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FBI calls popular new Web site for kids ‘evil’:

It seems that the FBI has the same opinion of Stickam that I do.

“I describe this as an evil page,” said FBI Special Agent Jane Brillhart, “The total webcam thing out there is just evil waiting to happen.”

According to law enforcement agents, webcam chats between strangers can lead to unwanted sexually graphic images being shown live to children or adults.

Special Agent Brillhart goes undercover looking for sexual predators. She expects future prosecutions to come from webcam complaints.

“I think this is something we’re going to start getting information on and tips from people who say there’s things happening on this page that are inappropriate,” said Brillhart.

Sadly, it’s only a matter of time.

32 thoughts on “FBI on Stickam

  1. Schel Sullivan says:

    Since when is it the FBI’s responsibilty to decide what is evil or not, I though they were law enforcement, not clergy.


  2. So when someone uses Stickam to molest an underage child won’t you think that is evil?


  3. km says:

    Trench, if you’re going to use that logic, should the FBI infiltrate Catholic churches, since pedophile priests “use the church” to molest underage children??


  4. Mrs Garda says:

    Oh god I agree with you Trench. I really, in all truth as a mother, don’t see why kids get to have webcams in the first place. There’s no reason for it. At least not ones alone in their bedrooms without parental supervision.


  5. Trench says:

    KM, nice apples and oranges argument. I don’t know many kids that have their own Catholic Church in their bedroom. Yet there are tons that have a webcam.


  6. Razel says:

    Wait, children have webcams in their bedrooms and have net access without parental supervision and you blame the websites?
    Education and, most importantly, responsible parenting will protect children. Most parents accomplish this without much difficulty.
    Webpages aren’t evil, the people who misuse them are. Do you also blame mini-skirts for rape?


  7. You need to read some of my other posts as I hold parents responsible as well but stickam makes it easy on themselves to be a pedophile’s playground.


  8. Razel says:

    Pedophile’s playground? What a cynical view of the world you must have.
    Stickam is a vibrant social network full of respectable users. Yes, some use it for nefarious purposes, but that does not make it a “pedophile’s playground”. If you look on the stickam profiles of most underage users you will find phrases like “no pervs”. Any child old enough to make a stickam profile is probably old enough to know about the dangers and protect themselves.
    Anyway, sites like Stickam should not be held accountable for the misuse of unsupervised minors. That would be like a 12 year old being given car keys by his parents and then blaming Ford when he crashes.
    Blame the parents for not supervising their kids and blame the pedophiles for their activities, but don’t blame a site for something which is far beyond it’s control and certainly not it’s responsibility.


  9. Private rooms = no mods and only users left to flag illegal activity. So you’re going to tell me that nothing illegal happens there?

    Maybe you should be a little more cynical.


  10. Razel says:

    I didn’t say that there is nothing illegal going on. I am saying that it is not the site’s responsibility. Do you expect every site to shell out tones of cash invading people’s privacy? Or shall we shut down the entire internet because of the small percentage of it being used for illegal activity?
    As i said, education and better parenting can take care of the problem. And those two things are far easier to implement than sites like Stickam employing Big Brother departments.


  11. If the sites can’t control illegal activity from happening on it then they get what they deserve.


  12. Charlie says:

    Wow. Lots of hate going on here. Let me make something clear here. Stickam is not at fault for what has happened here. People still used just email to entice people in to committing terrible acts. Trench, Raze, both of your claims are valid in their own ways. Razel Stickam could have a lot more to secure the website, but Trench, Razel is right by saying that taking such measures could run it into the ground without any funding. Now I’ve used my stickam page as an entertainer, and with much fanfare it’s become very successful. Not to say that I haven’t shown a big ugly butt or two, but it’s the Internet and to say the truth in it all. THE INTERNET WOULD NOT BE WHERE IT IS TODAY WITH OUT PORN! AND THE SEX INDUSTRY!

    As I can see that your name (Trench) links to this website I’m going to have to say that no matter what, you won’t see the other side to anything because of your bias stance on the subject. This leads to no reason for argument. However, there is always two sides to the story, and with your story it states that the FBI calls Stickam “Evil.” Since when is it the FBI’s job to tell us what is and is not “Evil” Who are they to judge our values on the world. If you opened your mind to the fact that not all people share your views, then maybe you wouldn’t be so closed-minded to the new discovery in technology Stickam has provided.

    Basically I’m saying pull the Stickam out of your butt thanks.


  13. Kitty says:


    You’re out of your freaking mind.


