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Paramedic Puts Pictures Of People’s Injuries On Web:

Kentucky paramedic John Snow is in hot water for posting crash scene pictures on his MySpace.

The board of directors for the Clinton, Kentucky ambulance service calls John Snow’s actions disappointing, crossing the line when it comes to the victim’s and their families privacy.

The pictures have been removed from the popular web site myspace.

John Snow admitted to posting pictures of 3 victims involved in accidents his ambulance service responded to. Two people who were injured and one man that didn’t survive. But sources tell us there were more pictures of other victims from the small community.

Snow says he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, and says he didn’t identify anyone in the picture, only showing a close shot of the victims injuries.

Anna Prendergast, “But do you see in a small community how someone could probably put two and two together?”

And they did, families of some of the victims had already caught word of the graphic pictures of their loves ones before we were on the story.

The ambulance board scheduled a meeting Tuesday night to decide what actions they plan to take.

The state has been notified and is investigating to determine if any Hippa laws were violated.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with HIPAA, they are the laws that regulate the privacy of your medical information in the U.S. And take it from someone who works in the medical field the government does not take these laws lightly.

If you check Mr. Snow’s MySpace he has a blog entry that just says “I thought this was a semi-free country?”. It is Mr. Snow but once your actions infringe on the rights of others you can expect a little trouble.

Thanks to Jessica for the links.

12 thoughts on “Paramedic posts crash scene pics on MySpace

  1. Jake says:

    This has been a media blitz and it pisses me off. Unless he got some sick pleasure from taking the pictures and showed the world exactly who they were I can’t say as I’m all that concerned. If I get into an accident my focus is going to be on my health not so much who sees what. Besides, this country loves accidents. We get some sort of sick pleasure from them. Disturbing as it i it’s a fact. I don’t see the harm in a few pictures unless they directly endanger the life of the person shown or are of naked small children because that is just wrong, but that is NOT what these are.

    If I’m wrong someone please explain it to me.


  2. Jessica says:

    An updated article from below. Even though his current page says that he didn’t do anything, his cached Myspace page has a direct link to the website he posted photos and specifically said on his page that they were from accidents he did. It is all in a matter of privacy. Perhaps someone does not want others to know they were in an accident…perhaps they moved to a new county to get away from someone that abused them. If photos of them injured are on there, it is taking away their privacy. I just think it is extremely sick that this guy is still working and the fact that he got a thrill out of seeing this garbage.

    Paramedic’s credentials at stake in investigation over photos
    Associated Press

    PADUCAH, Ky. – Authorities are investigating a western Kentucky paramedic who took photos of injured or dead people with his cell phone camera and posted them on the Internet.

    John Snow, who has worked 10 years for the Clinton-Hickman County Ambulance Service, told the Paducah Sun that he posted photos of at least three accident victims, including a close-up of a head injury from a person who died after being struck by a falling tree. Other photos showed victims of a motorcycle accident and a gunshot wound, he said.

    Snow said he deleted his web postings last month.

    Letch Day, director of field operations for the Kentucky Board of Emergency Management Services, said someone who viewed Snow’s postings contacted the board last month, raising questions about privacy rights.

    “We were made aware of the site, we viewed the site and found enough evidence that a formal complaint was filed by our office,” Day said.

    He said he could not discuss details of preliminary findings until the investigation is completed.

    If an investigator determines that Snow was unethical, Day said, a hearing would be held by the attorney general’s office to revoke Snows EMS certification.

    Paula Boaz, director of the ambulance service, apologized for earlier comments she made to the paper in which she said Snow had been cleared of any wrongdoing by state agencies.

    “I just found out today (Thursday) about the investigation,” Boaz said. “The last time I talked with them, they indicated nothing would happen unless someone with one of the victims’ families pursued it.”

    She said that Snow will continue working while the investigation is under way. She said his only discipline so far has been a warning not to post any more pictures or information about his work with the ambulance service.


  3. e. e. says:

    question from an ocassional visitor: am i overlooking the links or something? as far as i can tell, you don’t post the MySpace page of the people featured. ?


  4. truant says:

    While he didn’t post names of the people in these pictures, I still have to say I agree with the families. Honestly, the only people with the right to post those kinds of pictures are the people in the accident. I know I wouldn’t want pictures of me (or my family) circulating on Myspace in that condition — especially without my/our permission.

    The fact it was all within a small community amazes me. Did he really think nobody would ever find out?


  5. VkDUmhfNpW says:



  6. JustaGirl says:

    Update on John Snow:
    Since I live in this small community, this is first hand knowledge. He was caught taking photos AGAIN –this time of a 16 yr old car crash victim. Tonight, around 100-150 residents attended a special meeting of the amulance service board. After approx 2 hrs in closed session, they announced HES FIRED! YAHOO!
    His troubles aren’t over yet….the Ky EMS board has yet to make it’s decision on whether or not to revoke his paramedic certification.
    This time, he messed with the wrong family! On Monday, 3 family members of the deceased 16yr old, gave Mr Snow some ol’ fashioned justice. They went to jail, but hey, some things are worth it.


    1. mike a says:

       This is an old post obviously, but only ignorant redneck inbred families in small towns find this “normal”. You are all a bunch of losers!! The only one who loses a job is the medic because I am betting EVERYONE else is on welfare anyway. Fucking losers


  7. Jeremy Ian Smith says:

    I represented Phillip Smith, Lanetta and Andy Bodkin at their trial in Hickman District Court on January 23rd, 2008, for allegedly assaulting John Snow. In approximately 25 minutes, the jury found all three not guilty.

    The Law Office of Jeremy Ian Smith, PLLC


  8. Christa says:

    You fu… sick bastards,.u messing with the wrong woman now,if u need an ambulance then whe must jump,your day will come when no ambulance are there to help you when you realy need help!!!!!!!!!! And that day will be there,then think wot the fuck you done to a paramedic!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. christa says:

    Your stupid idiot,get a freaking life,and go strait to hell with your little ego!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Just in Life says:

    Please leave a name and address so I can file defamation charges. No pictures were ever taken of a 16 yr old boy. The people who spread those lies are the sickest of people and did it only for their twisted ideas.


  11. Smith Bodkin says:

    I’m sorry your client died the same way he lived. Karma comes around.


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