such teenage murderers as Patrick Armstrong, Scott Dyleski, the Zarate brothers, and Esmie Tseng. So I like to think I have a little bit of knowledge on the subject.

I am of the opinion that most juvenile offenders know the difference between right and wrong and that most know that murder is wrong. That being said I have no problem whatsoever with teenage killers being tried as adults and being subject to adult sentences.

In California voters approved a law known as Proposition 115 which allows judges to sentence 16-year-olds who have committed murder with “special circumstances” to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The most infamous teen killer to receive that sentence was the aforementioned Scott Dyleski.

Scott Dyleski was tried and found guilty in the brutal slaying of Pam Vitale, the wife of famed criminal defense attorney Daniel Horowitz. Dyleski was 16 when he bludgeoned Pam Vitale to death with a piece of crown molding that he beat her with 39 times before carving a cross into her back. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Now a California politician, Assemblyman Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, who also has a doctorate in child psychology, wants to repeal Proposition 115. He has proposed The California Juvenile Life Without Parole Reform Act which would block judges from sentencing minors to life without parole. Under the proposed legislation the most a teenage killer could receive is 25 years with parole. Yee believes that youthful offenders have the best chance of being rehabilitated.

I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve heard all the arguments. It’s always the same old buzz words and phrases. Rehabilitation, they’re not mature enough to understand their actions, they had hard childhoods, jail is not a deterrent. The Helen Lovejoy’s of the world who are always bemoaning “Won’t someone please think of the children?” never use the following words. Punishment, personal responsibility, or justice for the victim. They’re more concerned for the quality of life of the killer rather than the victim who has no life anymore. In my opinion rehabilitation in adults or teens is the exception rather than the norm. Proponents of this bill also claim it would help alleviate the prison population. Do you know what would be a surefire way to alleviate the prison population? If people stopped killing each other. So just because the prisons are crowded were supposed to lessen the burden on the killers? Logic like that would make Aristotle roll in his grave. Not only that teens are not as stupid as supporters of this new legislation make them out to be. Who do you go to when you can’t work a feature on your cell phone or computer? Especially with the degradation of parenting in our society teens are rushed into adulthood faster than ever.

Repealing Proposition 115 would be devastating in a state like California where gang violence is the most active in the country. All they would have to do is have their under 18 members carry out their killings so they’ll have shorter sentences if they get caught. California has also had its share of school shootings such as the Santana High School shooting. Again if Prop 115 was repealed school shooters like Andy Williams would have no deterrent whatsoever from creating another Columbine.

This isn’t the 1950’s anymore where the worst thing juveniles did was graffiti, shoplifting, or smoking. This is the 21st Century where unfortunately teens are more capable of killing than ever before. And I know this is cliché but I wonder how many supporters of The California Juvenile Life Without Parole Reform Act would still be supporters if one of their family were the victim of the teen murderer.

Justice is supposed to be for the victim not for the condemned.

Osantowski to be sentenced on yet another charge

Our favorite Michigan mutant, Andrew Osantowski, is back in the news again. This time for one of his many sentencings. He will be sentenced on March 6th for charges of breaking and entering into a gun shop which he pleaded guilty to. He had stolen the guns in preparation for his planned assault against Chippewa Valley High School. He is already serving a 4 1/2 year sentence for the plot.

Additional charges filed in Memorial Middle shooting

White hearing postponed again:

Thomas White, the 14-year-old gunman in the Memorial Middle School shooting, has had a preliminary hearing postponed because prosecutors have filed additional charges.

Jasper County Assistant Prosecutor Todd Hawkins said after reviewing police records, the prosecutor’s office filed two additional charges against White Monday afternoon – a second first degree assault charge and a felony charge of unlawful use of a weapon.

No word on how much that could potentially add to his sentence.

More Stickam antics

Potential Dangers Of Webcams:

Just another local news article, this time from Philly, about the dangers of Stickam.

For two months, CBS 3 has been monitoring the website – the latest in chat room websites that allow users to communicate using a webcam.

It’s as simple as hooking up your camera, logging onto the site, and then anyone can log on and watch you, live.

One local girl, who used the words “fondle me” in her on-screen name, went so far as to list her hometown.

One girl, who claims to be 16, calls herself the fallen angel.

We watched as she flashed her chest for the camera when someone in the chat room asks “can’t we see what’s under the blue top?”

Other comments to her were “I bet you look so sexy naked” and “you should come to my bedroom sometime.”

And another teen, whose screen name is Toni, also made sexual gestures for the camera at the prodding of strangers, “we’re not asking for a lot” one person writes.

“They lose entirely that sense of modesty that you would otherwise have in polite conversation, and the problem with that is that those images then end up on the internet,” said Green.

And possibly into the hands of child predators.

It’s important to note, and we’re glad to report, that most of teens we encountered online were not participating in sexual behavior. Many of them use the cameras simply to communicate with friends.

But the bottom line is if you allow your teen to have a webcam, supervise their use, and make sure their computer is in a public area of your home.

Why some parents still don’t do that is beyond me.

Werribee suspects may receive light sentences

I got a tip from a reader Alan in Australia who says that two of the Werribee rape DVD suspects will be receiving light sentences. This is the e-mail he sent me verbatim.

Something finally appears to be stirring from the Victoria Police.

It appears only two of them will face charges of sexual assault.

This is from a myspace page that has gone from private to public.

ah not really, they just wanted me to describe the night and how i made
the bomb n shit, and they asked if i feel guilty and if i understand wat i
did was wrong lol

yer man, made me do sum interview thing, and they showd dad the dvd. the
f**khead hit the roof. Strted clipping me n shit infrnt of tht copper and
was like giving them permission to take me prints n shit.

Yer well they said i got sum caution of behaviour bond thing, so no

A good behavior bond *shakes head*

I’ll bring you confirmation as soon as I get it.

Seized computers can't be used in Castillo trial

Judge: Prosecutors in school shooting case can’t use computers:

A judge has ruled that the computers in the home of Alvaro Castillo can not be used as evidence by prosecutors because the computers were improperly seized. Castillo is the Hillsborough, North Carolina teen who killed his father, Rafael Huezo Castillo, before taking shots at his former high school, Orange High. The prosecutors shouldn’t worry too much since Castillo did send what was basically a videotaped confession to a local newspaper.

FBI on Stickam

FBI calls popular new Web site for kids ‘evil’:

It seems that the FBI has the same opinion of Stickam that I do.

“I describe this as an evil page,” said FBI Special Agent Jane Brillhart, “The total webcam thing out there is just evil waiting to happen.”

According to law enforcement agents, webcam chats between strangers can lead to unwanted sexually graphic images being shown live to children or adults.

Special Agent Brillhart goes undercover looking for sexual predators. She expects future prosecutions to come from webcam complaints.

“I think this is something we’re going to start getting information on and tips from people who say there’s things happening on this page that are inappropriate,” said Brillhart.

Sadly, it’s only a matter of time.

James Lewerke sentenced

Valpo school slasher avoids prison time:

James Lewerke, the Indiana teen who was arrested for a 2004 slashing attack against his classmates, will receive no prison time. Instead for his guilty but insane plea he’ll be housed in a mental facility in Iowa until he’s 21. James is 17 at present. Then at the time of his release he’ll be on 9 years probation where he be required to undergo psychiatric treatment. This is one of the few times I agree with a mental health sentence. From what I’ve read James had legitimate mental health issues that need to be addressed and luckily he’s going to get the help he needs.