  14. Charlie says:

    kitty… really? are you that blind? i think you need to open eyes and look at the history of the internet and porn. while the internet was up and growing the biggest thing that anybody was looking at was porn period hands down. why? because there are a lot of closet pervs out there and a lot of people willing to cash in on the business of it all. if you don’t believe me, maybe you should do some research.


  15. Kitty says:

    Well Charlie, you’re right about that… I had to look it up. But what does, “THE INTERNET WOULD NOT BE WHERE IT IS TODAY WITH OUT PORN! AND THE SEX INDUSTRY!” have to do with this article? Is Stickam a part of the sex industry?


  16. Kitty says:

    “New discovery in technology Stickam has provided.” What would that be?


  17. Charlie says:

    Oh no. They are so not, the problem is that like the Internet it was used for sexual reasons when that was not what it was intended for. I used it to entertain people with music, but the crap side of our society decided that they’d get their jolly’s off of it. So the point I’m making here is that Stickam is as much to blame as the people who created the Internet itself. Good intentions ruined by bad.

    I was a huge supporter of Stickam, and I’ve made a lot of good friends through it. It’s sad that this article seems so bias towards it. 😦


  18. Biased? Of course it’s biased. It’s my website and my opinion. The fact that the FBI agrees with something I said over two years ago, that stickam is dangerous, just furthers my point.

    There’s three sets of people who are responsible for the activity that happens on stickam. The predators themselves, the parents who are too stupid to check up on their kids and stickam themself for not actually giving a damn about their users.


  19. Charlie says:

    Can you honestly think that they have the capability to track every single room that’s live? I agree first and foremost it goes to the predators, then parents for being dumb, but if Stickam didn’t care about what their users did then they wouldn’t have come up with a bunch of services that a user could use themselves for predators. Lets face the facts society is fuck and there isn’t anything we can do about it. It’s the truth because when society finds a problem with someone “mentally” they just give it a name and call it a disease. So what’s the point of even trying to argue the case. Which is my point in this matter.


  20. Can you honestly think that they have the capability to track every single room that’s live?

    Obviously they can since so many public rooms get shut down for objectionable content.


  21. Razel says:

    Obviously they can since so many public rooms get shut down for objectionable content.

    You’re saying that they already do a lot to control content?
    So where’s the objection to them? That they aren’t fascist controlling all content?

    And no, they can’t track every live room. That would require either technology or manpower that is far beyond a site like Stickam.


  22. You wouldn’t know fascism if it kicked you in the ass.


  23. Razel says:

    I think i understand the dangers of fascism far more than you do.
    As Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    I note you are quick to judge in many matters. They is little point in arguing with such a person, as you would go to extreme lengths to deny others a victory. Pride is as contemptible to the face of truth as a bare faced lie.

    P.S if the only reply you can muster is nothing more than another insult, don’t bother. It betrays the weakness of your position.


  24. Kitty says:

    Still laying it on thick here too, I see.


  25. The fact that you think a website can be fascist shows exactly how little you actually know.


  26. Razel says:

    A website can’t be fascist?
    You are supporting a claim that Stickam is “an evil page”. Leaving for a moment that an FBI Special Agent doesn’t know the difference between a web page and a website, you’re telling me that a site can be “evil” but can’t be based on political or philosophical ideas?
    Also, i did not say the site could be fascist, i was talking about how it is run. There is a large difference between the two.


  27. I bet you think a website can violate your first amendment rights too.


  28. Angel says:

    LOL, Trench.


  29. VOSYEULE says:

    VOS YEULE OSTI!!!!!!!!!!!!


  30. Narco says:

    Thanks FBI ones again for decide for me what is good or not.


  31. Razel says:

    “I bet you think a website can violate your first amendment rights too.”
    Firstly, as i am not an American i am not covered by the First Amendment. There are places outside of the USA you know.
    The First Amendment does not apply to websites. But it’s principals of defense of censorship can be broken by websites. A website can censor people as well as misrepresent their words.
    Furthermore, censorship is not the be all and end all of fascism. Fascism is an authoritarian oppression which curtails civil liberties. A website can certainly be authoritarian and oppressive.
    Lastly, my point on fascism was obviously not in regard to free speech but to privacy. Do not attempt to dismiss me with straw man arguments.


  32. Diana says:

    Yes, Stickam makes it easy for pedophiles to be pedophiles, just like an intoxicated woman made it easy for John Hock. Once again you don’t blame the website, you blame the person. The website is not at fault, but yes they should take more precautions.


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