Odgren brought knife to school before with no punishment

Report: Stabbing suspect took knife to school without punishment:

It seems that accused killer John Odgren had previously brought a knife to school without any kind of punishment. Apparently he brought the knife to school and supposedly presented it to a school psychologist at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School last September. He asked the psychologist what would happen if he brought something to school that he shouldn’t have then showed the psychologist the knife. He says he brought the knife to school by accident. How do you bring a knife to school by accident? Anyway, what makes matters worse is that the psychologist confiscated the knife and then gave it back to Odgren at the end of the day. The psychologist only told his supervisor but did not tell the principal or police. It’s also unknown if the psychologist was employed by the school district or some other agency. Considering that Odgren ended up stabbing James Alenson to death I’d say there was an error in judgment on the part of the psychologist to put it politely. To put it impolitely the psychologist is an idiot and should have his license to practice taken away.

Personally I think Odgren was testing the waters so to speak to see what he could get away with. If the knife was taken away for good that would have been no big deal since Odgren had an extensive knife collection. It just would have been one out of many. I think this shows that Odgren may have been planning the murder for a while. Remember, Odgren was always talking about how he would get away with a murder. I don’t think James Alenson was his intended target from the beginning. Personally I don’t think Odgren had a specific target in mind at all. I think James Alenson was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when Odgren decided fulfill his murderous fantasies.

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  1. Endersdragon

    Interesting theory of the crime that you have there. Mind if I give mine? of course not. Odgren brought his knife to school many times to scare off bullies, or at least that was his inital plan though he never fully acted on it. One day he is in the bathroom playing with his knife to relax him, strange how that works, when a boy (James)walks in and makes a passing comment, something that the rest of us wouldn’t consider at all offensive. After that John attacks having a complete breakdown and a knife in his hand. Trust me for an aspie who has had violent outbursts in the past that is not too hard to believe.

  2. Trench

    Interesting but bringing a knife to school is still illegal. And if he had a history of violent outbursts his parents shouldn’t have allowed him to have the knife anyway.

  3. Endersdragon

    Agreed, though you said “IF he had a history of violent outbursts” when it was plainly proven he has. And while having a knife at school is illegal that does not mean that he planned to kill with it. I would think more likely when an aspie brings a knife to school it is to get rid of bullies, I certainly have heard a couple cases of that happening.

  4. Trench

    But have you heard about bullying in this case?

  5. Endersdragon

    Ummm from people other then James, yes. Trust me even a passing comment said to a bullied aspie student can be taken totally the wrong way (aspies tend not to understand most insults anyway) and lead to a confrontation.

  6. Trench

    Care to cite your sources?

  7. Endersdragon

    I don’t really feel like it considering they are already on your site, just look at the articles before you post them.

  8. Endersdragon


    Though if you insist on a source look near the bottom there.

  9. Trench

    So he carried a knife because he was teased for wearing a trench coat. That’s a stretch even for you.

    Now his parents are idiots for two reasons. One because of the knife collection and two for letting him wear a trench coat to school. It’s almost like they wanted him to get into some kind of trouble.

  10. crystal ball

    You have again relied solely on one reporter’s account of what was said by a student in the sensationalized aftermath of the tragedy. You state as fact that this mentally disabled child has this knife collection without any evidence. Very sloppy thinking that again suggests that you simply want to nail a kid (with a well-documented disability) while comforting yourself with the illusion that you are justified by “facts” that are nothing but rumor, and are extremely unlikely to be true. This is shameful and irresponsible and exploits a terrible tragedy so you can present yourself as an expert on this matter of which you actualy have no knowledge.

  11. Endersdragon

    Remember what is reported is generally a small taste of what happened. You don’t get to the point where you start thinking as darkly as he did by having lots of friends. And when have I ever defended his parents. Do not punish the son for ths sins of the parents, I do believe that is in the bible somewhere but I forget the verse.

  12. Trench

    It doesn’t matter if he had a collection of knives or not. The fact that he had just one knife with a history of violent outbursts is scary enough. One witness outside the school also said that he carried a machete around his neighborhood.

    And no I don’t want to simply nail a kid. I want the prosecution to nail a murderer.

    By the way, I don’t see you presenting any facts.

  13. Trench

    I never said you defended the parents. I was just adding that little morsel of truth.

    If it were up to me I’d have them locked up too.

  14. odgren hater

    i want odgren and his parents to get the death penalty

  15. Endersdragon

    Thats nice, personaly I want you to get steralized but that won’t happen either.


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