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Man arrested after MySpace exchanges with girl:

25-year-old Patrick Lee Kenney of Portland, Oregon was arrested for trying to meet a 12-year-old from Klamath Falls for sex. The girl’s mother found explicit messages and photos from Kenney. She then called the police who posed as the girl and continued to talk to Kenney. Turns out Kenney has family in Klamath Falls and asked to meet the girl. You know what happens next. You know it. Police were waiting for him and arrested him. He tried the “she said she was 15” defense. Oregon age of consent is 18.

I found a couple of MySpaces that fit the bill one is set to private and one is by an obvious horndog. However, without a pic or mugshot, I can’t narrow them down. Hell, they both might be his but without a pic to compare with I can’t post either.

Thanks to Pilar for the link.

UPDATE: One of the commenters below says that this is Kenney’s MySpace.

32 thoughts on “Patrick Lee Kenney

  1. Jill says:

    I am so shocked by this….. I know Patrick and his profile is the one set to private!


  2. kevin s says:

    Patrick used to be a good buddy of mine.I thought i knew him better, and any way that i can help him would be awesome. Its obvious that he needs some help/rehab. After the cops are done with him me and my family will certainly be there to help him out. we believe in turning the other cheek instead of persecuting. Can i get an Amen!


  3. Eileen says:

    AMEN! I have known Patrick for over a year now he has been a part of my family and I have grown to love him. He is a good guy. When I heard of this my heart broke and there have been tears shed for him. I too will be here for him. It is not for us to judge we don’t know the circumstances of his past. He needs his friends, family and those who really care about him. He needs to know that we will not turn our backs on him. Yes, he made a mistake but so did the girl he was talking or messaging with. I’m sure she will receive no kind of punishment for her actions nor will her parents who didn’t monitor her.



  4. Marcy says:

    I had only met Patrick a few times, but he was a great guy. Everyone makes mistakes, granted this was a big one, but I believe that he can get through this with rehabilitation and help from his family and friends. Patrick, I am praying for you and wish you nothing but the best for your future…. Marcy


  5. hmm... says:

    haha i worked with patrick
    didnt see this coming


  6. Mark says:

    I wonder what opinion these friends of Patrick would have if he actually was able to follow through and harm the child. Would you be able to turn the other cheek? Could you minimize that by saying it was a mistake? Maybe he isn’t beyond rehabilitation but from the point of view of an impartial observer there is clearly a side to Patrick that isn’t so “great”, and a which makes him not such a “good guy”
    One last thought. Adults are and should be responsible for their interractions with minors. I’m appalled over the comment that the child should face punishment. I suppose it’s not bad enough that an 11 year old was vicimized once by a 25 year old. We should revictimize the child by suggesting she’s somehow to blame? Good work, Eileen.


  7. Eileen says:

    Whatever happened to “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.” You, Mark, seem to have already foun Patrick guilty. Patrick is not beyond rehabilitation if in fact he is guilty. Yes, adults should be responsible for their actions. I did not mean to imply that the 11 year old should face legal punishment but her parents need to inflict some kind of punishment for her (being grounded from computer use or something along those lines). One last thought, an 11-year old knows the difference between right and wrong She knew she was communicating with an older guy.


  8. Mark says:

    I’m assuming Patrick is guilty based on what I’ve read from this blog. “The girl’s mother found explicit messages and photos from Kenney. She then called police who posed as the girl and continued to talk to Kenney.” I’m assuming there is evidence to support this quote. Having read media reports I probably wouldnt make a good juror. I’m one voice in the court of public opinion. The conviction rate for crimes of this type is extremely high. If I seem to have found him guilty, my response is I believe there’s a good chance that he is.
    Eileen, your insistence in implicating the 11 year old or her parents baffles me. If the parents weren’t monitoring there childs computer use then shame on them. But also, so what? If the 11 year old knows she shouldnt be talking to a 25 year old but did anyway, so what? The most you can blame the parents for is not being as involved as they should be. There is absolutely nothing you can blame the 11 year old for because she is the child. If an adult has sex with a willing child it’s called statutory rape. You’ll notice that the law doesnt charge the child with a crime because guess what…she’s a child and adults know better and are held to adult standards.


  9. James says:

    I agree that both parties should be punished assuming that guilt is proven. The girl should not be criminally punished but indeed needs to know that her actions and hiding things from her parents is wrong. A severe reality check needs to be instilled in her. Sure, I agree Patrick was wrong and his life will suffer. To a lesser extent, the girl was wrong and she should be held to strict punishment as well.


  10. Jill says:

    Yes, it takes two to tango. She should go to jail!


