Court documnets on John Odgren

Prosecutor outlines L-S murder suspect John Odgren’s history of violence:

I’m linking this article because it has an interesting PDF file. It’s entitled “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. John Odgren”. I found it compelling and hard to put down. Let me give you the highlights for those of you who aren’t PDF enabled.

  • Odgren had January 19th, the day of the murder, marked on his calendar.
  • He was accepted by other students and there was no evidence of bullying.
  • He took particular joy in the blood splatter experiments in his forensic class.
  • Odgren threatened a student with a screwdriver.
  • He chased another student with a sharpened object which according to the article was a shard of glass.
  • The knife used to murder James Alenson was a 13 inch kitchen carving knife.
  • When Police Crime Scene Services arrived he excitedly offered to help them.
  • He made jokes with police and investigators.
  • He said that he didn’t even know the kid’s name (Alenson).

If I didn’t know any better, and I do, I’d swear this was a premeditated murder on a random victim.

I don’t care if Odgren was in a wheelchair stricken with polio after his puppy died. He’s obviously in need of a lengthy stay behind bars. And as in lengthy I mean forever.

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  1. Endersdragon

    Nothing there adds to premedatition to me and if there was no bullying why the hell did so many students say he got teased. Sounds with 2 of those like he had a history of breakdowns, quite common with autism. Personally I think he was just a dumb autistic kid (not saying all or even most autistic kids are dumb) that didn’t get what he did. He would have known how to get away with a crime right?, so then why did he do such a crappy job of it. Also you wanting him to stay behind bars for life means nothing when you want the same thing for people like Posey.

  2. Endersdragon

    Though make no mistake I am sure now the city will want him to hang, still doesn’t make it right though.

  3. carl

    Are you fucking kidding me, not only is this kid a retard(all retards should be killed at birth), but this kid killed somone. Due to pussy liberals, people don’t want kids getting the death penalty. I wish this retard could get the death penalty!

  4. carl

    I’m glad there’s sexual predators in prison who would LOVE having this kid in their prison. Life in prison alone is just a slap on the wrist.

  5. Endersdragon

    Please tell me your not calling autistics retards. Personally judging from what you have said you don’t seem to be too bright yourself. You advocate rape of children (how nice) and executing minors, something that only one other country in the world can do, Somolia. Oh but I forgot that all those backwards countries are too liberal, United States is the only country with forsight to stop passage of the Rights of a Child Declaration. That is why we have a much much much bigger problem with crime and juvenile crime in particular then pussy liberal countries that don’t execute kids. Why is that???

  6. Nancy

    The only published reference to ‘teasing’ of John Odgren at Lincoln-Sudbury LS has been in the context of him being teased for wearing a trench coat. There has been NO (I repeat NO) report of bullying at Lincoln-Sudbury. (At previous schools, but NO report at Lincoln-Sudbury).

    Also, note ‘teasing’ is VERY different from ‘bullying’. If you believe a student can’t be ‘teased’, that student does not belong in a mainstream setting. Period.

    Teasing does not justify killing. If the system is so inept of so liberally minded that it cannot protect innocent victims from retarded people, then we should err on the side of protecting those innocent people.

    As for John Odgren: jail forever. I echo the sentiment that it’s too bad the death penalty does not apply. Sorry to say, but James Alenson was BRUTALLY KILLED.

  7. Alyric


    Amen. 😀

  8. StraightShooter2

    Well, I honestly think the thing about him being “teased” at school is a copout. I was teased in school too, along with millions of other kids when we were growing up. Didn’t make me a murderer. Sure, it bothered me, and affected me, but not to be a murderer. If anything, it gave me a perspective on bullies of all ages, and in all walks of life. I dealt with it, and I didn’t have the “luxury” of being doped up on drugs or whatnot…

    I don’t know. It seems like “Johnny” was living a pretty “easy” life. He lived in Princeton, went to school in Sudbury, had the “privilege” of “enjoying” blood spatter from dead animals… This hardly sounds like a “deprived” child. I think he probably Should be locked up, at least for a good number of years until he realizes how horrible his crime was, and feels REAL remorse over it…

  9. mike

    guys, where is john now? is he being held in a jail? what will happen to him?


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