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Potential Dangers Of Webcams:

Just another local news article, this time from Philly, about the dangers of Stickam.

For two months, CBS 3 has been monitoring the website – the latest in chat room websites that allow users to communicate using a webcam.

It’s as simple as hooking up your camera, logging onto the site, and then anyone can log on and watch you, live.

One local girl, who used the words “fondle me” in her on-screen name, went so far as to list her hometown.

One girl, who claims to be 16, calls herself the fallen angel.

We watched as she flashed her chest for the camera when someone in the chat room asks “can’t we see what’s under the blue top?”

Other comments to her were “I bet you look so sexy naked” and “you should come to my bedroom sometime.”

And another teen, whose screen name is Toni, also made sexual gestures for the camera at the prodding of strangers, “we’re not asking for a lot” one person writes.

“They lose entirely that sense of modesty that you would otherwise have in polite conversation, and the problem with that is that those images then end up on the internet,” said Green.

And possibly into the hands of child predators.

It’s important to note, and we’re glad to report, that most of teens we encountered online were not participating in sexual behavior. Many of them use the cameras simply to communicate with friends.

But the bottom line is if you allow your teen to have a webcam, supervise their use, and make sure their computer is in a public area of your home.

Why some parents still don’t do that is beyond me.

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