NPR on Asperger's and the Lincoln-Sudbury murder

Student with Asperger Syndrome Charged in Murder:

This is a piece from NPR about how much a part Asperger’s Syndrome is playing in the murder of James Alenson by Asperger’s patient John Odgren. What I found interesting about this piece is that some parents of Asperger’s kids are horrified that Odgren’s defense attorney is using Asperger’s as a defense. It’s a very good listen.

ToF to Dr. Feste for the link.

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  1. Endersdragon

    That article says violent behavior emerges as a coping mechanism for problems that I have been describing. Basically that is EXACTALLY what I have said. I think where we are disagreeing is if Jack was tought how to properly communicate properly, I know I wasn’t and many of the aspies that have turned to violence haven’t been. From what I have seen Jack say I doubt he is able to communicate properly

  2. ZappaCrappa

    Does this only affect males? Why is it we never hear of females having these violent breakdowns?

  3. Endersdragon

    Actually if I do remember correctly the first person I quoted there was female, though from the picture I get of that she has non-violent breakdowns or self-violent breakdowns (which are still pretty bad.)

    Other then that I would expect that males in general tend to be more violent, so it could be hormones playing a role. Also remember it is much more likely for males to be autistic in the first place.


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