  11. Jill says:

    Even though Pat did wrong he was baited with lies and deception. Is it ok to catch someone with lies and decpetion coming from law enforcement? Maybe, but in many cases the only damage done is to a good person’s reputation… for life. Lives are ruined all because of a show like “To catch a predator”. Many of those guys would never have acted if they weren’t baited for the sake of entertainment. After all, it is good entertainment. Unfortunately the drive of the producers is not to truely catch a predator but to get ratings at someone else’s expense.


  12. Levi D. says:

    Screw the Bitch… Pat and the dumb hooch.


  13. Mark says:

    It’s people like Jill who scare the hell out of me. You need to take an ethics class before you have children to raise with your warped sense of morality and accountability. No one baited Patrick. Patrick choose to contact an 11 year old for sexual activity. No one put a gun to his head or twisted his arm in making that choice. The police didn’t entrap Patrick they deceived him before he was able to harm a child and they operated within the law in doing so. If Patrick’s life and reputation is ruined it’s because he alone (and not any other person alive, dead or imagined) brought it upon himself. He choose his actions and he will see the consequences. It really is as simple as that. As for your assertion that an 11 year old should go to jail because it “takes two to tango”. Does the word, “child” really need further explanation for you Jill? Do you just not get it? Do you just not understand that a child does not behave the same way that adults behave because they arent mentally developed. Is it beyond your understanding that there is a clear difference between adult physical and mental maturity and child development? Hey, your friend Patrick is an idiot. Being an idiot yourself isn’t going to help his cause. If you want to be his friend, don’t make excuses for him and tell him it was the fault of 11 year old that put him in the position he’s in.


  14. Mark says:

    Perverted Justice is the organization that does the internet communication with pedophiles resulting in the arrests your see on To Catch a Predator. Perverted Justice came into existence before NBC decided to put the arrests on tv. Their goal was nobel..I’ve seen some of the chatlogs and their operators seem a bit self righteous but no matter. The work itself is worthwhile. If you find it distasteful, then turn the tv off and don’t watch it. I think it broadcasts to all would be pedophiles that their chances of getting caught are good. It’s a deterent. As for Jill’s assertion that these folks getting caught would never act if they werent “baited”. NBC reports that pedophile forums on the internet warn about To Catch a Predator.. So there is a clear intent to act, to plan, to not get caught on the people posting that warning. If you researched how Perverted Justice operates, you’d find out their tactics aren’t baiting.


  15. Mark says:

    How selfish is it to think that Patrick’s life would be ruined because he did something stupid? I could care less that he might not like having to register as a sex offender. If people are going to blame the parents of an 11 year old for not monitoring their childs computer use then I’m glad these parents have one more tool at their disposal to help “monitor” their child. I’m glad the 11 year old’s parents will know where Patrick Kenney is lurking about. Hopefully, if the courts find him guilty, he stays on that list for the rest of his life. As someone who isn’t blinded by the friendship of a pedophile, I’m happy to know that he will probably have to attend counseling. Topics on how to make better decisions in life and why it’s wrong to prey on children. You know, topics that most people where taught when they were around 11 years old.
    Hopefully, he gets jail time as punishment and a deterant for all the others out there like Patrick who think it’s ok to be “baited” by an 11 year old girl.


  16. Mark says:

    This is a link to a blog with a related topic:

    There’s a converstion between a lawyer with the screen name Sharky and a friend of an accused pedophile named Kristen. I thought it would enlighten some folks here about the law and morality.


  17. Jose says:

    Mark is a good writer but it doesn’t take a genious to understand that the girls parents are also at fault. Wy can’t people understand that the girl wanted some things as well? The parents of this “little girl” need to step up and say their girl is not perfect.

    For you Mark, less words buddy. You write too much. However, I see both sides of the argument. In some countries what happened isn’t even looked at as odd. It is normal for young girls to be married and impregnated by much older men.


  18. Mark says:

    Why can’t people understand that the law doesn’t treat children and adults as equally responsible, and consentual people?
    Don’t mess with underage girls. Is that short and to the point?


  19. Johnny says:

    Don’t mess with meeting people on the internet. Kids need to learn not to disobey parents and that bad things really do happen. Is that short and to the point?


  20. Johnny says:

    Don’t mess with meeting people on the internet. Kids need to learn not to disobey parents and that bad things really do happen. Is that short and to the point?


  21. Mark says:

    The mother contacted police so I think she did her job. Apparently John, you’ve missed the point.


  22. Johnny says:

    Yeah. I missed the point. I don’t think your statement was long enough. Could you expand your thoughts?


  23. Mark says:

    Don’t worry about it. Mark is an idiot. The mom should have taken care of her kid.


