Odgren pleads not guilty

Lincoln-Sudbury student pleads not guilty in slaying:

John Odgren pleaded not guilty today in the stabbing death of James Alenson. So let me get this straight. He stabs James Alenson to death, basically confesses to the crime to police at the scene, then pleads not guilty. Just once I want someone to plead guilty. Why has he plead not guilty? I sense someone laying the grounds for an insanity defense…

Odgren, a 16-year-old sophomore from Princeton, looked puzzled during the proceeding as his attorney, Jonathan Shapiro, asked the judge to transfer his client from jail to Westborough State Hospital so he could receive medication and psychiatric treatment. Odgren’s condition has deteriorated, Shapiro said, and he has been on suicide watch for the last four or five days.

Judge Isaac Borenstein ordered that Odgren be sent to Westborough State for observation for 20 days.

Call me a cold-hearted bastard if you want but I’m not buying it. I think Odgren and his lawyer are trying to use his Asperger’s to their advantage. I would lay odds that during the trial they’re going to make it seem like that all Asperger’s patients are all just time bombs ready to go off and kill someone at any given moment.

Let’s not forget what Odgren did either…

Middlesex Assistant District Attorney Daniel Bennett said that Odgren slashed Alenson’s throat before plunging a 5.5-inch knife through his ribs and then into his though the stomach. A third student was in a bathroom stall and heard Alenson say, “What are you doing, you are hurting me,” Bennett said.

That doesn’t sound like someone who “just snapped” to me. That sounds more like a stone cold killer.

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  1. Endersdragon

    That is still just your opinion, I highly doubt 12 people will agree. I doubt that he will make all aspies seem like time bombs, but he will show that John Odgren was because of his condition.

  2. Nancy

    Count me as #1 (of the 12 who agrees)!

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either he did it because of his condition or he didn’t.

    If the condition made him do it, then it can’t be ‘unique’ to his condition and we should all be more careful when mainstreaming individuals with similar disabilities.

    If the condition didn’t make him do it -and it usually wouldn’t – then he gets life in prison.

    I’d play it safe: life in prison.

  3. Endersdragon

    I agree that we should be more careful in mainstreaming people with disabilities that have a history of explosive breakdowns. But once again I must point out that schizophrenics as a whole are generally not violent, but does that mean that it doesn’t cause people to kill? It is not having your cake and eating it too, to say that aspies can and will have explosive outbursts but most generally tend to internalize their breakdowns (lucky bastards!).

    The more and more I see though there is alot more wrong with John Odgren then just Asperger’s. I have known younger aspies convicted of serious felonies before but nothing like this…


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