  24. Mark2 says:

    I’m a different Mark, by the way. I meant to address the Mark that claims the mom did her job. She certainly did not until it was too late.


  25. Niki says:

    He is a sick freak if he did this shit! I know pat too and to tell you the truth he has always been weird! Its a damn 12 year old girl, give me a break. And then he tells the cops “oh I thought she was 15” ok smart one the Oregon law is 18 and everyone knows that. I think its great people will try and help him because he needs it but he is a sick person! How the hell are you going to put a 12 year old behind bars she doesnt know really whats going on but yet a 25 going to be 26 year old man does!!!!!!! Give me a break people!!!!!


  26. Jon says:

    Shut up Niki. You belong in bed with him. If you went for a 12 yr old boy it would be portrayed as you, the female, being taken advantage of and you’d be slapped on the hand with probation. A woman being accused in a case such as this would claim a defense such as being mentally unstable and unable to think for herself. Go suck on a bananna. I’m sure you’ve had practice. That’s all you’re good for.


  27. Sun Ri Suiy says:

    Well, I don’t know about that but both parties are to blame here. Age plays a role but doesn’t excuse. The girl too, deserves some form of punishment instead of attention which is probably what she wants. Throw the book at them both.


  28. From good Ole' Klamath Falls says:

    Well I know Patrick too. And I would have to say he is a freak and this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. It’s just the first time he was caught. They also have his age wrong I think hes really like 27 or 28.


  29. impartial says:

    I only have one thing to say here, check your facts. As we all know reporting is totally unbiased and always accurate… It doesn’t sound like most of you have done any of your own research on this matter. Reading one news paper article is not research. If your doctor told you he had just read that in the local paper he had read that swallowing toothpaste instead of spitting it out after brushing could prevent colon cancer, would you take his word for it, or would you get a second opinion, look in medical journals… find reliable sources to support his and the papers claims? I am not saying that what is being discussed on this page is not much more vile and disturbing than the scenario I have described, but my point is you need to beware of being swept up in a witch hunt, especially if the hunters can’t even get the age of the query correct.

    I cannot help but also feel that this girls family should be ashamed that they allowed this to happen, child internet and cell phone usage should always be monitored by adults. There is no excuse on either party’s behalf. Perhaps technology has gone to far by enabling people to correspond without ever meeting. We now have pre-teen boys and girls sending each other inappropriate photos via computers and cell phones and these children are then being charged with being in possession of and distributing child pornography, there has to be a way to curb this destructive behavior. Parents now more than ever need to be aware of every message their child sends/receives via cell phone, email, and networking sites.


  30. Trench says:

    Ummm…the girl’s mom was the one who discovered what Kenney was sending her. I think she did a pretty good job if you ask me.


  31. Duane A. Webb says:

    Funny the authorities don’t consider investigating the Mother &amp Daughter for possibly participating in a vigilante movement using the myspace page to entice any adult with a minor, possibly making first contact – then crying and whining with a cell phone full of messages that was solely used by the Mother in the first place.


  32. Shocked says:

    I was shocked when i heared all about it, not sad tho that he got convicted of it. and isnt there an age requirement for myspace? and isnt that age 15?? so apparently this little girl lied to get an account. and then why does a 12 year old have a cell phone? Why does the 12 year old know or have the drive to communicate with an older man about sex? I have a 11 year old step daughter and she blushes when we say boobies around her the whole thing sounds a little funny to me…patrick shouldnt of been communicating with such a young girl….but take all the little girls off myspace and there would be a hell lot less of these stories popping up. And why did that mother even let her child txt? if the girl had a cell phone why does she need a cell phone but to call her parents or 911. at that age you just asking for problems, even the simpelest of them running up a bill. And if your such a great parent why arnt you checking that phone everyday seeing who shes talking to and when just like the myspace account. if my child had such a thing i would be on it every day weather they liked it or not. so there is plenty of neglegence on both parties….so to condem one person and not the other is a little insaine. alot of people are saying the poor girl was victomized. well dont put your self in postitions to be victomized do people go to bars if they didnt wanna drink? everyone knows the dangers of going to bars and drinking but they still do it thats why there are age requirments for such establishments. so would a girl who had a fake id get all the sympathy in the world if she got alchohal poising because she drank to much? hell no best bet her parents would kill her and she would have some sort of legal consequences for what she had done…but i guess sex is a sensitive subject so nobody wants to look at the other party and point the finger….The whole stchatory rape and this whole thing with patrick should really be reexamined and looked at from all sides and that little girl should get some consequences to. I dont feel bad for patrick but think its wrong that everyone points and laughs at him but there was another person in this also…..


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